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Reimagined CSS grid layouts

Grid Style Sheets replaces a browser's layout engine with the same algorithm that Apple uses to compute native layouts, the Cassowary Constraint Solver. It features nested rules. respects text re-flows, offers per-element responsiveness, and even includes accelerated 3D transforms.

7 Days of Complimentary Downloads

GraphicStock is giving you 7 days of complimentary access to download anything you want from over 250,000 images, icons, vectors, backgrounds and more. Choose from over 250,000 images, and you are allowed to download 20 images per day for 7 days and you can keep your downloads forever (even if you cancel) There is no obligation, the downloads are 100% free. - AD

14 time-saving Illustrator tips

Speed Design with Illustrator by Vincent Le Moign offers up fourteen tips for creating interfaces in just minutes using Adobe Illustrator as opposed to Photoshop like many designers do. Tips include creating dynamic buttons, text styles, global colors, resizing without distorting, and many more. If you're interested in using Illustrator for UI design, this is a fantastic resource.

An OS X web font generator

FontPrep is an open source web font generator for OS X. Just drag and drop your TTF or OTF files into the app and it will generate all of the web-font formats you might need: WOFF, EOT, and SVG (font foundries have the option to add themselves to FontPrep's blacklist if they don't want their fonts converted). It also includes font preview and even manipulation tools.

You'll never do anything great with your life

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life offers up "a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed". It's a fascinating look at the kinds of skill you'll really need if you want to do something great, and tells you why you probably don't have those skills (even if you think you do).

1,000 Images with No Backgrounds

With a library of cutout images, designers can simply pick a photo and place it right in their current project. With this bundle, you'll get 1,000 cutout images covering categories such as shopping, dancing, running, working, cheering, holding up signs, and tons more. Every single high-quality photo is 300 DPI and you'll get the images in a PNG format at their maximum size. It's on sale now for just $35 instead of $99 with an optional Developer's license too. See the previews

Sick of nagging app installation alerts?

You're not the only one. App-pocalypse Now discusses the prevalence of websites offering apps, and demanding you install those apps every single time you visit the mobile version of their website. And a lot of the time, the apps are just a less-featured version of the website itself.

A new HTML5 game every week

LessMilk is the brainchild of Thomas Palef, who plans to make a new HTML5 game every week. There are 9 games so far, including "Save the City", "Connected", "Fill the Holes", and "Box Jump". You can even subscribe for updates by email on when each new game is released, as well as articles and tutorials related to the project.

Behind the scenes with web ads

Behind the Banner gives us an inside view of the tech behind online advertising. It's an interesting visualization that can shed much more light on how ads actually work, why they're served the way they are, and just how complex the ecosystem really is. Whether you're a publisher, advertiser, or both, it's a very useful and interesting resource.

Find the right (reputable) typeface

Type Finder is a simple online tool for finding reputable typefaces to use in your designs. Just answer a few questions and Type Finder returns a list of fonts that fit your criteria. It's a fast way to narrow down your choices without restricting the potential of your creativity.

A scientific look at typography and its effects

The science behind fonts (and how they make you feel) is a fascinating look at the psychological effects of typography from The Next Web. It includes insight into the effects of everything from which typefaces you use to more nuanced details like kerning and line spacing.