22 Website Designs Inspired by Apple.com

It’s well known that Apple is one of the most creative and innovative companies in the world, so it’s no wonder that many software companies and web designers would choose to follow Apple’s style of branding.

The Apple website is one of the best websites out there due to its ease of use, functionality and the beautiful environment that it creates.

I looked at websites that use one or more design elements inspired by Apple.com. Some of these sites sell Mac software and apps, so it makes sense for them to keep the same Apple look and feel. Consider this though: How many software companies that develop for Windows, choose to brand their websites to look like Vista? I have included a few screenshots of the Apple website, just in case you haven’t never seen it before.




1. Icon Designer


2. iSlayer


3. Versions


4. Checkout


5. Small Transport


6. MacRabbit


7. 280 Slides


8. Disco


9. Warehouse


10. Cha-Ching


11. RapidWeaver


12. DeskLickr


13. Tangerine!


14. 1Password


15. Jumsoft


16. Roxio Toast


17. CandyBar


18. Cultured Code


19. Anxiety


20. Tao Effect


21. TaskMate


22. The Invoice Machine

Chad Mueller owns and runs the design inspiration blog; Inspiredology. He is also a freelance designer who enjoys working on websites, blogs, logos and anything to get his creative juices flowing.

Do you know of any other good examples? Please share with us…

  • http://www.smashandpeas.com/ Lee Milthorpe

    You can clearly see why Apple’s design is used as inspiration so much. It’s just so crisp, clean and usable!

    As far as websites go, it’s definitely one of the best I’ve seen at selling it’s products and the sites you have showcased here, while they do look “nice” will never be as impressive as the original Apple design!

  • http://www.thisinspires.me Brandon Cox

    I only wish that my HP PC was inspired by Apple! Cool list, makes me envious.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      It’s never too late :)

  • michael evans

    I’m not seeing the connection for the first three layouts…?

    • MCV

      try taking off your sunglasses

      • Spunk


  • http://www.twitter.com/chadengle Chad Engle

    I think you could call that “sexy web-designs inspired by apple” those are all amazing and engaging. Rich web design for the win! :)

  • http://benjacob.in Ben Jacob

    Pixelmator [http://pixelmator.com]
    GOG.com [http://gog.com]
    Has direct relations with apple.com most of the sites you listed has only minute relation like, may be a button, an icon or something similar

    • http://dpencilpusher.wordpress.com dpencilpusher

      sorry to digress, but your avatar; I’ve seen this style come up very often online these days, who started it? where can I get it? where can I see more?

  • http://www.inspiredology.com Chad

    There is no direct connection with the first 3 examples. The examples are there to show the current Apple site. The connection is from anything Apple, software applications, some of the sites use the iTunes carousel. Very subtle gradients, great use of white space. Heavy use of beautiful icons.

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    #1: has huge Apple like icon on homepage
    #2: iSlayer has search box and menu like Apple.com at the bottom of site (scroll down)
    #3: Icons and text layout (scroll down)

  • http://www.loriskumo.com Kumo

    I have to confess that I actualy follow very often Apple design (web or OS interface) on websites and even sometimes print. Its clear, user-friendly and simply beautiful !

  • James

    I hesitate to use “inspired by” on this one, but http://www.gibson.com is an example of a fairly blatant rip off.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Interesting one – but the footer section is bigger than the entire site?! :)

    • ray

      Haha, That is awesome! i wonder how much Gibson paid for that site.

  • http://dvint1.tumblr.com Scott

    Funny how all these inspired sites are mostly for apps that run on apple products :)

  • http://www.jamesdeangelis.com James De Angelis

    I’d had to agree with what others have said, the first 3 are a pretty weak comparison…

    I find Checkout slightly dubious with how close it is, but on the same token it’s an original layout and very well designed so you can’t take that away from them!

  • http://codingtricks.blogspot.com khurram

    Well all of them look good ones. Bus yes inspired by apple site.

  • Trisnadi

    to me, RapidWeaver site looks closer to Vista scheme than Apple’s (particularly the top nav)

  • http://www.jonbergan.com/ Jon Bergan

    Although some of the examples aren’t the best, I still think its a good roundup and a fabulous source for inspiration if you’re interested in designing a site with similar design elements. Some of these have already made it into my personal inspiration library!

    Thanks :)

  • http://benpedroza@ueuo.com Ben Pedroza

    All great sites. Apples typography style is a good example to follow on any web site

  • http://www.chris-wallace.com Chris Wallace

    Yeah, I thought it was funny how many are actually products related to Apple. I guess that makes it ok to be unoriginal.


  • Jason

    I don’t necessarily agree that all of them are apple inspired beyond the basic idea of clean and crisp layouts… but I can see how most of them are.

    Heres an almost bit for bit copy site:


    • http://masterson.com rixh


  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com/ insic

    quite a list. original is the best

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  • Luis

    Some people get so inspired that they plagiarize what they see in a very bad way.
    I love apple website. I hate designers emulating those effects. Why not start using our brains as the apple graphic designers did?

    • floor

      sure. show us what you got?

  • http://www.stumbledigg.com TJ @ StumbleDigg

    Cool list. Liked it a lot. Keep more and more list like this coming.


  • http://wearesolid.com Andrew Rossborough

    @ Scott

    I was going to say the exact same thing

    @ James

    That is as blatent as I’ve seen in a long time!

    Decent collection of “nice looking” sites, but as many are for apple apps as Scott said, they’re meant to blend in with the corporate image. An inspired site would take inspiration from the design elements but be for something completely unrelated.

  • http://www.steaf.com Steaf

    Would you all have a look on my MacWeblog, which is an Arabic blog about Mac.



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  • http://www.shellsuitzombie.co.uk Jonny

    1. sans-serif font
    2. rounded corners
    3. shines/reflections on literally EVERYTHING

    thats all it is. take a basic css site, add a rounded corner background image and photoshop the buttons and there you have it. I doubt most of these sites took their influence directly from apple, it’s just this ‘web 2.0’ craze. And yeah it looks useable and polished but it’s also incredibly lazy.


    • Shack

      Greetz Jonny,

      Appreciate your assistance in referring me to some resources on the net to design a site similar to Apple, i mean training material, tools, forums etc.,

      how to do rounded corners
      how to apply shines/reflections on every element

      • http://ifxdesigns.com IFX

        Well, everything is apple these days. With the iphone popularity it’s no wonder it’s what’s in with the scene kids. :)

  • http://web.madeofwin.de Ben

    Nice collection, +fav :) Thanks.

  • http://jgn.me/ Jerome

    Hmm, I’m not sure they are inspired by “Apple.com”, they are mostly inspired by the interface guidelines from Apple, but mostly these websites all have their unique and extremely nice looking style.

    When developing an application for Mac OS X, you need to follow certain conventions for icons and other UI related stuff so it integrates better with the system. Now it’s hard to create a website for a product with a completely different style than what’s generally accepted in regards to “Apple style.” I’m not saying they all look the same, they are incredibly imaginative in how they create their design within those boundaries!

  • http://www.logodesignguru.com logo design guru

    As usual, always a nice group of websites. thanks for posting.

  • burgin99

    “And yeah it looks useable and polished but it’s also incredibly lazy.”

    Yeah! Let’s all make our sites incredible hard for users to interact with so it’ll be *edgy and original*!

  • http://thewebgoods.com Ben G

    Apple rocks! Thanks for the cool post.

  • http://ifohdesigns.com matt

    great post. i guess there could be worse trends to follow, i mean Apple does seem to get it right when it comes to their OS, UI, UX, etc,.

    Some sites don’t go for the entire Apple.com theme, but instead use some similar elements, like input, and button styling.

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  • http://budurl.com/vvbp Rahul

    Nice list of websites inspired by apple.com

    i guess we could also be inspired by these as well ;)

  • http://www.onedesignworld.com/ Ronnie

    Apple has always lead the way. I see the infuence in the designs, but they still have som origininility to them also. I use some of these applications and I love em. The apps are as good as their designs.

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  • Andreyco

    Apple’s design is awesome and many people/companies copy its style.

    Here is one blog inspired by apple design.

  • http://www.redsan.com Redsan

    Nice collection!!

  • http://igameflash.com iGameFlash

    Apple very Good IDEA! Thanks for the cool post.

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  • http://www.studio7designs.com Aran

    Nice! Some really great designs here, taking and extending the apple concept to some great ideas :)

  • http://www.przyroda.org.pl Sklep Wędkarski

    Yup, some of them are even better than apple.

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  • http://tech.cipper.com Cipper Tech

    nice list, how could you have time to make it :)


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  • sammy

    this design looks a bit like apple style : http://www.sub-deluxe.de

    Anyway its a nice shop. You collection is nice too.

    best from germany

  • http://www.inspiredology.com Chad

    Thanks for all the great feedback, Apple is a huge brand that is respected around the world, it only made sense to try to pay a tribute to that brand, by showcasing many of the websites that love and believe in that brand.

  • krebaltzer’s journal

    I had lots of fun looking over your designs. Thanks for entertaining my grey matter.

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  • http://www.icaspian.net Casper

    Curio website is one.

  • http://www.appcherry.com/ Dario Gutierrez

    I like the apple design, is an universal style I think so. Thanks for sharing this list of website. Best regards!

  • http://www.sharonzahra.com Sharon Zahra

    I love the Apple design, it focuses on whitespace and usability. A site which uses the same concepts of whitespace etc like Apple and which I like is http://www.mediatemple.net/

  • http://www.myanmardigitalartists.ning.com zaw hlaing oo

    I like it…. please sending this tutorial ..brother .
    i wanna make like this (sorry for my English )

  • http://www.velvetant.net/blog Antonea Nabors

    Big font, big buttons, big graphics! I love it. Great finds :)

  • http://www.onedaywithoutgoogle.org ODWGOOG

    All are selling Mac’s software, so branding is justified ;)

  • http://www.dailyblogged.com Richard Ward

    While I see a lot of similarities in the Mac and iPhone/iPod software developer websites, for a reason, there are a lot of sites that made this list which have absolutely no resemblence aside from also being fluid, clean and professional — such as:

    Roxio Toast
    (And others….)

    Unfortunately the fact that most of the graphics and screen shots on these sites are Apple/Mac related doesn’t help the fact that Apple.com inspired them. Just like Windows developers taking after the “Vista look” — you won’t see many Apple developers mimicking Microsoft.

    I think a lot of these layouts were added to this list just to generate comments and debate. Boo.

  • asma

    Its nice to see people inspired and able to apply it to their product… Its not so easy as it seems .. :)

    • Shack

      Why not start a group project to create a fresh mockup with totally new effects and dazzling design.

  • http://www.ilovejardin.com James Dalton

    I am not truly an apple fan as too people swear they are god-like, however their designs are truly top notch. I love the apple site because it sells their products so well. Just looking at the site makes me want to get a touch….not. It’s still very good, kudos to the designers

  • Kelly

    Might want to check out http://www.gibson.com. I think they actually left Apple references in the source code.

  • vincent

    Does anyone know who designed/developed apple.com?

    By the way, not only it is greatly designed, the front end is also well thought out and executed.

  • http://www.michalmoodie.com.au Michael Moodie

    Great Article ! I have so far converted my entire family into mac lovers – and these are just some of the reasons why.

    Thanks for the article.. will be sure to go check out anything I have not yet seen already.

  • http://www.terkoz.com terkoz

    I am not truly an apple fan as too people swear they are god-like, however their designs are truly top notch. I love the apple site because it sells their products so well. Just looking at the site makes me want to get a touch….not. It’s still very good, kudos to the designers

  • http://www.LogoBang.com Web designer

    For my money I like #8 280 Slides, I think its very clean and eye catching.

  • Jonathan

    Stating that Apple’s website inspired all of those websites would only make sense if you spoke with the designer(s) and they stated as much. Some of the sites on this list are just well-designed, and are not reminiscint of Apple.com in the least. Apple is not beginning and end of good, simple design — they simply have / have had great designers work for them.

  • http://www.suite171.com Suite 171

    Well-designed sites, looking forward to see more… maybe a new trend?

  • http://www.finalvisual.net FinalVisual

    Nice collections!

  • http://www.coveractionpro.com Mark

    There’s a big difference between a company copy and design trends. These are mostly design trends. Most of us have seen the Apple site more then most sites on the web. So we are more conditioned to Apple’s site. Since most people are used to Apple, this creates an advantage for marketing. Creating a similar look and feel creates a since of safely and similarity in the visitors eye. Customers will be more likely to buy from you because you look mainstream, trusted and a feeling of “I’ve been here before”. Specially if it’s a product for Apple. Then make it look like Apple. What are Apple users used to seeing? Quality, friendliness, shinny objects, screenshots…whatever. You’ll need to meet that criteria. The work has already been done for you.

  • http://www.facefinance.com/how-to-choose-forex-signal-providers forex signal providers

    I love the Apple style website.Do you have wordpress theme?

  • http://www.sorinistudor.ro Sorin Istudor

    Sweet colection

  • http://bitsia.com Pece

    Nice collection. It’s not a sin to be inspired by the Apple site :)

    Thanks for the post!

  • http://www.moinid.com Most Interesting Ideas

    Not each form these designs are inspired from Apple’s

  • Thijs van Exel

    it strikes me that at least 3 out of 22 are designs made by an agency called Sofa (www.madebysofa.com) and are, like you mentioned in the intro, product websites for Apple savvy products. Apart from some design details, I really don’t see many similarities between those and Apple.com.

    • Thijs van Exel

      oh, and I do not work with them ;-)
      the Sofa websites above are: Disco, Checkout and Versions.

  • Tommy

    I found one more:

  • MacFan

    nprinting.com is truly a mac website rip off!

  • http://www.aydesign.net web tasarım

    I am not truly an apple fan as too people swear they are god-like,

  • http://paralacefalea.blogspot.com eρHedro

    What about Ubuntu‘s website?

  • http://mrare.ca Leigh
  • Emir

    Add http://www.bhtelecom.ba/ – complete apple.com ripoff!

  • http://www.customecover.com eCover Actions

    These are great designs :)

  • http://www.atlantacenterforcosmeticdentistry.com Danno

    Love these styles and I think they will stand the test of time. Iconic.

  • sc

    half of these are not really inspired by apple.com at all, some are blatent rip offs, pointless article

  • http://www.webbydesignguru.com Webby Design Guru

    This article is really great. Well-designed collection of websites.

  • http://www.twitter.com/snarphblat SnarphBlat

    Great list, even though some don’t really match, I can see why you added them. So, It works! I have aslways loved the ‘Versions’ website even prior to this post. It’s beautiful. Thanks!

  • http://www.advocatekhoj.com Vijay

    Nice Collection. Truly Apple is a trendsetter!

  • http://www.logodesigngear.com Logo Design Gear

    Very interesting collection :)

  • http://www.applehistory.zzl.org/ Logan

    This website has an almost exact design with the same font.


    • http://rgre1.com Rgre1

      Thats not your website… Thats mine!

  • http://www.jamiereddish.com Jamie

    I love these clean designs! I wonder though… how long the “less is more” trend is going to last?

  • http://www.gmstop.com/ Jocuri online

    This article is very great man, i love the Apple style.

  • http://deseneonline.org/ Desene online

    Thank you very much Great post…thanks for share this

  • http://www.webfire.co.uk Webfire

    Right, this is getting bookmarked… shiny apple designs, excellent eye candy!!

  • http://chrisjamero.carbonmade.com Chris J.

    Speaking of the Apple website, I happened to drop by and download the Quicktime player on Apples website, how come IE is on their preview? *Sigh*

  • http://nutsh.com Adrien

    macheist.com is also a excellent “apple-like” design example.

  • josh

    Art for gains sake is inherently derivative. The point of our art is to entice people to buy, commit, convert or become a fan of the idea, product of content. We communicate in the most efficient, effective way we can. Creating a design that takes advantage of the trust consumers have in existing brands or otherwise isn’t plagiarism as some more idealistic designers seem to think, rather it is smart and highly effective.

    That doesn’t mean we should copy others, but we’re not each an entity unto ourselves. We’re building on the work of our predecessors.

    After all, no one here invented the circle or any of the other shapes we use every day. Evolve art, and be merry :)

    (and lets face it… who among us hasn’t had a client ask for ‘apple style’)

  • http://blog.daix.com JMD Chef de projet Web

    My own top 5 Website Designs Inspired by Apple :

    Some are new !

  • http://www.rzmota.com rzmota

    Check also http://www.macbooki.org – apple care center – service and repair

  • http://Load-a-code.com martin

    what about LOAD-A-CODE.COM ? It has something from the Apple design

  • http://www.textmessageshop.com Ramzz

    i love apple style . i was looking for something unique and i found this . its real help me thanks

  • Jeslin

    What all these designs have in common is their affinity towards touch based interaction. The rest is all inspiration or whatever you call it

  • Kingsberg

    can anyone get me apple itunes-like template for my website ???

  • http://www.revoinsight.com Revo Insight

    Its not just websites take a look around you. Just about every electronic product is in someway inspired by Apple.