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148 Retro Labels, Badges & Crests Bundle

This bundle includes a total of 148 different badges, labels and crests to use on your latest project. Every file comes to you at 2400x2400 pixels and 300 dpi RGB. This collection of retro labels, badges and crests normally sells for $77, but for a limited time only, you can get the entire collection (all 148 templates) for just $12. See the previews

Well-loved characters in pure CSS

The Simpsons in CSS is a set of illustrations of Simpsons characters created purely with CSS by Chris Pattle. Characters include Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge, Maggie, Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Krusty the Clown, Comic Book Guy, Itchy, Smithers, Ralph Wiggum and Apu. You can easily view the CSS for each.

Algorithms in visual form

Visualizing Algorithms is a visual explanation of how algorithms work. It starts out with sampling, relating it to how human vision works, and expands from there, covering shuffling, sorting, maze generation, and more. Animations lend extra meaning to the examples.

Forrst has a new name

Tavern, formerly Forrst, is the latest private release from Zurb. It's a repository of product design questions and answers, where designers can have a say and share their experiences. It's a great place to get feedback and validation from the community, as well as share your opinions on design.

Success via user-focused design

When Design Driven Companies Thrive, from Huge, is a look at companies that have successfully integrated design into the very backbone of their companies to create innovative products and services that really suit their users. This includes companies like Mosey, Pinterest, and Airbnb, among others who focus on user-centered design.

Minimalist Wikipedia

Wikipedia offers a lot, but a pretty design isn't one of them. Functional, sure. But good looking? Not quite. This minimalist Wikipedia redesign offers up a MUCH more attractive user interface, including a search-focused home page, and simplified, streamlined topic pages.

The most profitable place to live

Teleport is a yet-to-be-released search engine for "digital nomads". It'll tell you where you can live to either make more money or spend less money, which is increasingly becoming an option for those who work remotely either all or most of the time. The site also has some great stats on workers who are already taking advantage of this trend.

A very persuasive résumé

Graphic Designer Brennan Gleason's Résum-Ale is a very unique take on the classic resume. Rather than a plain old paper or digital resume, Gleason's résumé was attached to a six-pack of his own home-brewed blonde ale. That's one awesome way to get an employer's attention.

Awesome retro game app illustrations

Illustrator Owen Daveys created all of the fantastic retro world illustrations for the Two Dots game app. He's also designed retro postcards for the game. His style is unique and the designs are spot on. The Two Dots app is available for free (and just as addictive as its predecessor, the original Dots game).

A free sci-fi font

Asgalt is a free sci-fi inspired font. It has geometric shapes with more than 100 letterforms, and it's free for both personal and commercial works. The "A"s and "W"s are the real standouts in the capital forms. Asgalt was designed by Remi Lagast and is best suited for display use and short blocks of text.