October 3, 2013 · 0 awesome subscribers NEWSLETTER ISSUE #88

Did you miss Webstock 2013?

If you missed Webstock 2013 this year, then head on over to Webstock Talks to watch videos of the awesome presenters. There are tons of great talks from leaders in the web design and development industry, including Chris Coyier, John Gruber, Miranda Mulligan, and plenty of others.

90% Off Unlimited Downloads - 50,000 Graphics

If you create an account at GraphicStock.com before the end of this month, you will pay just $99 for an entire year of unlimited downloads of over 50,000 graphics, icons, vectors, backgrounds, images, and more. Normally $828 per year, you'll pay just $99 (less than $9 per month) if you signup before the end of the month. Simply enter the code SPECIAL99 during registration. (AD)

Get Photoshop guides in your browser

Want to add Photoshop-like rulers and guides to a webpage? RulersGuides.js makes it easy to do. It's available as a bookmarklet, making it easy to add rulers or guides to any page, which can be incredibly useful if you're checking out the grid or other geometry of someone else's website and don't feel like pouring through the source code to figure it out.

Better style/swatch workflow in Photoshop

This article from Viget, Clean Up Your Photoshop Swatches and Styles, stresses not only why you should take the time to clean up your color swatches and styles, but also tells you how to do so. It's a quick little task that can make Photoshop way more useful and simplify your design process and workflow.

Web design tools from Google

Google Web Designer lets you create interactive, engaging HTML5 websites (and motion graphics!) that will run on any device. It lets you focus on the design, and handles the HTML5 and CSS3 in the background, though of course you can edit your code by hand if you want.

A classic opening crawl with modern web tech

This recreation of the Star Wars opening crawl from 1977 by Tim Pietrusky was built using CSS for the animations and transformations, HTML audio, SVG, and JavaScript for syncing everything together. It's a really neat bit of code, and one that could be adapted for other applications.

TECHi relaunched

If you're tired of browsing through hundreds of RSS feeds to get all your tech news, you can stop that now. A few weeks ago, our sister site Techi.com was relaunched and it now features all the top tech stories from around the web, including exclusive articles. We send out a daily newsletter with the top stories of the day, so why not subscribe and get your daily tech fix? Check it out

Sick of hate comments on your blog?

If you have a blog, chances are you've gotten a hate comment or two on some of your posts. They're never fun. The Glitterific Comment Translator makes them sting a whole lot less. Glitterific will automatically "translate" your hate comments into fan comments! Be finished with boring, mysoginistic comments from trolls with nothing better to do once and for all!

Warning about ThemePure

Last week we featured a bundle of themes from ThemePure. Although we have not found issues with this particular bundle, it has come to our attention that ThemePure seems to have been engaged in the stealing of other designers’ themes and then selling them packaged as their own themes. Read more