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73K Designers create websites with no code

Webydo is the leading web design platform recommended around the world by the professional designer community. Already more than 73,000 designers are actively creating, managing and publishing their clients' websites, code-free and with pixel-perfect accuracy, using the sophisticated cloud software. Learn more about Webydo and create your free account today to try it out. - AD

Beautiful, edible typography

Food Type is a tasty, pictorial look at type created with foodstuffs. It unites aesthetics and edibles, created by Danielle Evans. There are photos, animated GIFs, and links to articles featuring type made from food elsewhere on the web. It's a great site for unique inspiration.

A night walk through Marseilles, from Google

Take a walk through Marseille at night with Google Night Walk. You'll explore the streets, sounds, and soul of the city on this guided tour, with a main route to follow if you choose (though you can veer off the path as well). It's a fascinating project, and one that Google will hopefully expand to other cities.

The numbers of NYC

The variety of numbers used in our everyday lives on things like street address signs is astounding. The New York Numbers Instagram account chronicles numbers seen throughout the city, on signs, in graffiti, above doorways, and elsewhere. The diversity of styles is inspiring.

Twitter finally embraces emojis

Twitter hasn't done much with emojis in the past, limiting their use to apps on platforms with support built in (like Android and iOS). But that's all changed. Emoji invades Twitter on the Web details how the site has not only added emoji support, but also created a custom set of emojis for use on the site.

What would you change?

If for one day, you could change anything in your surroundings, what would you change? That's the idea that the short film Shape explores, as part of the MakeShapeChange project, which aims to get young people to think about how design impacts the world around them.

Don't like your open office? So what?

There are plenty of people out there who find open floor plan offices to be annoying. But just because they're annoying doesn't mean they aren't fostering better collaboration and ideas. It Doesn't Matter Whether Or Not You Like Your Open Office explores that idea, particularly in relation to how team productivity and effectiveness trumps the productivity of single individuals.

GOT's title sequence reimagined

HootSuite has created a new take on the title sequence for the wildly popular Game of Thrones: A Game of Social Thrones. See the opening sequence reimagined with social media sites rather than the various houses of the original show, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and many others.

Pinegrow Web Designer

This incredible application lets you edit multiple pages at once by mirroring a source page. Make a change to the original and it's automatically updated on the related pages. It works with any HTML page, follows CSS and LESS rules, and supports Foundation 5 and Bootstrap 3. It's available for both Mac and Windows and is now on sale for only $24. See how it works

Big improvement on Comic Sans

Everyone (or at least every designer) loves to hate Comic Sans. Comic Neue is a reimagining of the notorious typeface that's infinitely more visually appealing and suited for a much wider variety of uses. It aspires to be the casual script typeface for the masses, including those who are typographically savvy.