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Amazing images for your next project

Bigstock has an awesome collection of over 18 million royalty-free photos, vectors, and illustrations. Right now they're offering a 7-day Free Trial that covers any image in their library, at any size - up to 35 free images. And you can even start downloading as soon as you sign up. - AD

Free vector icons for mobile and web

Captain Icon is a set of over 350 free vector icons for your mobile and website designs. They can be scaled to any size without sacrificing quality and come arranged into categories to make finding the appropriate ones easier. Available in a variety of formats (including EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG, and Web Font).

Isometric graphics for HTML5 canvas

Isomer is an isometric graphics library for HTML5 canvas, licensed for free under the MIT License (though you can also pay for it to support the project further). It includes classes for Shape, Point, and Color, and it's divided into three basic components: points, which make up paths, which make up shapes.

Turn Photoshop comps into coded designs

Project Parfait is a beta project from Adobe that lets you extract whatever you need from your PSDs right in your browser. For now it only works with Chrome, but support for all modern browsers is promised. You can extra color, gradient, and font information, copy text and CSS, save web-optimized images, and even get accurate measurements between various elements.

Some ideas for improving search

7 Things I Wish Every Search Box Did is a great roundup of some ideas that could great improve search around the web. Included are things like providing real results from the first keystroke, searching multiple attributes, ranking, and explanations for why particular results appear, among others.

Exclusive: New Thirsty Soft Font

Meet Thirsty Soft: the rounder, warmer, softer and extra-vintage sister to the popular Thirsty Script. It's practically exploding with so much friendliness, you probably want to hug it. Features 6 different weights, dozens of languages and a variety of stylistic alternates. On sale now for only $9 (regularly $49) See the previews

Animated checkout = better experience

Improve the payment experience with animations is a great behind-the-scenes look at Stripe Checkout and how it uses animations to improve the user experience. They're used to add context, highlight errors, and more. They're even used to give users the impression that things are happening at a faster rate than they really are.

A simple résume with a big impact

Guillaume Juvenet, a 21-year-old creative developers from Paris, has created a beautiful but simple portfolio and résumé website. It's fully interactive, prompting visitors to type certain things to see content. It's a great way to show off skills while also increasing engagement (rather than just bragging).

 Photoshop actions for your iOS 7 designs

This iOS 7 UI Kit Photoshop Action Set by Jeremy Paul is a great resource for anyone creating iOS 7 app mockups in Photoshop. It creates an entire iPhone mockup for your wireframes, design mockups, and more, all with actions rather than regular PSD files (that are easy to accidentally change and save over). It includes actions for guides, nav and status bars, and much more.

A redesign on every designer's bucket list

This Wikipedia Redesign is an interesting take on "redesigning" the popular website. Many designers would love to take on the redesign of such an iconic site that would be seen by millions, but J. Thomas has different ideas. After all, Wikipedia's design absolutely must be all about the content.