Defining Design Generalists

We’re frequently told, that to be a successful designer, you need to be a specialist. Molly Nix offers a different perspective, by sharing the skillset of a design generalist. With some excellent examples of how generalists succeed, it’s a must-read for anyone choosing a career in design.

Sketch for Teams

Sketch was one of the first challengers to Adobe’s crown, and has a hugely loyal fanbase, but in recent years has been losing ground to collaborative tools like Figma. Taking the bull by the horns, is Sketch for Teams, a collaborative version of the design app. You can join the beta now.


Are you tired of wasting whole minutes of your life reading articles, that insist on bombarding you with unwanted verbosity? Then you need HackerYogi’s TL;DR browser extensions that summarize an entire page or article in a single click. It’s surprisingly effective.

3 Essential Design Trends, August 2019

Every month we publish a roundup of the web design and UI trends that are proving popular, and we expect to see blow up over the coming weeks. In August’s edition we have exaggerated white space, brutalist-inspired sharp lines and edges, and center-aligned headings.


Codeimg is an excellent tool for creating aesthetically pleasing images of your code, for posting on social networks and portfolios. It’s great for anyone who likes to share code, but who prioritises formatting over the ability to copy and paste.

The 2019 Design System Survey

Design systems are the designer’s equivalent of a developer’s framework. More than a blank slate, but less than a template, they’re all the rage. Sparkbox’s design system survey for 2019 gives you all the details you need on how design systems are built, maintained, and used.


We get never get enough of new UI design tools, so it’s exciting to see another contender enter the fray. Drama describes itself as the ultimate all in one UI design tool, allowing you to design, prototype, and animate in a single app. You can request free beta access now.

How to Fend Off Bad Client Ideas

“Make the logo bigger” isn’t the only unhelpful feedback clients give us. Being able to handle an unwise suggestion by a client differentiates experienced designers from novices. Get a head start with Benek Lisefski’s excellent guide to handling the bad ideas clients will throw at you.

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