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Documentation right in Photoshop

Ink is a new, free Photoshop documentor plugin. It helps to clear up confusion when handing off mockups created in Photoshop to your development team. This helps prevent inaccurate front-end outputs. Ink lets you document your layers, including typography and effects, and even shape sizes.

Create branded mobile apps for your clients

Have you expanded your designs or clients to mobile? Take them beyond mobile websites with the code-free Bizness Apps mobile app platform. No coding is needed, and you can create white label apps with custom native features for every industry in minutes. See it here - AD

User onboarding at Evernote

How Evernote Onboards New Users details the process Evernote uses when new users sign up, all in easy-to-follow slideshow format. There are notated screenshots of the website, giving you real insight into how one of the leading web apps gets users to sign up and introduces them to the app.

Elevating the expedition

Apple has created a fantastic page which shows how two mountaineers use an iPad during their climb. The site makes extensive use of the popular parallax effect and as you scroll down, you see the altitude increasing, the different challenges that they face and how the iPad helps them. Get scrolling

Need a little writing help?

Hemingway is a fantastic app for writing that helps you write more clearly. It offers a number of features beyond your standard word processor, including highlighting long and complex sentences, giving you a readability level indicator, highlights adverbs, and gives you hints on simplifying your writing and avoiding passive voice, among other features.

An argument for changing your CSS

A counter statement: Putting the CSS in the head, by Hans Christian Reinl, challenges the industry standard of putting CSS in a separate file (or files) rather than in the head of your HTML files. While he doesn't claim that it's a one-size-fits-all solution, he does argue that there are certain circumstances where referencing external files is not the best practice.

Teach your clients WordPress in 1 hour

If you are looking for a better way to teach your clients how to work with WordPress, this 28-part WP101 video tutorial series will get them up and running in no time. And everytime there's a new version of WordPress released, you'll find a number of videos updated. You can also get it through this deal now for 76% off - See the video demos

Find your perfect framework

Plenty of Frameworks is a framework search engine that lets you quickly and easily find the perfect framework for your project. Just enter whether you're a designer, developer or project manager, whether your framework should be responsive or mobile, whether it should use a CSS pre-processor, and what browsers it needs to support, and find your match.

Beautiful quotes from a Jedi Master

These Yoda Quotes are beautifully designed and sure to inspire and motivate you. Navdeep Raj has designed a series of typographic wallpapers illustrating various quotes from Yoda, everyone's favorite Jedi Master. They're all flat and retro-inspired, and free to download.