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Get 100 Professional Fonts from Ingimage

This fontastic deal includes over 100 professional fonts, both display fonts and clear text fonts with loads of styles covered from grunge to calligraphy. Thanks to the OpenType format, you'll get a ton of extra features such as kerning pairs, interlocks, full character sets, international currency and much more. Act quickly and you can get the whole shebang for a mere $19. See the previews

Augmented reality goes old-school

Hombre_McSteez (really Marty Cooper, a director, storyboard artist, and animator) is an artists who creates cartoons on transparent cels to add animated creatures to everyday life with his iPhone. He posts new videos on a very regular basis, and feature everything from the mating habits of traffic cones to cartoon elephants.

Responsive isn't just about resizing

Responsive Logos is a showcase of responsive logo designs that don't just resize. Instead, the composition of the logo changes completely at different sizes, becoming more or less complex as needed. For example, the Coca-Cola logo goes from the full logo complete with slogan to just "Coke" written in script.

World Cup moments commemorated

These minimal posters showcase some iconic moments in World Cup football games. Each one breaks down a moment into its simplest form, showing the moments leading up to the play and the event itself. They include bold graphic elements as well as included team colors to bring the series together.

A horrible but common design practice?

Designers: Don't cover what I'm looking at! discusses a common design pattern of revealing information about something (generally an image) when it's hovered over, obscuring the original image. While some designers would argue that this is practice improves UX, the author argues that it hinders usability.

A free alternative to Illustrator

Affinity Designer is a vector art and design program specifically for Macs that's a great free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It offers precise tools, and intuitive user experience, and inspiring effects to give you limitless capabilities.

A more modern CMS

Pagekit is a new, modern content management system that's responsive right out of the box. It includes a Markdown editor, blogging capabilities, and widgets, too, among other features. It also has a built-in marketplace that lets you access free and commercial software (or distribute your own).

Bold illustration and design from Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor is an illustrator and designer who creates bold, graphic posters for everything from gigs to movies. His style is distinct, with heavy lines, bold colors in much of his work while others remain black and white, and many fantastical elements. He's designed rock posters for everyone from Bob Dylan to Pearl Jam to Nine Inch Nails.

FFCU stock photos

Raumrot offers up high resolution free-for-commercial-use stock photos. Images are hand picked for commercial and personal works. Photos are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license, meaning that you can use them as long as you credit the photographer.

A look behind the scenes at Aprilzero

The Making of Aprilzero is a look behind the scenes at how the Aprilzero project (featured last week) was created, from inspiration to the initial drafts to the final site. The project tracks various lifestyle data of Anand Sharma automatically, mostly using phone apps.