50 Beautiful Snowboard Designs

In this post, we feature 50 outstanding and beautiful snowboard designs. The vertical space creates unique design challenges and interesting compositions, in a multitude of design styles.

Snowboard design is a growing and popular trend among graphic designers. In fact, there’s a number of competitions around the world centered exclusively around snowboard design, such as the Salomon and Artec competitions.

Some of the images provided here are from mock up designs and are not available as actual snowboards, however the majority of these images link to the online stores where you can purchase the actual snowboards.

Judging from the designs, these are as fun to make as snowboarding itself, so let’s get inspired and let the fun begin!

Have you designed snowboard art? If you did, go ahead and post your work here, and if you didn’t why not take this as a challenge and start designing yours? We’d love to see your work!

  • http://www.twitter.com/chrisonhismac Chris

    Woo Hoo – I have one of those boards….does that make me cool?

    Have a look at New Found designs for option snowboards

    Great designer!

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Very cool, thanks for sharing. Which one do you have? Have a picture of your snowboard in action?

  • http://www.qianduan.net vocal

    waoooooooo – they are so cool! I’d add this post to my favorite, tks for your collection!

  • Sebish

    Snow 2.0?

  • http://desizntech.info Desiztech

    Nice article… cool designs

  • http://aspnetview.blogspot.com/ Michele

    Great !!!

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  • Andreyco

    very nice boards. I wish i had such a one. I need to paint mine :)
    this is one I created for me, but unfortunately there were no time for paint that board :(

    • http://www.senturysnowboards.com Alex

      Andreyco I checked out your link, I friggin love it. I work for a small company in Reno, NV: “Sentury Snowboards.” We actually want to use this for our top of the line model, and we’ll need a base for it as well. We pay 300 for a finished board and one of the boards you designed. If you’re interested, hit me up.

  • Subsist

    You should look at smaller and less known companies as well.. they have som pretty neat designs..

  • http://disordereddesign.com Krystian

    Some are real objet d’art. Another examples here http://www.youthedesigner.com/2008/02/25/15-snazzy-snowboard-designs/ (the last one is my favorite).

  • http://www.duzodesign.com Timothy

    I’m on my second snowboard, looking to buy my third. And I’m a huge fan of the designs on all the boards. Very very creative. Personally, I’m liking the bamboo boards.

  • http://www.modestmessages.com Michael

    Two of my favorite subjects! Nice article.

  • http://www.theroxor.com Kevin

    Great post. Maybe you could do a follow-up to this post with skateboard designs?

  • http://www.naldzgraphics.net Naldz Graphics

    Cool snowboard designs.Great list guys:)

  • http://www.rethinkseo.com Sean Hurley

    Sweet designs..should do second part for skateboards/wakeboards

  • http://www.graphicdesigntwist.com Chase Campbell

    I think I like the pixel like burton ones the best. Nice compilation.

  • BT

    The Rome Artifact was one of the best designs of the season.

  • http://www.snowboardfeed.net snowboardfeed

    Cool article, i love snowboard designes

  • 80s sucked

    orly? The 80s sucked. The gear, boards that have come out this year are terabad.

  • http://twitter.com/computeryah Computeryah

    Cooool :D

  • http://www.pliggs.com Pliggs

    Wow, those are fantastic. Extremely talented designers.

  • http://duane-pwns.blogspot.com/ Duane

    I think my favorite board designs (bottom) are solid, bright colors…they make the snow appear to glow underneath them as you ride.

  • http://www.brushthis.com Liora

    Cool! Beautiful! Inspiring for all art forms.

  • http://www.1stwebdesigner.com Dainis Graveris

    very inspiring list and nice post You put here together!

  • http://b-82.deviantart.com/ B-82

    I love snowboard designs, especially burton’s one : here is my attempt to snowboard design : http://b-82.deviantart.com/art/Creative-Juice-Snowboard-112957939

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  • Raphael

    Now I wanna one.

  • http://www.davidhellmann.com David Hellmann

    yeah nice, good idea! ;)

  • arhiderrr

    Nice article

  • http://www.manhuakkk.com flappie

    cool,I’m favorite of challenges.thanks your post…

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  • http://www.logodesignguru.com/A/Logo-design-Articles.asp Logo Design Guru

    I love how snowboarding designs have just progressed into their own art form. These are great and there is so much potential for more design. Great additions here. Thanks.

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  • tuur

    the cool thing about snowboardbrands is their progressive style, and most of the brands are working closely together with upcoming designers and artists to get a fresh serie of boards each year!

    another great example is imperivm snowboards… a belgian brand which is using tattoo artists and street artists to style their decks! (http://www.imperiumsnow.com)

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  • jessie

    bleh. i work in a shop- trust me there are a LOT of better designs out there than these- most of them look so bad in person no one wants ugly over done city scapes on their feet when they’re snowboarding- lamar?? come on.

  • mikel

    Just as art is subjective (blah, blah…art for art’s sake spiel), not everyone will agree that these board designs are worthy of being showcased here, and will poo-poo on someone’s parade. Personally, I do have a few favorite board designs that I wouldn’t mind picking up in a store. Cityscapes were the rage for a while, since every other tween on the slopes had some urban-themed board underfoot.

    I’m just thankful to have kept my collection of Morrow and Burton boards I’ve purchased over the past two decades (yikes), and could care less what others think of my design selection. I like them all…

  • http://www.halarewich.com Danny

    Most are pretty nice. But there is not much selection of companies showcased.
    Check out Lib-Tech or Gnu. My personaly favorite and they have cool artwork.

  • http://trsone.tumblr.com trsone

    some really nice designs there!

  • http://www.linklater.ca Tim

    Thanks for posting these – snowboards don’t get as much attention as other designed works..I have designed line of boards for a really great company for the past 2 years..
    here are some of the designs –


    Go to Illustrations – page 2 …sorry no direct link – its a flash site..


  • DJ2DJ2

    You have some nice board designs in here but im surprised I didnt see any ARBORS. Im an avid snowboarder and currently own an Arbor. Their boards have some clean graphics on them and ride like a charm. Known for their natural wood top sheets and zen-like quality graphics, they are hard to dismiss. (anything last year and older in my opinion. Im not really feeling 2010 styles)


  • http://www.bickov.com Alexander Bickov

    Thanks a lot for ideas. May be I can buy some of these :)

  • http://twitter.com/kaikisuka Jenna Barton

    Loving most of these. Admittedly, I’m fan of the cleaner, more minimalistic styles, so boards like 102, 142…not really my thing. 413, 215…those are probably my favorites. Very nice list, there are some gorgeous boards here.


  • http://www.kaplang.com/blog Michelle

    hummm different but nice :)

  • http://www.club-penguin.org/ Club Penguin Cheats

    this is one I created for me, but unfortunately there were no time for paint that board.

  • ur mom


  • http://www.ronarts.com Ron Arts Web Design

    Wow! some really cool snowboard designs. Great post!!!!

  • Thomas

    Some of these are very good to look at as well.


  • http://blogezaenal.blogdetik.com zaenal

    very nice collection, i wish i had one

  • Ed

    I’m proud I have one of the boards shown above (Burton Clash ’08 model). =)
    But mine it’s green and yellow instead of blue and yellow cuz’ the size of the board.

  • http://www.christianvermeulen.net/blog/ Christian Vermeulen

    I’m honoured that my Burton Bullet is part of this list :-D (http://twitpic.com/1j6vzj)
    Ofcourse the Vapor has it’s well deserved spot as well!

  • Jason

    Check out the shape of this Chemical Storm rocker: http://bit.ly/ddPDSd

  • http://www.squiders.com Web Designer Maidstone

    some great designs, always feel less of a designer buy not being a snowboarder, I prefer the beach!

  • http://www.newviewit.com Website Design

    Great sources for inspiration… some great sources of ideas to use in headers.


  • http://www.senturysnowboards.com Alex

    We are always looking for artists to design snowboards. If anyone feels like they have what it take, please submit concepts!

  • Tom Heasman

    Really nice collection!

    My board didn’t get in which sucks – i have the Burton Custom X 2008 in yellow.


  • http://www.arturoatari.net Artur

    Woooow! Amazing great designs! Thank you for this post.

  • Cindi

    These are awesome! Day dreaming of some fresh powder now…

  • http://erikkerr.com erik


    here are some that i designed a few years ago when i was in college. Designing snowboards is so much fun to do. I did skis, skateboards, sufboards, and skimboards too.