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8 Fontastic Fonts from TypeFaith Fonts

This terrific bundle includes 8 gorgeous professional fonts including Lev Serif Handmades, Moonface Script, Ponsi Rounded Slab, and SalamacaTF. Desktop and web font versions are available. The collection is now 76% off its regular price for a limited time. See the previews here

Pantone color matching on tiny objects

Tiny PMS Match takes small, everyday objects to their equivalent Pantone colors. Pics were all taken and edited using the designer's iPhone 5, making it an even more interesting project. It's a great project for anyone interested in color and color theory.

Recreating the Samsung grid loading effect

This tutorial and demo, Grid Loading and Hover Effect, shows how to recreate Samsung's grid loading effect. There are three types of loading effects offered: swipe right, swipe down, and rotate. The markup is well-explained and fairly simple.

Designing without Photoshop

Designing without programs like Photoshop is a challenge, though it can be done. How I designed a website without Photoshop details the process of designing the website using HTML, Sass, and Twitter Bootstrap, without using Photoshop.

Easily send yourself email reminders

Need to easily send yourself reminders via email? Remind is a simple screen shortcut that does that for you. Just enter your email, the subject line, and color you want the shortcut to be, and Remind creates one for you, with your email address included in the URL (not their server), so it works offline, too.

New features on DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track what you're doing online, has just been redesigned with some great new features. It includes smarter answers, smarter search, and is less cluttered. It also has better place search,weather, and offers up better meanings for ambiguous search terms.

Creating Spotify's new icons

Jon Hicks details the creation of the Spotify Iconset in this blog post about the most recent Spotify redesign. It's a great look into how the iconset came about, including insight into the discovery phase, how the icon concepts came about, and much more.

A new look for iTunes

This iTunes Concept from Kurocha, completely reimagines the way iTunes looks, with improvements to navigation (including tabs for different media types), the store (which makes it easier to discover new music), and a new library experience that focuses on better organization and use of space.

A free serif from Adobe

Adobe is offering up their OpenType Source Serif Pro as a free, open-source download. It comes in three weights: regular, semibold, and bold, with complete character sets for each. It's highly legible, and there are font binaries (including OTF, TTF, WOFF, EOT, and SVG files) available, too.