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Last day: Massive Discounts on Stock Photos

Good stock images are expensive and that's why we have a special deal for you: Download up to 100 images of any size for just $99 (normally $1,000 for the XXL size) from Depositphotos (less than $1 per image), any time over 1 year with no daily limit. Need more? Get 200 images for just $160 (regular price up to $2,000 for XXL). See this deal

Self-portrait styles around the world

Selfiecity explores the style of selfies taken in five cities from around the world. They report on the demographics, the poses, and the expressions used, and present rich media visualizations that reveal interesting patterns. There are 3200 photos in the set that you can explore.

An inside look at pro photography kits

Shotkit is a blog that takes a peek inside the camera bags of professional photographers. You can view submitted kits from tons of photographers, with featured photographers highlighting some of the best. You can even browse based on the type of photographer: commercial, fashion, landscape, portrait, sports, travel, wedding, and other.

What you need to know about dating a designer

Dating a designer: 10 things you need to know is a rather humorous look at what it's really like to date a designer, and offers tips on some adjustments you should make (like ditching Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, and even Word). Plus it gives some of the highlights, like the fact that your wedding invites will be awesome.

Experimental interface animations

Sharp & Nimble's Design Lab is a regularly-updated collection of experimental interface animations. There are animated characters, mobile mockup animations, animated social media sharing icons, and much more. They post new ones every few days.

Smarter Chrome bookmarks

Dewey is a better Chrome bookmarks plugin. It lets you add custom tags and screenshots, and offers smarter search. This smarter search includes the ability to search by tag, title, or URL, and also sort your bookmarks and search results by date, title, or URL. Use it alongside Dewey Launcher to add a launch icon to your browser toolbar.

Understand the power of OpenType

Type Quest offers up tons of educational information about all of the awesome and powerful features OpenType Webfonts have to offer. It includes things to keep in mind when using webfonts, what browsers are supported, and even offers info on hinting. Also included are tips on the finer coding details to implement classic typographic details in your designs.

Classic album covers... minus dead members

What does it look like when you Photoshop the dead band members out of classic rock album covers? That's what Jean-Marie Delbes & Hatim El set out to do with their project entitled 'Live! (I See Dead People)'. Includes album covers from The Beatles, The Ramones, The Clash among others. See the covers