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Get the full Glober Font family

The Glober Font Family is a welcome addition to anyone looking for a highly legible, unique typeface inspired by classic grotesque types. And Glober's one big happy family: You don't just get 1 member of the tribe, you get all 18 members! That's 18 different weights for just $19 (regularly $190). See the previews

A precursor to responsive design

The Cassette Tape as Responsive Design is a look at how album artwork in the 70s and 80s was adapted from LP record sleeves to cassette tape cases. The difference in these album sizes was significant: 144 square inches for a record, but only 10 for a cassette. It presented some unique design challenges, some of which were handled more elegantly than others.

The most hated bugs and features in Photoshop

Plenty of us love Photoshop, but that doesn't mean it's without its own annoying little bugs and "features". PhotoshopKiller catalogs those in a most hilarious manner, giving designers a sense of solidarity and some good laughs at the same time. There aren't a ton of problems so far, but you can submit your own.

Credit card input in a single field

Ever tried to input credit card info on a mobile form? Not the most user-friendly experience. But this Single-Field Credit Card Input Pattern aims to change that by allowing all of your necessary credit card information to be entered in a single field that includes your card number, expiration date, CVV number, and zip code.

A touch-friendly responsive lightbox

Image Lightbox, Responsive and Touch Friendly is a lightbox that works great on touch screens and is fully responsive. By default it does not include captions, navigation buttons, or a background cover. It's only 4kb in size when minified. And it pre-loads the next image so it loads without any delay.

Great design for everyone

Everyone Deserves Great Design explores how to make products that matter. It aims to help eliminate the traditional economic, social, cultural, and geographic barriers of discrimination in product design, leading to not only better designs for everyone, but also making the companies producing them (like Google and Facebook) more successful.

A (somewhat disturbing) responsive man

The Responsive Man is a neat design experiment that shows off how to adapt something like a face to a responsive design. While the face looks fairly normal on something like a desktop browser, the way it's adapted to smaller screen sizes gets interesting, to say the least (at the smallest size, our "man" becomes a cyclops, though the layout right before that is possibly more alarming).

The flip side to some awesome album covers

The greatest album covers as seen from behind is a humorous take on how some famous album covers might look from the back. There are albums from the Beatles, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, and many others. Some even reveal hidden messages that were in the original albums, that become more apparent when reversed (just check out the Beastie Boys album for one example).