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Get inside the stats of any website

Stat My Web offers quick access to Alexa traffic rank, website speed tests, domain availability, server status, and more for any website and yes, it's free! You can also easily access a link extractor, a reciprocal link checker, and domain whois. You can either use the tools individually, or enter your domain name and get a report that compiles information from a variety of sources.

Schedule your emails in Gmail

Gmail is great, but there are some key features it's missing. Among these are the ability to schedule emails and set yourself future email reminders. RightInbox adds both of those features to Gmail! It's an easy to use browser extension that integrates seamlessly with Gmail to let you send messages at any time and date, either to yourself or others.

HTML5 is the future!

If you know you want to learn HTML5 but you're not sure where to start, check out Robin Nixon, who has authored over a dozen highly rated web development books. Robin is now teaching a beginning HTML5 class for designers. This course covers everything you need to know about using HTML5 to create highly dynamic websites. Exclusive limited offer: Webdesigner Depot readers can get this $99 course today for only $49 and save 50% Get it here! - AD

Food on your dog?

Sometimes you just need a break from work. And what better way to spend that break than by checking out awesome photos from Food On My Dog? That's right, it's an entire photo blog consisting only of pics of random foods placed on the head of one very patient, well-behaved pooch. The blog has even been featured on CNN, Buzzfeed, and Jezebel.

Custom scroll paths

You can do some awesome things with jQuery, including creating custom scroll paths. Why create a site that only scrolls up and down or left and right? Instead, create one that can scroll in a completely custom way, including curves, diagonals, and even rotations! It's a great way to add interst to a single-page site.

Use "Resizer" to test responsive designs

Resizer is a browser bookmarklet that lets you quickly change the dimensions of a web page to test your responsive designs. Just drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and then click when you're ready to test and pick the size you want. Resizer will show you exactly what your site will look like in that size viewport.

ALL your WordPress sites in ONE dashboard

WP Remote lets you monitor and perform essential maintenance on all of your WordPress sites from a single dashboard. You can track your sites (even organize them into groups) and get daily backups automatically (store to Amazon S3). You can even run updates to the core WP installation, plugins, and themes from WP Remote. The best part is that it's free to use!

You CAN code faster

Yes, that's right! By creating pre-written snippets of code with TextExpander, you can speed up your web development and save a ton of time and money. Just assign abbreviations to frequently-used snippets of text and you're good to go. We use it on WDD for our own projects and also to write emails and other documents. TextExpander for Mac is now available via MightyDeals for 51% off for a limited time only!

Tweets with @font-face

CSS3 Font Bird is a really cool demonstration of CSS3 @font-face properties. The creation of a Twitter bird entirely from type, using no images and a variety of fonts is a great example of just what CSS3 can do. Each word within the image links to a tweet about the site, too, which makes it even cooler. It was created with Google Web Fonts, HAML, SASS, CodeKit, CSS3Generator, and other resources.

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