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Worried about your online privacy? 

Who Has Your Back? 2013 is a great chart that gives you the stats on what major social media and other websites and internet services do to protect your privacy from the government. It includes stats about whether they require warrants, if they tell users about data requests, if they fight for users' privacy rights, and more.

Get the entire Smashing Library now

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Show off your designs in real time

Pixelsign offers a number of HTML5 device mockups so you can show off your creations to your audience in real time. Just put code, video, or whatever in the framework, choose a size, and choose a device (there are even custom settings for things like different colors), and you're all set!

A paper-letter history of typography

The History of Typography is a paper-letter animation with 291 paper letters and 2,454 photographs, detailing the history of typography. It took Ben Barrett-Forrest of Forrest Media 140 hours to create. The whole thing is really fun and educational, in addition to being beautifully designed.

Social media stats you should know

26 Social Stats from 2013 You Should Know gives you the lowdown on 26 stats you should not only know about social media, but should look to incorporate into your next presentation. It's a really interesting look at the state of the social media world, with info about things like revenue on mobile and tablet devices, user demographics, and more.

Free educational resources

If you're looking for some educational video resources, then Kicktastic might have just the thing. They have video courses on things like branding, how to best use video, growing your team, and profiles of individual companies you can learn a lot from. All of their videos are free; they just encourage their users to turn around and share their own knowledge with others.

Copyright-free vintage stock photos

New Old Stock offers up some fantastic "stock" vintage photos, taken from the public archives. They're all free of copyright restrictions, so you can use them however you like in your designs. While they obviously work well for vintage-inspired designs, you might be surprised at how versatile some of the images are for other kinds of work.

Are your icons making your users work harder?

According to tons of documentation, Hollow Icons actually make your users work harder to understand your designs. Because hollow icons, otherwise known as thin line icons, require your user to scan and process around twice as much information as solid icons.