May 29, 2014 · 767,783 awesome subscribers NEWSLETTER ISSUE #122

100+ Background and Business Card Templates

This bundle includes a set of 80 high-quality backgrounds and patterns, fully scalable and easy to edit, these badboys will make even the dullest-looking projects pop. Also included is a collection of 30 business card templates, to let you spread the word about yourself and your business. Get it now for over 90% off. See the previews

All your customer info in one place

Tact is a mobile app that brings together all the customer information you have from places like your email, calendar, and Salesforce and put it all into one place. It makes it a lot easier to keep your conversations straight when they're happening across multiple platforms.

Quick weekly CSS podcasts

A to Z CSS is a weekly podcast that gives you great insight into various CSS elements, properties, and more. There are four episodes out so far, focusing on Display, Color, the Box Model, and the Auto value, each between four and seven minutes long (making them perfect for a quick break).

A daily dose of color

The Day's Color offers up new color palettes on a regular basis, complete with the inspiration for each palette. Many of the palettes are inspired by music, though there are plenty of other inspiration sources, too. And you can download each an image of each palette, making them easy to use.

A behind-the-scenes peek at Bonsai Slice

The Visual Development of Bonsai Slice is a detailed look at how the visual style and look of the iOS app came to be, straight from the designer. It's filled with pics and illustrations of how the design evolved throughout the process.

How many lines of code?

Millions of Lines of Code is a comparative graph that shows just how much code goes into various types of apps, from simple iPhone game apps to the space shuttle to the US Army Future Combat System to the website. It's filled with interesting comparisons, some of which may surprise you (like the fact that the Large Hadron Collider has a shorter code base than Facebook).

An updated guide to designing for the web

The Summer 2014 edition of the Web Design Field Manual offers up a ton of useful links to information for how to design for the web, including inspiration, the design process, design workflow, and much more. There's even a toolbox section with some great resources for actually designing.

Take your privacy back

Reset the Net is a movement and one-day event to take back online privacy, slated for June 5, 2014. It offers up solutions for websites (like making sure you add SSL, HSTS, and PFS protection, plus running a splash screen on the event date), mobile apps (including SSL and cert pinning, as well as end-to-end encryption for some types of apps), and general web users.