40 Stunning fantasy wallpapers

By Walter Apai | Inspiration | Dec 5, 2008

Here at WDD we get inspired by beautiful imagery… We look at our computer screens for long hours a day and what better way to get inspired by having some stunning images to look at?

In this post, we invite you to take a journey with us and be transported to amazing fantasy worlds. Get inspired with these amazing wallpapers that take you to the limits of your imagination. Here’s a collection of 40 outstanding fantasy wallpapers for you to enjoy…

Which ones were your favorites? Please share in the comments!

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  • Peter

    fantastic, thank you

  • ChrisG

    Nice to see traditional Sci-Fi is still alive and well. Thanks for the post!

  • Lance

    these are absolutely amazing.

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  • Yamil

    Sorry but these are not stunning at all, only a few of them.

    I’m an illustrator too & any designer can easily say there are low quality effect usage in most of them.

    You should check the ones at Smashing Magazine. They always collect the good ones.

  • aniva mainali

    wow!!! simply wonderful…

  • smartblogtips

    @yamil: no offense, smashing magazine are the best but then to the author here have put some effort, so appreciate or shut-up

    nice work


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  • social networking software

    AWESOME…i want to use on our do we do this?

  • Addy

    Wow..amazing n fantastic wallpaper.
    i will share in my blog :)

  • insic


  • Fasting To Lose Weight

    These wallpapers are way cool. Each one is more beautiful than the next.

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  • Scott

    Very nice. Make you wish you could visit these places. I like the ones with the planets on the horizon.

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  • larryfroot

    Stunning….some of the best work I have seen. I am a little unclear at the moment as to their copyright status (which I will respect) but if they are open source or creative commons then uploading them to gnome-look (one of the big players on the Linux desktop) would find you a large and very appreciative audience. And your work deserves it.

  • jorge flores

    no escribo al ingles, pero no por eso . dejare de felicitar a la o las personas que crearon estas imagenes ,son exelentes. ¡ muchas gracias !.

  • dev

    wow very nice

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  • Fondos de Pantalla

    very nice wallpapers, excelent, thanks for sharing, excelent blog!!!!!!!!

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    Realy nice…

  • Graphic Design Blog

    HI….this is a nice collection taking us to afantasy world :)

  • Martin

    cool site but restricted choice …

  • Vicious

    Digital art in its BEST!

  • Hayden Stafford

    holy crap those put me in a dream world they make me want to be there . like im not in reality is how i felt

  • Joe Hana

    I really like them all, but have a question: is it possible to use them on a blog, or/and modify them a bit. Who is the License Owner?

    Thanks in advance

  • Honey Singh

    Digital art is the innovative creation of the mind.

  • Jaspal Singh

    wow collection of wallpapers

  • Free Wallpaper

    Great Collect of Fantasy Wallpapers -

  • Blaberize

    Wow! Stunning wallpapers indeed. My favorite (and got my attention) is wallpaper #7 and #22. Thumbs up!

  • god wallpaper

    cool pics…….great scenery in nights……….i love moon in dim light……….

  • http://google Jacque Williams

    Total and utter kudos people!!! I’ve been looking for some awesome backgrounds and these are the best I’ve seen, love the creative flow.