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An interesting concept for iOS

Explaining the iOS Block is a video that explains Jay Machalani's concept for a redesigned iOS interface that incorporates a feature similar to the Windows' Live Tile and Android's Widget, the "Block". It's a fun and arguably useful concept, but is it one Apple might actually incorporate?

A new image feature for Medium

Medium has finally incorporated image grids into their publishing platform, described in Introducing Image Grids. Images are automatically arranged into a grid, depending on the number of images selected. The article explains the entire process of creating this new feature, including a profile of the designer.

A new look for a major agency

Happy Cog has redesigned their website, with a clean, bold design. The typography is large (something long championed by Happy Cog founder Jeffrey Zeldman), while the color palette is simple and bold while remaining professional.

What comes next

What Comes Next is the Future is an upcoming documentary about the web, told by the people who build it every day. Matt Griffin, founder of the Net Awards 2014 Agency of the Year-nominated Bearded, it's a look at the dynamic shift mobile devices have initiated in the landscape of the internet.

Generate random colors with JavaScript

randomColor is a JavaScript color generator that creates a random color. What sets it apart from other color generators is that it eliminates a lot of the murky greens and browns and grays other generators produce, and instead only generates "attractive colors" by default.

A wealth of free HTML, CSS, and JS nuggets

Cody is a searchable library of free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript "nuggets" that you can use in your projects. There are snippets for things like tables, shopping carts, team bios, and more, with new resources being added all the time.

How do Americans die?

How Americans Die is an awesome (if grim) interactive infographic from Bloomberg View. It breaks down the mortality rate, including insight into the mortality rate by age group and other factors. It's a great example of how to make data interesting and useful online.

No one is exempt from client feedback

Any designer who works with clients knows that sometimes client feedback can be frustrating, useless, and downright pointless. Client Feedback on the Creation of the Earth is a humorous, fictional letter that God might have gotten from a client upon creation of the earth. A number of points will likely ring true for many designers.

Some artistic help for shelter dogs

Sarolta Ban, a Hungarian photographer, is giving some shelter dogs up for adoption a little extra help by creating artistic, often surreal, photo compositions using photos of the dogs as a basis. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt the dogs featured gets a copy of the artwork, while part of the sale of each artwork is donated to the shelter that the dog is from.