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The World is Our Interface

Danielle Reid presents a fascinating, and detailed look at the history of UI design, from the earliest tools used by our ancestors, to the near-future technologies of voice UI and ambient UI. Packed full of interesting facts and ideas, it’s a must-read for anyone working in user interface design.

Workflow Builder for Slack

Slack has introduced Workflow Builder, a great new feature that helps automate tasks on the messaging platform. Using Workflow Builder you can automatically route messages to the right person, onboard team members quickly, and standardize processes so they’re handled consistently.

How to Choose a Font

Choosing a font for a project can be a difficult task for anyone who hasn’t had formal training. Matej Latin offers some invaluable advice on this tricky subject, as he walks us through his mental process when selecting a font for a recent side project, from initial thoughts to final refinements.

Accessible Color Systems

In an experience common to many design teams, when designers at Stripe set out to assess the accessibility of their color system, they discovered that there was no simple way to design an accessible color palette. In this interesting post they explain their process for tackling the problem.

Introducing 15 Best New Portfolios, October 2019

Every month we publish a roundup of the most interesting new portfolios that have been launched by designers, agencies, and other creative professionals, in the previous four weeks. In October’s edition we find a growth in the use of video, some high-minimalism, and great UI design.

Leaf PHP

Leaf PHP is a simple framework for PHP that retains the language’s flexibility, but introduces an optimized structure. With straightforward methods and a shallow learning curve, it’s an excellent way to rapidly build powerful and high-performance applications and APIs in PHP.

We’re Not Designing for Screens

We spend our lives looking at screens, we arrange content on them, we alter layouts to respond to them, and we optimize our designs and assets to suit them. So it’s worth remembering that nothing we do on a screen matters, except for its impact in the real world, as Tanner Christensen explains.

How to Work Better and Faster Using Music

Do you listen to music while you work, perhaps some late-night jazz for a coding session, or alt rock for a design phase? Then Jeffrey Bates has a bizarre productivity tip for you: listen to one song on repeat, over and over. He explains how this helps his workflow in this interesting post.

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