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Flipboard-inspired website layout

This experimental page layout was inspired by Flipboard. Navigation works much the same way as a Flipboard magazine, with pages that can be turned by swiping or dragging. You can then click on an individual article within the layout to get a full viewport view.

The Freelancer Starter Kit

Writing contracts, putting together portfolios, weeding through financial documents. It’s just so much more fun designing the site itself. If only there was a quick and easy way to get a jump start on the Freelance Life. Thankfully, there is! Get the Freelancer Starter Kit

Did you miss the 99% Conference?

If you missed the 99% Conference, check out the Sketchnotes for the conference, put together by ImageThink. The Conference itself brought together a few of the world's most creative visionaries to share their insights and these notes bring the Conference to life more than plain text notes ever could.

Email-like sorting for Dropbox

If you've got a lot of files in your Dropbox account, you might find that you want to automatically sort your files, much like you do with your email. Sortbox does just that. Simply set up your rules and Sortbox will automatically check your folders every 15 minutes and move any applicable files to the correct location.

Smashing book "Redesign the Web"

Smashing Magazine have just released their third Smashing book: Redesign the Web. The focus this time is on how to redesign websites with the latest technologies and how to be better prepared for the future. It's packed with great information and articles by great authors (highly recommended). Get it here

Can you make Google Beat Box?

Some Google hacks are simply cooler than others. If you want to make Google Translate “beat box” like a champ, simply paste this nonsensical string of letters into it and push play.

Want $2,000/month from your iPhone app?

Have you ever had an idea for an iPhone or iPad app but didn’t know how to make it? Jordan Garn was in the same position and he used Treehouse to learn. He watched the iOS 5 video tutorials and within two months built two apps called iReminder and Shopping List and is now making over $2,000 per month which pays his mortgage. Ready to try Treehouse today?

A web without words

Wordless Web is a bookmarklet that lets you view any web page without text. Just drag the bookmarklet to your browser's bookmarks toolbar, go to any website, and click the button to see what the page looks like with all the text removed. You'll get a clearer idea of the structure and layout of the site. Neat!

Animated GIFs to rule them all

If you've spent much time on Tumblr, you've likely seen the work of Mr. Div, aka Matthew DiVito, a motion graphics designer and aspiring game developer. His animated GIFs are so well designed and artistic that they bring credibility back to the artform. His GIFs are generally based around geometric shapes, with effects that range from subtle to sublime. Some nice eye candy!

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