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May 8, 2013 · 0 awesome subscribers

Grab colors from any website

Web Colour Data lets you easily grab the colors used from any URL, even weighting the different colors to show how prevalent they are. It gives not just the hex codes for each color, but also gives you charts to show hue distribution and even where the hues appear on the color wheel, and sites with similar color schemes.

WordPress Shortcodes Plugin for Designers

Easy to install, this lightweight, cross-browser plugin is jam packed with over 5,000 shortcodes that are simple to integrate into your site. The shortcodes are even mixed in seamlessly with your WordPress WYSIWYG, so you can spice up your content with just the click of a button. This new version is 100% responsive and it also includes several new features such as: filterable portfolios as well as 3D Animated jQuery buttons and accordions. See what's included

Create and share presentations for free makes it simple to create mobile-friendly and touch-optimized slideshows right in your browser. There are a few premium features, but most of what offers is free, including a variety of themes and transitions, sharing and embedding, and customizable HTML.

Free PS actions for slicing retina graphics

Retinize It is a collection of Photoshop actions for preparing your Retina-display website designs. Just choose your layer or group, run the Retinize It action, name your files, and get your sliced images. It's a great improvement in your workflow speed over prepping files individually.

Learn Chinese characters visually

Ever wanted to learn Chinese? Chineasy can greatly simplify that task. While the characters included right now are pretty basic, they're a good start to learning a complex written language. And the illustrated story style makes them much easier to remember than many other learning methods.

Add interest to your images with jQuery

PicStrips is a jQuery plugin that lets you cut up your images into strips for a much more interesting visual. You can specify how many strips you want, the horizontal gutter between each, the vertical gutter over the top and bottom, and the background color of the vertical overlays.

The best programming fonts

What are the Best Programming Fonts? is a discussion on Slant that covers what fonts designers and developers prefer for code, including Source Code Pro, Consolas, Menlo, Droid Sans Mono, Terminus, and more. Vote for your favorite, check out screenshots of each font in action, and see comments from Reddit users and others.

A very illegal, detailed picture of the Internet

An anonymous researcher has created The Most Detailed Picture of the Internet Ever using some very simple (but still very illegal) hacking techniques. The map was built with a 420,000 node botnet that he was able to ping and then chart the data paths to get such a detailed map. It's a really amazing image, and one that's constantly changing as the Internet itself evolves.


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