Prosper Otemuyiwa

Cloudinary provides a comprehensive cloud-based image and video management solution. With offices in Israel, London and Sunnyvale, Calif., Cloudinary has quickly become the de facto solution used by web and mobile application developers at major companies around the world to streamline image and video management, and deliver an optimal end user experience. Among Cloudinary users are, Conde Nast, Gawker, Gizmodo, TED, The Knot, Under Armour, Vogue, Wired and many others. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @cloudinary.

Daniel Kling

Daniel Kling is a designer and front-end developer at Tower Marketing. When he’s not working on his motorcycle or playing with his three children you can follow him on Twitter or see what he's working on at Dribbble.

Cassandra Naji

Cassandra Naji is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind, a prototyping tool that allows you to prototype web and mobile apps so you can visualize and test your software solution before writing a single line of code. Before she was a techie, Cassandra was an old-fashioned journalist and communications professional in Cambodia and Taiwan.

Dave Schools

Dave Schools is a self-published author of Runaway Millionaire, founder of the top Medium publication Entrepreneur's Handbook, creator of the Party Qs questions app, and columnist for He moves to a new city in the United States every three months, working out of local coffee shops and rock climbing gyms. He enjoys imaginative word juxtapositions and tries to write witty jokes on Reddit. Follow Dave on Twitter @DaveSchoools.

Josh Medeski

Josh Medeski is a freelance web designer, front-end developer, and writer. You can follow him on twitter and check out his website where he guides entrepreneurs in understanding technology and design.

Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins is an Email Developer and CSS Hacker at you can follow him for more email and CSS hack on twitter @M_J_Robbins and

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis is the CEO of Qualaroo and founder of You can follow Sean on Twitter: @SeanEllis and read Qualaroo's Beginner's Guide to CRO.

Sam Jones

Sam Jones is a Freelance Designer whose work spans multiple disciplines such as brand identity, design for print, web design and illustration. As well as being the owner of one man design studio, Sivioco, he's also an advisor for Mostash. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @Sivioco.

John Philips

This article was written by John Philips from resells SSL certificates from the likes of Comodo, GeoTrust, and VeriSign.

Nick Babich

Fireart Studio is a design studio passionate about creating beautiful design for startups & leading brands. We pay special attention to nuances all the time to create professional while cool products that will not only meet all expectations, but exceed them.

Jan Losert

Jan is a Lead Product Designer currently shaping the future of mobile advertising at Tapdaq, while traveling around the world. You can find his recent projects on Dribbble and Behance. He is also known for his digital product called Dashboard UI Kit.

Samella Garcia

Samella Garcia works as an Integration Manager for UX Phoenix. She has 8 years’ experience developing mobile applications and web sites that focus on UX. Samella has a passion for user experience projects, coding, digital technology and hiking.

Ashley Nolan

Ashley specialises in architecting large front-end projects and is passionate about emerging front-end technologies. He is the co-author of the Kickoff front-end framework, blogs over at and can be found tweeting about whatever pops into his head as @AshNolan_.

Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton is a WordPress web designer at Kansas City Web Design® and provides Internet marketing and search engine optimization consulting services.   He has been a contributing writer for sites such as Freshbooks, Duct Tape Marketing, Regus, Ahrefs and SEMRush. Phil loves reading, blogging and speaking about web design and Internet marketing, and is writing a book on SEO called New SEO: Search Engine Optimization For Web Designers & Small Business Owners, due for release in 2015.

Martin Gittins

Martin is an interactive designer based in North Yorkshire. He still spends way too much time thinking about Constructivism, linear cities, and cycling. Find out more at

Ben Cook

Ben Cook works at - the simple content delivery solution that is quick to enable, truly integrated and developer centric. Follow them on Twitter @sectionio

Marc Schenker

Marc’s a copywriter who covers design news for Web Designer Depot. Find out more about him at

Jared Chelf

Jared Chelf is the founder of Coulee Creative, an award winning web design agency with a passion for helping their clients grow. Follow Coulee Creative on Twitter, like them on Facebook or subscribe to their blog for more tips.

Stuart de Rozario

Stuart de Rozario is an award winning typeface designer and accessibility expert at Boutique type foundry Fontsmith. Their library of typefaces includes FS Me which was designed with Mencap and FS Millbank for wayfinding, both exceed accessibility standards.

Rahul Mistry

Rahul works for as a content producer. He loves all things internet related and brainstorming ideas with friends. You can say hi and connect with Rahul on Twitter and Google+

Joe Nyaggah

Joe Nyaggah runs the independent design consultancy based in Newport Beach, CA and specializing in brand identity design, web design & development. He also runs which helps theme designers simplify and streamline the WordPress theme design process. Follow Joe on Twitter here: @wpnom

Lior Levin

Lior Levin is a consultant to a shopping cart abandonment startup from Israel. Lior also works for billguard who developed a Passbook application to follow credit card charges.

Anna Ladoshkina

Anna Ladoshkina is a freelance web designer and developer who likes to build pretty things with WordPress and write about it. Connect with Anna on Twitter (@foralien) or on her website,

Christine Ramirez

Christine Ramirez is a UX/UI Designer and Art Director hailing from sunshiny Boulder, Colorado. She’s worked with several brands like Mercedes-Benz and Goldman-Sachs and writes about managing a career in design on her site.

Dustin Cartwright

Dustin Cartwright is a UI/Web Designer & Front-End Developer from Baltimore, Maryland. He spends the majority of his time focusing on user experience research and is passionate about building things for the web.

Gabriel Manricks

Gabriel is a software engineer and consultant, you can check out his site here.

Rachel McPherson

Rachel is currently working as the vice president of communications at Active Collab. After finishing her master's degree in Communications she pursued a career in the digital industry, most notably in marketing and public relations.

Steve Chou

Steve runs the popular blog where he discusses how he made over 100K in profit during his first year of business with his online store, Bumblebee Linens. Steve also teaches a class on how to create a profitable online store.

Alan Power

I'm an Irish product designer who specialises on visual design, illustration and brand identity. With over 14 years in the industry, I've learned alot and try to use my experience to bring some clarity to any product I'm working on.

Jen Stayrook

A nerd to the core, Jen Stayrook spends most nights up late playing video games. Once, she wrestled the Lochness Monster and won. She's never been described as classy. You can find Jen on Twitter (@JentheAmazing) or on her website:

Inessa Brown

My name is Inessa Brown, and I am a member of the editorial team at, a mobile app development company based in London. My passion is all aspects of web design with a focus on material design.

Vikas Lalwani

Vikas is a budding programmer who likes to have fun with front-end technologies. You can see some of his experiments on his website.

Andy Leverenz

Andy Leverenz is a co-founder and technical director at Couple of Creatives, a small branding agency from St. Louis, MO. He spends his days designing and developing websites and apps. When he’s not working, he plays guitar for fun in two bands. Check out his side project, Web-Crunch, an online publication where he writes and delivers news for designers, developers and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Richard Howe

Richard Howe is a front-end web designer at Colour Rich in Oxford where he\'s focused on the user experience, CSS and responsive interfaces. See what Richard is currently crafting, enjoying or writing about on Facebook and Twitter.

Jack Reid

Jack Reid works for plastic card company Oomph. Visit them online at:

Jim Nielsen

Jim Nielsen currently lives in NYC working as a designer for an enterprise software startup. He loves to ski, read, eat street tacos, take road trips to the tunes of Bob Dylan, and transform complexity into simplicity. On the internet, you can find him on twitter and his personal site.

Jay Adrianna

Jay Adrianna is a Freelance Writer, and has been since 2009. She is a WordPress enthusiast and an Internet Marketer. She loves writing on a myriad of niches including web design, freelancing, blogging, marketing, business, and many more.

Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy teaches business owners how to manage and grow their WordPress websites. You can view his WordPress tutorials for free on WP Applied or say hello on Twitter @wpapplied. Brian is passionate about technology in education and lives in Dublin, Ireland where he teaches in a city college.