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Better typing for programmers is a typing practice app created specifically for programmers. It helps you master typing all the awkward characters you'll regularly encounter while coding, but not very often otherwise. Sign in with Google or try the demo. It'll make you a faster and more accurate programmer.

The HTML5 Photo template bundle

This collection of HTML5 templates will give your photos the proper stage they deserve. You'll get 18 incredible ways to show off your photos such as image galleries, carousels, lightboxes, sliders, albums and so much more. Many of these are built with a responsive design as well, so they'll perform and look fantastic on any mobile device! Check this mega deal

Rock-solid background images for email

Bulletproof Background Images, from CampaignMonitor, is a free generator for creating background images for your HTML emails with VML and CSS. It's simple to use, with options for a fallback color and whether to apply the image to the full email body or just a table cell, and gives clear instructions for implementation.

The danger of overcomplication

We listened to the people, not the problem is a great post from Joelle Steiniger that discusses the dangers that come with giving users too many choices and overcomplicating things. She discusses it in the context of two products and the various mini-launches of alpha versions and what they've learned.

Known vs. known for

In Work Life, Trent Walton discusses how to maintain balance between your work life and your personal life, even when you don't necessarily share much about that personal life online, and the difference between being known online and being known for something online.

A new blogging platform prototype

Tiny Blog Prototype is an interesting blogging platform concept from Kevin Rose that would offer up a window into the world of the blog's author via image and even video. The idea being that your readers would get a better idea of who you are and what you might have been doing while writing a particular post, giving more insight into the content.

Fifty game-changing people

The Verge Fifty is a list of fifty people who changed the lives of those at The Verge during 2013. There are plenty of leaders from the tech and internet industries. There are dreamers, informers, noisemakers, and entertainers all included on the list, as well as up and comers.

Valuable redesign advice from 37signals

Knowing how to evaluate your redesigns is an important step in making sure that they're successful, and yet many designers have no idea what to actually take into account when doing this evaluation. Evaluating a redesign, written by Jason Fried of 37signals, discusses what you need to consider when you're evaluating a website redesign.