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Simple squares, addictive fun

Game About Squares is exactly what it sounds like: a game that revolves around moving squares, square-by-square. It's surprisingly addictive, and each level gets more complex while remaining incredibly user-friendly.

A little notification inspiration

Notifications are an important part of a growing number of websites and web apps. If you need a little help designing your next notification UI, then check out this Notification Styles Inspiration. There are Growl-like notifications, attached notifications, top bar notifications, and more.

An experiment in code and gravity

Gravity #1 - Black Hole is a code experiment from Greg Tatum that explores attraction, much like gravity. Choose the level you want to start with (low, medium, high, or intense), and then watch. Tatum has numerous other interactive experiments to check out, too.

What if there were chatspeak symbols?

An amusing exercise is a discussion about what symbols might eventually be developed for various chatspeak abbreviations like LOL or WTF. It's based on the historical transformations of thinks like "et" becoming "&", and "at" becoming "@" over time.

Self-discovery backed by hard science

Good.co is a new iOS app for discovering how you'll fit in within the corporate culture of an organization.You can discover your strengths, help out friends (and unlock more quizzes in the process), and improve your professional relationships. The only downside is the level of Facebook permissions the app requires.

The myth of the launch

Launching is a Myth, from Launchsolid, is a great post on the myth of the big launch guaranteeing the success of a product or service. The properly orchestrated launch is just the first in a sequence of essential steps to make your company successful.

The state of the logo in 2014

Logolounge's 2014 Logo Trends report is a look at the current state of logo design around the world. Some trends include nature elements like mountains, acorns, and bees, as well as more high-tech things like digital controllers, and abstract forms like faceting.

Beautiful new apps from Squarespace

Squarespace has released a new suite of Apps for iOS to make interacting with your Squarespace sites easier. The apps are beautifully designed, with flat, minimalist interfaces. There are apps for updating your Blog, Metrics, and Portfolio, as well as a more general Notes app that works with a variety of services.

Photos from the past

Grandpa's Photos is a collection of unidentified photos from the creator's grandfather that they're trying to identify. Grandpa recently entered a nursing home, and he can't remember all of the beautiful locations in his vintage photographs. They're looking for the help of the internet to figure it out.