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Gorgeous Gioviale Script Font

This gorgeous script font is the perfect balance between a heavily formal script and curvy playful font. It comes with 300 swashes, more than 1,000 glyphs, 20 ornaments, 20 discretionary ligatures and more. Gioviale is available as both a Desktop and Web Font. You can get it for a limited time for only $15. See the previews

Learn from iMessage's upcoming changes

What product designers can learn from iOS 8's iMessage changes offers some great insight into the changes that Apple is making to iMessage, and what you can learn on both the customer development side and the user interface side of things, including adaptations to fit how users are actually using iMessage.

Sample & encode any color on your screen

Sip is a simple OS X app that lets you sample and encode any color on your screen. Just choose the color model you want, grab color from any pixel on your screen, and then paste the color code into your code editor (or wherever you need it). It includes a Photoshop extension, support for 35 color formats, and much more.

Just how fast data is generated online

The Internet in Real-Time is a look at just how quickly data is generated online. It looks at a number of websites and services, including app downloads from Apple, files saved on Dropbox, Foursquare check-ins, tweets sent, hours viewed on Netflix, and much more.

Find inspiration on your iOS device

Fleck is a free iOS app that lets you find inspiration from all over, right on your iPhone or iPad. Just sign up with Facebook or email, then browse subjects like abstract nature, typography, street style, and more. And of course you can upload your own images to inspire others.

New vs old icons in OS X

The New Icons of OS X Yosemite - A Side-by-Side Comparison shows just how drastic some of the changes to icons are between OS X Mavericks and the upcoming Yosemite release. Granted, some changes are rather subtle (rounded edges on the Dictionary icon), while others are quite dramatic (like the Game Center icon, which will now match the one from the latest iOS update).

Keyboardless typing

AirType is a product concept that you change the way you type. It's a keyboard-less keyboard that lets you type in thin air (or on any surface you want). While the specifics haven't been released yet (though it appears to be something you'd wear on your hands), you can sign up for email updates to find out more as it becomes available.

Brand assets online

Find Guidelines on the Web is a huge collection of brand assets on the web for social networks (including Behance, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare, and others), and other brands (including Kickstarter, WordPress, MailChimp, Envato, and many more). You can also submit a guideline to the site.

Your personality according to Facebook

Ever wondered how your personality comes across from what you post on Facebook? Five Labs has a great tool that lets you see just that, along five particular traits: openness, agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. It's a fascinating look at how you might be perceived online.