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March 13, 2013 · 767,752 awesome subscribers

iOS-style context-shift transition

Kontext is a layered transition inspired by iOS. Scroll through the pages and each page new page is folded in over the current page, with a very nice animated effect. And it's MIT licensed, so you can use it for personal or commercial projects.

The Ultimate Guide to User Experience

Boost sales & conversion rates, increase usage and improve customer satisfaction by following this hands-on guide to UX. This practical, online user experience course covers everything you need to know about UX. The best part: for a limited time, this awesome course is 60% off for our readers. You can enroll here. (Discount is valid until the end of this week.)

Simplified UIs for some of your favorite sites

User interfaces for a lot of our favorite websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be a bit on the cluttered side. Simple user styles offers up simplified user interfaces for a number of sites: Facebook, Twitter, Daring Fireball, Dribbble, Instagram, and Techcrunch, all downloadable (via GitHub or Chrome extension).

A closer look at UIs that aim to deceive

Dark Patterns are user interfaces that are designed specifically to trick users such as tricking users into signing up for extra services they may not want, or purchasing additional products. By learning what these bad, dark patterns are, you can avoid them in your own designs (even when pressured by a client).

Browse over 620 jQuery plugins in one place

Unheap has collected more than 620 jQuery plugins in a single place. You can sort them by what they're for (interface, inputs, media, navigation, or other), or browse by tag. It's a really well-designed site, which makes browsing for the right plugin a pleasure rather than a chore.

Responsive Bootstrap Web Templates

Here are 10 slick Twitter Bootstrap templates, that are easy to customize, loaded with cool features and extras, (and also SEO friendly). Thanks to tons of helpful Bootstrap CSS classes found in the Bootstrap library, even total coding newbies can take advantage. See the previews here

How to type special characters

Quotes & Accents (& Dashes) is a reference guide for how to type things like smart quotes, accented characters, and a variety of dashes. It's written conversationally, which is a really nice change from the usual chart formats these types of guides take.

The Harlem Shake, minimalist style

Like it or not, the Harlem Shake is everywhere online right now. Most versions are barely different than the original Harlem Shake, just with different costumes. The Minimalist Harlem Shake video, though, takes it to a whole new, much less cringe-worthy level. You'll have to watch it to appreciate it, but designers everywhere should rejoice over this significantly improved version.


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