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January 9, 2013 · 0 awesome subscribers

A 10-column grid for iOS design

This iPhone 5 Grid from Eddie Lobanovskiy is a great starter for creating a mobile app UI or mobile website. It's a 10-column grid he created for his own personal use, and can be downloaded as a PSD or JPG file. The grid columns are 49 pixels wide, with 17 pixel gutters, and it includes vertical gridlines, too. 

Cloud-enabled email for your desktop

Inky is a cloud-enabled desktop app for managing your email. It includes a unified inbox, sorting by relevance (so your email is sorted based on what's most important to you), and smart views (so you can focus on email just from personal contacts, social sites, etc., all separately).

12 Video Animation Collections

This bundle includes pre-keyed video footage. Just browse through the category collection including Particle Trails, Light Reveals and Transitions, Earth and Space, Hearts, Motion Backgrounds, Textured Backgrounds, and more. 100% Royalty free. Videos are rendered at 1280x720px. See the demo

Never forget another GMail conversation

Notifus notifies you about unanswered GMail conversations so you can stop worrying about unanswered emails. All you have to do is set a small "alarm clock" for any conversation you don't want to forget about. When the alarm goes off, the email is automatically moved back into your inbox, so you can keep your inbox at zero without having to deal with every single email immediately.

An inspiring NYC time lapse

New York - The Big City is an amazing time lapse video that shows off various parts of the Big Apple in time lapse form. There's everything from Times Square at night to the Brooklyn Bridge to Bryant Park, as well as various other locations around the city. It was shot over six days in NYC by Pedro Simao, with music by Peterloo Massacre.

2012 social media highlights

Now that 2013 is officially upon us, you might be want a recap of what 2012 included. This infographic, the Biggest Social Media Moments of 2012, shows off the highlights from around the social web during the past year, including everything from the introduction of the Facebook Timeline to the percentage of social media users who connect from the bathroom.

A new social weather app, complete with pics

Take Weather is a new app for iOS and Android that combines social networking, photos, and weather forecasts. Users can upload their own weather images, and then share your photos along with the local weather on Facebook or Twitter. There are also a limited number of included images that come with the app.


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