40 Amazing 3D Fractals Using Apophysis

Today we’re featuring 40 fractal images created using Apophysis. It’s a free Windows program for designing and rendering fractal flames. You can download the software for free at SourceForge

Recently, Apophysis has been getting more and more popular among the community of DeviantArt. Apophysis, and competing fractal product UltraFractal, are the most popular fractal software used by fractal artists on deviantART.

Here are some of the most stunning examples that we’ve found online. Click on the images to see full previews. Enjoy and get inspired….

Designed by Parrotdolphin

Designed by Babymilk

Designed by Ulliroyal

Designed by Babymilk

Designed by Babymilk

Designed by Babymilk

Designed by Babymilk

Designed by Babymilk

Designed by Babymilk

Designed by Babymilk

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by AmyL

Designed by Jellaboom

Designed by Gibson125

Designed by Gibson125

Designed by Gibson125

Designed by Psion005

Designed by Psion005

Designed by CharcoaledSoul

Designed by Artico621

Designed by Xero-Sama

Designed by Imaginum

Designed by MothersHeart

Designed by Clarissa Filler

Designed by Kattvinge

Designed by Babymilk

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by RedHotCold

Designed by LMarkoya

Designed by MyNameIsShailo

Designed by Babymilk

Disclaimer: All images and their copyrights belong to their respective authors.

Have you created fractals like these before? Have you seen other good examples? Please comment and showcase your work below…

  • http://www.illusory-studios.com/ Kristin

    Gorgeous! I’m wishing Apophysis works for Mac platforms, this looks like a fun way to get some creativity out and on to a digital canvas.

    • Bobby Ataol

      Another great example of how Macs ain’t all that. Get a PC, they’re better anyway.

      • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

        Macs are great – but some developers ignore it and don’t develop for it – it has nothing to do with Macs – they’re great computers!

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter
  • http://www.illusory-studios.com/ Kristin

    Thanks for that, Walter, but I’m unfortunately still on the Tiger OS! I should really think about upgrading …

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    If that’s the case, wait a couple more months as Apple is about to upgrade its OS again very soon.

  • http://www.honourchick.com honour chick

    great wallpapars… love abstract art :)

  • http://www.brushthis.com Liora

    What captivating arrangements of color and form! Some effects are a bit overdone, but some are really refreshing.

  • John Stoseel

    Wow, most impressive indeed! Well done!


  • Kristin

    Kristin – There’s a tiger version at the end of the release notes in walter’s link….


  • cerrah

    Really love these pics, thanks for sharing. I’ve made similar fractals using XaoS on my Macbook.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Feel free to post some of your examples with a link to them if you want to share them :)

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  • http://www.dotworks.pl macias

    whoa..nice collection

  • http://ryancacophony.deviantart.com/gallery/#Fractals ryancacophony

    Check the link for my website, back in highschool, my International Baccalaureate Art portfolio was about mathematical art, and mostly fractals created by apophysis.


    I’m no expert, but I spent a lot of hours in apo/apo3d…. :P

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  • http://hamdentool.com/image-blog/ Hamd

    Wow, nice!

  • http://www.picli.com Photo Sharing

    This is really impressive stuff! I’m going to investigate Apophysis and learn how to use fractals

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  • http://mynameishalo.deviantart.com mynameishalo

    I am flattered that you chose to showcase some of my work. Thanks. :)

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Your work is awesome! :)

    • daboquet

      you deserve it!

    • http://www.merryphoto.com Merry Thaden

      Your work is the reason I’ve learning to use this program. I’m spent hundreds of hours on Ultra Fractal, I love what you’re doing in Apophysis! WOW. Do you have any tutorials?

      • http://mynameishalo.deviantart.com mynameishalo

        I have only one tutorial myself – it’s posted on my deviantart.com gallery, but there are dozens, if not hundreds of apophysis (2D and 3D) tutorials available on deviantart.

    • Susan Stanko

      You work is absolutely extraordinary…so beautiful…and the colors!!! REALLY enjoyed viewing your creations. Is this a new thing for you? Whatever it is, you definitely were meant to play at this!

      If it is a new venue for you, I would be very interested to know how you got started, and what you found to be most helpful in your creations.

      Blessings and peace,

      • http://mynameishalo.deviantart.com mynameishalo

        I guess you could say I’m fairly new to this. My interest in fractal art kind of piqued when I saw some fractals made with Apophysis while going over the galleries at DeviantArt.com and it just fascinated me so I decided to take a stab at it.
        My first fractals were far from artistic imo since they were just simple random creations using Apo’s in-built randomizer – I just picked out a few that were interesting and rendered them. (One of the remarks I made on one of those renders was something like “Anybody can do these” as I was not quite convinced that it was “real” art. Pretty, yes, but calling it art was a bit of a stretch.
        As time went on, I came to realize that it WAS possible to control my creations by checking out a few tutorials/galleries of some Apophysis masters and I slowly started to understand the inner workings. If you check out my deviant art gallery page, you can see the progression of my learning from my first submitted fractal to present.
        I’m glad you enjoyed my work. :)

  • Dave

    Wow, wow, wow.

    I feel looked I just looked into the future 100 years to see what will be like.

    I can’t actually pick a favourite.

    Cheers Dave

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  • http://www.pinzarrone.com Paul Pinzarrone

    Very nice body of work. Many are technically superb and you guys presented a nice variety.

    These [ http://www.pinzarrone.com ] are built up in many layers with much tweaking in photoshop. Home page & Pieces Under Construction are works in progress…

  • http://elfs.livejournal.com Elf Sternberg

    Wow, those are gorgeous. I immediately went and installed Apophysis 2.0 and was very pleased to see it runs perfectly on Linux. Very cool.

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  • http://ekios.free.fr Ekios

    WOUAOUW !! Impressive !! Thx a lot !!

    PS : i’m following your blog from a few moment now, and I just want to congratule you. Your work is really good and help me a lot !!
    PS²: i’m not a native english speaking, sorrrrryyy ;)

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Thanks for the nice feedback!

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  • http://www.myspace.com/sitari gbowles

    This is really neat, but it load very very slow.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Yes, it was slow due to a problem with the server – it’s now fixed. Thanks.

  • http://blog.codesignstudios.com Dennison Uy

    Stunning images! If you thought fractal was dead, you are wrong!

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    i tried this

    but mcafee enterprise said its a virus 0,o
    detected as: New Malware.bm
    type: Trojan

  • http://www.cooking-chef.com/baking/ Baking Chef

    man i wish they had kaleidoscopes like this when i grew up

  • http://mapness.net Kosa

    Most of those images are used in screensaver electric sheep http://electricsheep.org/
    I’ve used it for years and sometimes get caught stareing on the animations for no reason :)

  • http://www.fractalsciencekit.com Ross Hilbert

    Outstanding work! Someday I must give Apophysis I try.
    Check out some fractals I created with the Fractal Science Kit at:


  • http://www.mybae.net BAE

    It’s great :-).

  • http://hebejebelus.deviantart.com hebejebelus

    Hey, I’m honoured that my little project has been referenced here. :)

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/01/40-amazing-3d-fractals-using-apophysis/ Gabe

    :D :) :| :( :| :) :D I love these!

  • sreekar

    wonderful …. i would like to learn about fractals for sure….:)

  • robin

    cool man

  • steemsprite

    (anything else would be superfluous)

  • Sissi


  • Hermitbiker

    Cool fractals, I love fractal images !!

  • http://blog.naver.com/misoong2 misoong2

    amazing! I’m loving it!!

  • http://www.psyched.be/wordpress/ La Cinyc

    Hmmm I like fractals… even when sober :p
    seriously, thanks for this find, didn’t know it was so great using apohysis

  • http://www.bankaidesign.nl/ Tom Klaassen

    It appears to be BabyMik instead of BabyMilk if we can believe her deviantart name :)

  • http://helenekippert.com Helene

    Some wonderful examples here! I create fractal composites, where I combine a number of layers of fractals into a single image. If you’re interested you can click on my name to see some of my work.

  • Stephen


    I’m a graduate student in architecture @ Miami University and am looking at 3D fractal geometry as a generative methodology for building structure + form for my thesis project. Does Apophysis actually build 3D fractal geometry, or is it simply a rendering program, enhancing 2D images?

  • http://bambang.wijonarko08.student.ipb.ac.id wij

    Woow,, that’s awesome 3D abstract design !!
    it looks so wonderful composition and effect…

  • http://nofel.saputra08.student.ipb.ac.id nofel

    its wonderful effect, like it, thx ^^

  • Ajay Kumar

    GOD Created Apophysis…
    Then he created the Universe.

  • http://www.dodge-wiki.com/ Andrew

    @ajay yeah this program is sweet it really does seem like it would be a tool used by god or a god

  • Tom L

    Where can I find some good tutorials for Apophysis and Ultral Fractal 4.03 ?

  • http://www.hayvancilik1.com hayvancılık

    Where can I find some good tutorials for Apophysis