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Massive Discounts on Stock Photos

Good stock images are expensive and that's why we have a special deal for you: download up to 100 images of any size for just $99 (normally $900 for the XXL size) from Depositphotos (less than $1 per image), any time over 1 year with no daily limit. Need more? Get 200 images for just $160 (regular price up to $1800 for XXL). See this deal

Fully responsive HTML5 templates

HTML5 UP offers up some really great HTML5 site templates that are fully responsive, incredibly customizable, built on intelligent CSS3 and HTML5, and are released completely free under a Creative Commons license. The templates are modern, look great on virtually any screen size.

An inside look at the Carousel website

Building the Carousel website with Dropbox is a case study that discusses Dropbox's new project, Carousel, and the process that went into the design and development of the app website. It's a great look at a large-scale project by a team that really believed in the product they were creating.

An intro to web components and Polymer

This Web Components slideshow (navigate using your arrow keys) from Google's Senior Developer Relations Engineer Addy Osmani, is a great, simple explanation to web components, what they are and the purpose they serve, as well as an introduction to the Polymer library, which lets you create your own custom HTML elements.

A Google redesign concept

Project 9 is an unsolicited redesign project from Letter Society for the Google website. It includes a number of minor and major tweaks, covered over multiple blog posts on the site. Some redesign concepts are much more extreme than others, but all are well-thought-out and discussed.

A look at layered type

Layered Type Over the last couple of years takes a look at the popularity of layered typefaces in recent years, including how they're used. It discusses chromatic type looks that are achieved by combining colors in a single font, as well as type that looks hand-made.

A blatant ripoff?

This Instagram video shows a "pretty bold swipe of Spotify by PayPal". The similarities are really too obvious to be chalked up to chance, right down to the use of a big video background and the main headline. Spotify's is "Music for every moment", while PayPal's is "Money for every moment".

Need grid paper?

If you need custom printable grid paper, then has you covered. Choose from a variety of styles, including dot grids and line grids. Then choose your grid size using the slider and print a sheet that fits your specific needs.

Your site as a store

Rotating Banners - They Are Never A Good Idea presents a video that shows what rotating banners would look like in real life, and how incredibly frustrating and pointless they would be. The point being that if real life worked the way many websites do, it would only serve to frustrate customers (as it often does online).

A hipster take on the ABCs

The Hipster Alphabet is an illustrated alphabet filled with hipster-esque images. It includes things like aviators for A, homebrew for H, jorts for J, typewriter for T, and whiskey for W, among many other iconic images often associated with hipster culture. It's a fun design project, sure to elicit eyerolls from some and laughter from others.