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UX Web Tiles for Flow Diagrams and Sitemaps

This bundle contains dozens of unique Web Tiles that can easily be used to create Flow Diagrams and Sitemaps for your clients. Simple to edit and highly customizable, these Tiles are compatible with popular editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and Omnigraffle. It's also on sale right now for just $24 (80% off). See what's inside

No more super boring links

Giflinks will forever do away with boring links that just sit there when you hover over them. Instead, it loads a full-page animated GIF of your choosing when you hover. It's sure to provide a richer, enhanced user experience to your audience... but maybe a bit too much?

Fully full screen images

Intense Image Viewer is a JavaScript library that lets you view images in a "fully full screen". In other words, it fills your browser's entire viewport with the image, which you can then pan around by moving your mouse. There's even an animated pointer that goes from a plus sign when images are displayed normally to an "x" when they're full screen.

Need some animation inspiration?

Motion by Justin Mezzell is a Tumblr blog filled with animations created by the designer. It's a fun bit of inspiration, with everything from compasses (both the directional kind and the geometry kind), barber poles, cassette tapes, match boxes, and more.

Responsive design breakpoints made simple

Emmet Re:View is a Google Chrome extension that finds the responsive breakpoints in a design and then creates a view for each one. It makes it easy to preview all of the breakpoints on a single page, and syncs scrolling and scales viewports for larger views. You can even manually resize the viewports for fine-tuning your previews.

A closer look at Yosemite's new icons

Inspecting Yosemite's Icons takes a closer look at the redesigned icons that will appear in OS X Yosemite. The new icons are gloss-free, "happier", and brighter looking, yet have retained some skeuomorphic elements. But the article goes much more in-depth than just the basic visual revisions.

A better way to recover a lost iPhone

If you lose your iPhone, the "Find My iPhone" service only goes so far. iPhone, phone home details a new concept for how an iPhone might be recovered after being found by a good samaritan, even if the phone has a passcode, and in a much more attractive, native way. It's an ingenious idea, and hopefully one Apple will consider incorporating.

Audio meets visual

Boom Boom Boom is a fun Chrome web app that uses audio from your computer's microphone to display a fun visual display that goes along with your music (or you can control it from your mobile device or keyboard). It uses web technologies like the Web Audio API, Web-Sockets, and CSS3 Animations.

Collaborate right in Dropbox

Sitedrop makes it easy to collaborate visually using Dropbox. Just pick a folder to get started, and then manage it all from your desktop. It offers commenting and favoriting, lets you receive files, and you can even define your own structure.

Not your average timelapse

This timelapse of Barcelona is put together in such a way that it almost makes the city appear animated and miniaturized. Start out high above the city and zoom in to follow people through the streets. And even go inside famous buildings and landmarks around the city. It's truly amazing.