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See how Visitors are really using your Website

Hotjar Insights is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Now you can improve your site UX and conversion rates by using Heatmaps, Session Playback, Proactive Chat, Polls, Funnel Analysis, Polls and Surveys... all in one central interface. Get free Early Access Now - AD

A funny take on designer dating

Designer Relationships collects and curates funny quotes from Twitter about designers and their relationships. The quotes vary from the witty to the absurd, and some even border on TMI. Submit your own via their Twitter hashtag for consideration.

A gif for every sysadmin reaction

Devops Reactions is a collection of animated gifs to portray the everyday feelings sysadmins have about their regular interactions. There are gifs for everything from scheduled maintenance (a silo collapsing) to releasing new user features (Simba being hurled off the rock) to security holes (which of course features cats).

THE Retro Design Bundle (200+ elements)

This megatastic graphic design bundle includes 11 bundles with more than 200 unique design elements. That's a ton of logos, signs, badges, ornaments, frames and more to keep you busy for a while. All the elements feature a real retro and vintage feel to them. This gigantic bundle normally sells for $104, but for a limited time only, you can get all 11 bundles for only $22. See what’s inside

Some third-grade cloud humor

This Chrome extension replaces the word "cloud" with "butt" in everything you read online. It makes reading even the most boring articles about cloud computing downright hilarious. As long as your sense of humor is inline with that of a third grader (but whose isn't?).

A manifesto to improve the lives of creative pros

First Things First 2014 is a manifesto for designers and creatives, the current professional climate, and how to fix the problems that currently plague the creative world. It talks about the focus on venture capital and profit over usefulness, the work-life imbalance that exists, and treats consumers' personal info as monetization opportunities.

How to not fail

Fail, by Aaron Draplin, discusses ten great points for how to avoid failure. They're practical and mostly easy to implement, if you aren't already doing so. Points include things like making sure your taxes are dealt with and exceeding client expectations, among other great tips.

UX design from a hip hop perspective

5 Things Hip Hop Teaches Us About UX Design is a somewhat humorous and somewhat useful look at how various hip hop lyrics can be applied to user experience design. Looking at potential design dilemmas in new and interesting ways can lead to creative breakthroughs, as this article demonstrates.

Scheduling for productivity

Productivity Quest: Ultra-Schedule, from Jessica Hische, is a look at how making some radical changes to your schedule could give you a huge boost in productivity. Things like working on fun projects during the day or avoiding Monday deadlines are included, along with plenty of other useful ideas.

A visual look at designer salaries

This visualization of the Design Salaries Survey (conducted by Cameron Moll) is a really interesting look at how much designers are making, including how much individual design-related occupations are making, how much designers in various countries are making, and drill-downs to even more granular information.