Northwestern University’s MS in Information Design and Strategy

Earn your MS in Information Design and Strategy online from Northwestern University and learn how to blend digital skills like information architecture and experience design with branding and messaging, translate data into compelling visual forms and narratives, and understand how research and analytics can drive communication strategies and tactics. - AD

Take a trip back in UX time

UX Timeline is a timeline of UX designs from major brands. Click on brand (like MailChimp, Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, and many others), and get a timeline showing their website designs over the life cycle of the company. It's a fascinating look at how UX has evolved over the past couple of decades.

Need some color inspiration?

These Website Color Schemes showcase the palettes of 50 visually impactful websites that are sure to inspire you. With more than 90% of our assessment of a product based on color, what palette you choose is vital to the success of any project. The palettes here are amazingly beautiful, and can be used as a jumping-off point for creating your own.

A fun Star Wars concept

What if Jedi and Sith alike could go to university? Star Wars: Force University is a fun Star Wars concept design that includes branding, web, and campus designs for a fictional university set in the SW universe. It even includes T-shirt designs and of course there are separate campuses for Sith and Jedi.

Automated acceptance testing for mobile apps

Calabash lets you write and execute automated tests for both Android and iOS native apps from the UI level down. It includes test code to interact programmatically with native and hybrid apps, with simulated end-user actions for gestures, assertions, and screenshots.

How much bias do you have on Twitter?

Ever wonder just how biased you are on Twitter? If you didn't know who was saying what, would you still like and retweet the same things? Blind Twitter will help you answer those questions by keeping tweet authors and Like/Retweet counts hidden until you engage with a tweet by liking, retweeting, or replying.

Test your color knowledge

Chromantics is a short quiz that tests your knowledge of the psychology of color. Questions are more practical than many similar quizzes, with questions about things like what color to make a new alertness drug, what color to wear on a date, and what color to make toys for toddlers.

Are you a fan of Making a Murderer?

If you're a fan of Making a Murderer, then these 7 hilarious things wrong with Ken Kratz's Website are sure to entertain. Everything from the photo of himself on the site (should lawyers really use a selfie in a t-shirt for their "professional" image?) to the random font selection and alignment to the random and repetitive buttons are critiqued.

Calling all science fans

These free Science Line Icons include 30 vector line icons with a scientific theme. They come in AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, and PNG formats. The icons include a DNA double-helix, an atom, a satellite, a magnet, a couple of syringes, a rocket, a globe, molecular diagrams, and many more.

Need a new bio?

The Designer Bio Generator will generate your next Twitter or website bio for you. The bios created are hilarious, including things like "hiphop head, hand letterer and independent Art Director", "hustler, audiophile, vintage furniture lover and javascripter", or "Performing at the intersection of art and function to create not just a logo, but a feeling".

Run Windows 95 in your browser!

If you're looking for a little trip down memory lane, check out this version of Windows 95 that will run in your browser. When it was first released, you needed a dedicated PC costing over $1,000, but now all you need is a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or others) and a hosted Windows 95 emulator.

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