July 25, 2013 · 0 awesome subscribers NEWSLETTER ISSUE #78

An animated tribute to Photoshop CS5 filters

Photoshop CS5 Filters Animation is a video tribute to Photoshop filters from CS5. It uses the Photoshop logo, applying each filter in the same way. This explores the aesthetic values of the software, while letting the viewer judge those values. There's also a Tumblr page for the project, where all the effects apepar as animated gifs, in addition to this video.

10 Fresh Responsive Wordpress Themes

This bundle of 10 WordPress themes from Flashmint is built with a responsive Bootstrap Layout. The categories included are: business, charity, design, spas, restaurants, photography, travel and more. Includes a 3D responsive slider and a ton of shortcodes. See the themes

A minimalist icon webfont

The MFG Labs Icon Set was created for an internal project, but has since been released as a simple-to-use webfont. The workflow for the project was inspired by the Font Awesome project and the Octicons font. And all the icons are vectors, so they can be scaled to render correctly on higher-resolution displays. 

A step up from your standard dev checklists

The Producer's Mixtape takes the standard pre-production and production checklists to a whole new level. They're beautiful printable cards that fit in their own cassette-tape case. Bonus points: the custom cassette case comes as a 3D-printable file, with an embossed front and a spot for your logo. And it's all available for free under a Creative Commons 3.0 License.

CSS Zen Garden relaunched

CSS Zen Garden has been around for years, but it was recently completely relaunched in HTML5, to showcase new enhancements in CSS3. The project is open to contributions from designers, and even CSS novices (the example files are well-commented, making them an easy-to-use starting point). 

Auto-generated style guides

Stylify Me will auto-generate a CSS style guide for any site, including the fonts, colors, sizing, and spacing. Use it to quickly review the styles of various sites efficiently, without having to manually inspect the source code. It also makes it simple to create a style guide for your own designs. 

An ipsum language showcase

Meet the Ipsums is a showcase of various Ipsum languages, including Cat Ipsum, Veggie Ipsum, Baby Ipsum, Picksum Ipsum, Corporate Ipsum, and many more, with links to where you can get each. You can even submit your own favorite Ipsum if it's not already included.

Typography for the birds

Feather Type is a PSD file that consists of colorful uppercase letterforms built from feathers. Using layer styles and overlays, you can easily change the colors and other properties of each letter, giving it your own style. It's a fun type set to play around with, even though the practical applications are rather limited.