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Full Gist font family

Gist is an inline slab serif font that features a retro yet modern vibe. With 20 weights and loads of OpenType features including ligatures, swashes and alternates, it comes primed with the tools to work on just about any project. For a limited time only, you can nab all 20 Gist fonts for just $14. See the previews

75 years of Marvel

The Marvel 75th Retrospective is a look back at the past 75 years of Marvel comics. It's basically a huge interactive infographic that talks about the new and existing heroes and series each year since 1939. It's a fascinating look at how to present large volumes of historical data, as well as being super interesting to comic book aficionados.

What's wrong with in-car UX

The State of In-Car UX discusses why the automotive industry is getting UX design so wrong. It discusses how after-market makers of things like car stereos tend to get it right, and how controls in cars were designed in the 80s and 90s, with analog buttons, separate screens, and separate areas for controlling different things. And then goes on to talk about the insane complexity of new car UIs.

Colorful triangle meshes with JavaScript

Trianglify is a JavaScript library for creating colorful triangle meshes that you can use as an SVG image or as CSS backgrounds. It's completely open source, and you can easily generate patterns on the site itself, and then download the current pattern for your own use.

What comes after flat design?

We've been living with flat design for awhile now, and many in the design community are wondering what comes next. Post Flat Design discusses that very question, and the fact that the "end of flat design" is already being discussed (while many are just starting to embrace it). It also gives some insight into where flat design originated, as a key to where it might be going.

Color palettes from popular films

Movies in Color is a blog that offers up still shots from films and their corresponding color palettes. Recent films have included Buena Vista Social Club, Kings of the Road, Until the End of the World, and Roma, with different directors featured each week (Fellini and Wenders are recent features). It's a great source of inspiration, with plenty of palettes to choose from.

Small details, big impact

Little Big Details is a daily dose of inspiring UX details from a variety of sources, including many mobile apps. Some are incredibly useful (like long-pressing the "Me" tab in the Twitter app, which opens up the user selection dialog), while others are more fanciful (such as searching for "Fibonacci" on YouTube, which displays the results in a Fibonacci spiral).

Dribbble meets CodePen

Give 'n' Go is a curated collection of Dribbble shots that have been reworked as interactive CodePen pens. While not every shot is recreated faithfully, they are all done in very interesting and creative ways. It's a nice place to find some inspiration for both designers and developers.

Dad turns son into super hero

Daniel Hashimoto is a visual effects artist for DreamWorks Animation. In this series of short videos, he has been making his 3-year old son James look like an action hero and releasing some of his special effects clips on YouTube. Check them out