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A blank HTML5 WordPress theme

HTML5 Blank is a free, well-documented WordPress shell theme that you can use as the basis for your next WP theme. It includes basic semantic HTML5 markup, is responsive-ready, and has clean, neatly organized code complete with PHP annotations. It also includes the HTML5 Boilerplate reset, an empty framework for @font-face, and much more.

Anime Studio + Manga Studio + Poser + StuffIt

Ever wanted to create your own animation, 3D graphics, or even comic books? Now you can! This Mighty Deal features 4 popular titles for Mac and Windows for one low price. This exclusive graphics starter bundle includes Poser Debut, Anime Studio Debut 8, Manga Studio Debut 4, and StuffIt. Check it out

Pictonic: Free font icons

Pictonic is a set of free icons for a huge number of popular social networks, websites, apps, browsers, databases, and more. Included is everything from Blogger and YouTube to OS X, Linux, and Blender. There are a total of 230 free icons, with more premium icons available.

The history of LEGO

The LEGO Story is a fantastic animated short that shows the entire history of the LEGO company, from its early origins in 1930s Denmark right up to the opening of LEGOLAND. It's an inspiring story that showcases how a tiny family-owned toy company created one of the most popular children's toys in the world.

Google's Mobile Playbook

The Mobile Playbook, from Google, offers great insight into using mobile platforms, aimed at non-designer/non-developer audiences. It's a great tool for sharing with those who maybe aren't sure how mobile should fit into their strategy. Available as a PDF, or in a smartphone-optimized version.

Create rich web apps and content in HTML5

DaVinci is an HTML5 development tool that makes it easy for you to create web applications and rich content using HTML5. It has a powerful development environment for creating web apps, as well as the DaVinci Animator for creating rich media content based on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Subtle animations add elegance

The website of Colin Grist is a fantastic example of how subtle animations can have a huge impact on the elegance and style of a site. Hover over the header image and you'll see the background move with your mouse. Hover over the navigation elements and you'll see the icons animate. It's proof that you don't have to add a ton of effects to make a big impact.

Eliminate browser refreshes

SoFresh is a bookmarklet that automatically refreshes your CSS every time your files are saved, eliminating the need to refresh your browser. It speeds up and simplifies development, while giving your a live view of your CSS code changes. It's based on the excellent CSSrefresh.

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