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Create typographic images with Typo-Painter

This fantastic plugin works with Photoshop to let you create a typographic painting from any image, using any text you'd like. The default text is a long "Lorem Ipsum" phrase, but you can supply any text you'd like to be worked into your image. For a limited time, you can get this plugin for only $5. See the examples

The beauty in non-functional design

The Uncomfortable is a collection of designs created for all the wrong reasons. Chairs that are nearly impossible to sit in, rain boots with open toes, prickly goblets, stock pots with both handles on one side, and much more. They're beautiful, but absolutely worthless for their intended purposes.

A failed app startup and a valuable lesson

How child porn killed my app called YayNay details the journey of Marc Hemeon as he created a consumer iOS app that was a miss, and why child porn finally caused them to pull the plug on the app. It's a valuable lesson for programmers and app designers who may overlook some of the potential pitfalls in creating apps that solicit user-generated content.

A ghost button gallery

The ghost button design pattern is becoming more and more popular, and Websites with Ghost Buttons is a great source of inspiration for this particular style. It showcases websites from a variety of industries, with solid backgrounds, image backgrounds, pattern backgrounds, and more.

Animations from your mind to the screen

How to get animations out of your head is a guide to getting the animated transitions you can picture as a designer out of your head and communicated effectively to the screen (particularly if you need to communicate them to others on your design team). And of course it includes some free tools to help you out.

A free framework for iOS7 apps

Building a new iOS7 app? Be sure to check out Framework7, a fully-featured framework that gives web and hybrid apps a native iOS7 feel. It has modals, popovers, tabs, side panels, lists, swipe to delete, forms, messages, pull to refresh, and many other native iOS functions all built in.

Interactive, multi-media design at its best

Patatap features an interactive multi-media design that changes when you press various keys, A to Z or the spacebar. There are both audio and visual effects on the site, controlled entirely by you. Change background colors by pressing the spacebar, and trigger various shapes, sounds, and animations with other keys.

A dating game for type

Looking for the perfect typeface pairing? Type Connection is a "typographic dating game" that lets you pair up fonts in hopes of making a good match. Choose a starting typeface and the select various criteria for how you want to match it up. And of course you'll get insight into why the typefaces do or don't work together.

Simple product psychology advice

Cognitive Lode is a collection of simple bits of advice on product psychology. It's invaluable for decision-makers, while being quick to read and digest (meaning you'll actually have time to use it). Read the summaries on the home page, and if you want to know more, you can read the long descriptions, too. And of course every bit of advice is credited to the original study, too.