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SuperSpray Plugin for Photoshop

This incredible Photoshop Plugin lets you spray transparent PNG images anywhere on your canvas.Take a basic letter or word and instead of just drawing it in black, spray it with photos of leaves or candy or whatever you’d like. The result is a beautiful and original work of art, sure to captivate your audience. It's also available for a limited time for just $10. Check out the previews

Fonts for a cause

Homeless Fonts is a new project from the Arrels Foundation that has created a collection of typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless people. The fonts are for sale (and targeted at brands for advertising and corporate messages), and all of the proceeds are going directly to the Arrels Foundation to help the homeless.

Is your browser up to date?

Outdated Browser is a simple tool for checking what the newest version of a given browser is, with direct download links to the latest version. It's a colorful, simple site that excels at doing the one thing it attempts to do. It also gives stats on how many people are using each one.

Interactive storytelling made simple

Odyssey is an easy to use app that lets you create interactive stories easily, whether you're a journalist, designer, or other creative. Use templates to get started, including scrolling, slide based, and temporal based templates, then craft your story using written narrative, multimedia, and even map-based interaction.

A wild design for an agency site

Wild is a design agency run by four guys: Thomas "Tom" Strobl, Michael "Brizz" Brisak, Thomas Lichtblau, and Matthias Mentasti. Their portfolio site is a fantastic example of what an agency site should be: fun, engaging, professional, and a fine example of the agency's work.

Looking for a startup idea?

Steal these Startup Ideas: Collection One is a list of startup ideas from Jonathan Cutrell that he's releasing to the world, so that someone can make them actually happen. Ideas on the list include a coffee subscription drive-thru service and a job hunting meets matchmaking service, each with details on how the idea might work.

A curated color picker

Coleure is a color picker with a curated color stack inspired by Pantone. Drag a color to the side to add it to your palette, copy the values (HEX, RGB, or HSL) using cmd+c or ctrl+c, and even view how the color you've selected compares or mixes with other colors.

Why is there no standard for this?

Why Isn't There A Standard Share Icon?, from Co.Design, is a great look at the current state of the share icon, the many options being used out there, and why there is no standard. It also looks at the pros and cons of each of the major share icons being used, and where they each fall short.

Breathtaking iPhone photos

The iPhone Photography Awards have been presented each year since 2008, and the 2014 Winners are totally inspiring. Seeing what can be captured using nothing more than an iPhone (with or without additional accessories) is, at times, breathtaking. Winners are broken down by category: animals, architecture, travel, lifestyle, panorama, and many more.

An iconic programming language

ArnoldC is a programming language based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's one liners. While the lines are well known, the "true semantics of the uttering is yet to be understood". It's well documented on Github, with an overview of the keywords and how they're translated.