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100 Premium Infographics from Ingimage

With this bundle, you'll get 100 different high-quality infographics to help bring your data to life. Available as EPS files, they include maps, diagrams, charts, graphs, signs, illustrations, buttons, ribbons, arrows, icons and loads more. Normally sells for $99, but for a limited time only, you can get all 100 high-quality infographics for just $18 (82% off). See the examples

Every color has a story

isee5c is a fun collection of advertisements for the iPhone 5C, based on the phone's colorful design. The home page itself is full of animated teasers for the full length commercials. The ads play off the colorful phone and case combinations, with both sophisticated and whimsical interpretations.

A scale representation of the solar system

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel is a "tediously accurate" scale model of the solar system with the moon represented as a single pixel. It really proves the point of how vast just our solar system is, not to mention how small the things that inhabit it really are.

Browser-specific hacks with CSS and JS

Browserhacks is a huge list of browser-specific JavaScript and CSS hacks from around the web. Just pick the hack you want, copy it to your stylesheet, add the style you want, and you're done. Just remember that hacks aren't always the best way to do something...

ScrollMagic plugin

ScrollMagic is a jQuery plugin which essentially lets you use the scrollbar like a progress bar. It allows you things like infinite scrolling, adding a parallax effect, synchronize an animation to the scrollbar movement, pin elements to specific scroll positions and much more. See the examples

Free preloaders for your flat designs

This set of Flat Preloaders is created with simple shapes and popular colors. They come in GIF, AEP, and PNG formats, in three sizes (128x128, 64x64, and 32x32 pixels). They're perfect for your flat designs, but could fit sites with a variety of different styles.

Is it time to abandon Caps Lock?

Is it finally time to abandon the Caps Lock key? Good Riddance, a Slate editorial by Christopher Beam, explores the idea of getting rid of the Caps Lock key, being pioneered by Google with its new Cr-48 notebook, which has a search key where the Caps Lock has traditionally been found.

Beware when talking tech

According to a study conducted by, 1 in 10 in a survey think HTML is an STD. But that's not the only tech topic Americans are confused about. They were also clueless about SEO, gigabytes, motherboards, and a variety of other definitions most of us take for granted.