September 19, 2013 · 0 awesome subscribers NEWSLETTER ISSUE #86

Native prototypes right out of Photoshop

Stand In is an app currently in private beta that makes it possible to create prototypes that feel like native apps, right from Photoshop. Put your designs right in the hands of your clients so that they can see how your app will actually work, rather than having to listen to you explain it.

Massive Discounts on Stock Photos

Good stock images are expensive and that's why we have a special deal for you: download up to 100 images of any size for just $99 (normally $900 for the XXL size) from Depositphotos (less than $1 per image), any time over 1 year with no daily limit. Need more? Get 200 images for just $160 (regular price up to $1800 for XXL). See this deal

The Big Giveaway. 

Our friends at have a very nice giveaway going on at the moment. Ten winners will get any template they want from their massive inventory. Includes WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Prestashop templates among others. Winners also get 1 year access to and For more info see this blog post.

Push notifications come to the desktop

Want to keep your visitors more engaged? Safari Push Notifications let you use the Apple Push Notifications Service to send notifications to your websites users right on their desktop, even if Safari isn't running! Users can click on the branded notifications to go directly to your website.

Responsive media embedding

Embed Responsively makes it simple to embed a variety of different media types responsively on your website. It works with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Google Maps, Instagram, Vine, and more. Just select the source, paste in your URL, and get the embed code.

Custom radio buttons with only CSS

This article and demo of Custom Radio Button Styles will show you a number of great radio buttons you can create using only CSS. It's a nice way to add some custom elements to your site, without adding a bunch of images or other bulk.

Flat shadows with jQuery

jQuery Flat Shadows lets you add some depth to your flat UI by implementing shadows. It's a cool effect, very elegantly done, and it's becoming more commonly seen on otherwise flat designs. It's totally customizable, and you can grab the source on Github.

The paradox of the "typical" creative

10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People, from Fast Company, discusses 10 paradoxical traits held by many creatives. Things like the fact that creatives tend to be both smart and naive, that they tend to be both introverted and extroverted, and that they're both humble and proud simultaneously.