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Download the Creative Edge Design Bundle

With this massive bundle you'll get icons, textures, banners and infographics. Audio players, video players, HTML5 templates, backgrounds, light effects and much more. In total, you're looking at over $1,000 worth of creative design elements, all for one super low price of just $49. See what’s inside

Could you give up Facebook for 3+ months?

99 Days of Freedom is a response to the controversial mood experiment Facebook conducted that affected around 700,000 of their users. The aim is to see how taking 99 days off of Facebook will impact users' happiness. Join the experiment and they'll contact you after 33 days, 66 days, and 99 days to see how you're doing.

The making of GOT's visual effects

The Game of Thrones, Season 4 - VFX making of reel is a fascinating look at the visual effects that were used for Game of Thrones Season 4. They accomplish this by showing overlays of the original footage, along with the layers that were added to create the final scenes as seen on the show.

Instantaneous intelligence

Instanerd is an awesome site that gives you all sorts of trivia you never knew you didn't know. Find out interesting facts about Lego men, Slovenia, futurists, parenting, and much more. And it makes it easy to share facts you learn on Twitter or Facebook.

Is multicolor the future of fonts?

Color Emoji in Windows 8.1 — The Future of Color Fonts? asks the big question: if emojis in fonts are becoming multicolored, does that mean that fonts in general will start to support multiple colors natively, without complex layering? It's a really interesting idea, and one that's obviously gaining traction.

An entire life, tracked

APRILZERO is a project from Anand Sharma where he's tracking a ton of data about his daily life, from excercise habits to how many burritos he eats. The data is mostly coming directly from various apps on his phone, including Instagram, Facebook, FourSquare, Moves, etc. So far, he's over 100 days into the project.

Prototype on paper

Pop is a free app for iOS and Android that lets you take photos of your paper prototypes and then simulate the actual site interactions from those paper mockups. It supports five transition types: basic, next, back, rise, and dismiss, and includes built-in sharing and feedback tools.

The elements of design in less than a minute

Elements of Design is an animated video that illustrates the standard elements of design in just 50 seconds. It's a very quick way to get an overview of the traditional elements of design generally taught in most formal art and design programs, with some interesting (and controversial) commentary at the end.

Free public domain videos

Mazwai is a collection of free, public domain and Creative Commons-licensed videos that you can use in any of your projects. There are tons of nature videos, but there are also clips of a variety of other things, including people, places, and more. Each video offers up licensing information in clear, easy-to-understand terms, too.

End of PSDs doesn't mean end of designers

The Post PSD Era doesn't want to kill designers, from Trevor Connolly, discusses how designers are needed more than ever now that PSDs are falling by the wayside as the building blocks of web designs. It talks about the positives and negatives of using Photoshop, changes necessary for a PSD-free workflow & more.