40 Excellent Logos Created with Helvetica

It’s over fifty years old, it’s the most widely used font ever, and it has recently become the subject of its own movie.

We’re talking about the world’s most recognizable font: Helvetica. Its relevance in design through the years and even today seems unbeatable.

The appeal for a distinctive, professional and timeless typeface has never dwindled and it keeps gaining more followers day by day. Love it or hate it, with its multitude of styles and versions, Helvetica is here to stay.

From airlines, to car companies to the largest software company, Helvetica’s use in logos throughout the world remains as strong as ever. In this article we’ll take a look at 40 excellent logos created using Helvetica.

















































































Have you seen other famous logos using Helvetica? Do you use this font in your designs?

  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com insic

    I like the simplicity of this font added by the creativity = awesome logo result. Nice list.

    • http://a1rec@aol.com bryan

      me too

    • Ángel

      Design made by robots.
      Where is creativity?
      No other font exists?
      Welcome to plane mind creators land!!!

      • paquito

        what? man those logos are the best in the world.

      • Anibal

        I think that they are very simple and it makes people easy to remind and identify them…
        well you´re right… some of them are lack of design, but… mention one brand that you don´t know

      • sam

        it wasnt made by machines it was designed by hand by a team of men in a town called Muncheinstein Switzerland

  • http://designwashere.com designwashere

    Great Post! It really has been widely used and by most prominent companies.

  • http://twitter.com/ItsHenrik Henrik

    Nice list, however, a couple of the logos aren’t set in Helvetica. BBC is infact set in Gill Sans and it looks like Microsoft is set in the bastardised version of Helvetica, Arial.

    • Fernando

      But BBC is not in the list. And Evian also doesnt seems like helvetica att all

      • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

        Evian is listed in the Helvetica book, and BBC was removed as it wasn’t Helvetica.

    • Lucas

      The Microsoft logo is indeed Helvetica. You may confirm this by comparing the “c” and the “t”.

  • http://www.mccombs.me Adam McCombs

    While I think this is a a good start of a list, several of these logos are not using Helvetica.

    BBC, AeroMexico, Microsoft, Orange

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Corrections made where appropriate. Thanks! (Microsoft is Helvetica though)

    • Sarah

      are you sure? I think Orange *is* Helvetica. Have you asked them directly?

      • Mark

        I’ve done work for two of these and yes Orange is Helvetica. We the BBC eat sleep breathe Gill Sans!

  • http://mau.cristalab.com/ M@U

    Amazing! Helvetica FTW !1!!

  • http://weblog.luclodder.net Luc Lodder

    The microsoft logo IS helvetica, it sounds weird but it is. the end f is more curved in arial and the C ends are straight in helvetica.

    The BBC aint helvetica indeed.

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    I messed up with a few, like AeroMexico and BBC, sorry everyone. I’ve replaced them and added DIGITAL, BLAUPUNKT and MATTEL to the list.

    I’ve been double checking the facts about Microsoft and it seems that this one is indeed Helvetica. Luc Lodder seems to corroborate this (thanks!).

    Although Microsoft commissioned Arial, they still used Helvetica in their logo.

    Thanks for the feedback so far! :)

    • http://www.hawkinscreative.com Ghawk

      Microsoft logo is in Helvetica because Arial sucks :)

    • Marcus

      This might be a little late, but I just stumbled over this post and I’m not sure if digital is actually Helvetica. I also found this post stating the same: http://vt100.net/dec/logo

  • http://we-design.it tobi

    Great post! Thanks!!!

  • http://www.tndmedia.nl TND media webdesign

    That’s great to see. In some cases you wouldn’t guess Helvetica is the font.

    Another nice question would be: what font is the most used font in logo’s? Is that Helvetica?

  • http://www.ediyang.com eddie

    nice LOGO,and I love helvetica

  • http://www.katenickerson.wordpress.com Kate Nickerson

    This is a beautiful, awesome post! Great job! I loved it.

  • http://twitter.com/ItsHenrik Henrik

    My bad! Thanks @Luc Lodder for the correction and enlightenment, though I still highly disagree with what Microsoft did with Arial.

  • http://www.ree-she.com Rishi Luchun

    Are you sure these are all using Helvetica?!?!

  • http://www.kaaliss.com kaaliss

    EVIAN is Helvetica? maybe the “V” “I” and “N” but surely not the “E” and “A”
    weird mix of font on this logo

    • http://www.michaeladesigns.com Michael

      I see what you are referring to. I believe this is indeed helvetica, however it differs in some letterforms likely because the designer edited the path a bit to make the logo flow or fit better.

  • http://weblog.luclodder.net Luc Lodder

    I prefer proof! Watch the difference in c and t.
    Sorry for the joke, couldn’t help it ;)


  • http://www.byzone.org Fyre Vortex

    Nice selection of logos. Simple, memorable, and good looking. ;)

  • http://www.diligentdesign.net/ Corey Freeman

    Fantastic list. I think panasonic is my favorite one next to post-it.

  • John Oliver

    I love the site and the articles on it, but seriously guys: how can you class ‘American Apparel’ and ‘BASF’ as ‘excellent’ logos? C’mon guys.. they are type on a line and absolutely nothing more.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      That’s what Helvetica is all about, simple and precise. Either all caps, lower and upper case combined, loose or tight kerning, etc… You see, the way you use it makes a big difference. Love it hate it as I said, some will see beauty in it, some will see nothing… and the debate goes on… ;)

      • John Oliver

        I totally agree.. but while American Apparel may use a type face that is simple and precise.. that all is uses.. there’s no design process here, and no branding per-se. Sorry, but it just cant be classed as an ‘Excellent Logo’. Anyone who can hit keys on a key board could create this ‘logo’ in 5 seconds flat. There’s nothing excellent about that…

  • johannes

    afaik the mercure hotels use also the “New Helvetica” in all CI elements and logo stuff.

  • http://gabrielyanagihara.blogspot.com Gabriel Yanagihara

    I’ve always been a fan of the Skype logo, it matches the software’s persona so well. Professional, but fun.

  • lowell

    the fact that Microsoft uses Helvetica in their logo but won’t include it in Windows is somewhat humorous to me.

    things might have changed, though. i haven’t used Windows in almost ten years.

  • http://jyanet.com/fonts Jack Yan

    Quite a few custom jobs here where the starting point may have been Helvetica. However, Toyota is probably Folio—if you go back to 1960s’ brochures, you will find them set in Folio along with the Toyota logotype. But this is an easy mistake to make as these four characters are very similar in both typefaces, and Hustwit himself showed the Toyota logotype in his movie, I think by mistake.

    Motorola, Evian, Dole and Harley–Davidson are not Helvetica. Again, examine period work when the Motorola logo was created and it’s more likely other Swiss geometric sans were the starting-point; while Evian has been in Helvetica, the incarnation you show is not. Dole bears few resemblances to Helvetica other than coming from a geometric basis (if you were to discuss a starting-point, have a look at Lubalin and Carnase’s ITC Avant Garde Gothic). Harley–Davidson also seems like an original creation to me.

    Still, I accept your main point that Helvetica is very influential as a typeface family and it has a modernist ideal to it, which most of your examples reflect. I agree with this core point and admit I am only nit-picking for the sake of accuracy.

  • http://www.thuiven.com Dor Dan

    I’m impressed how many of these popular companies are using Helevetica in their logos. Nice post :)

  • http://spotmeon.blogspot.com Gaurav M

    Amazing one font rules very where

  • http://www.helenguttridge.com Helen

    Great list! I really love type only logos (a lot of which are in this list)

    I would be inclined (but may be wrong) to say National car hire isn’t helvetica (or a pure breed of) If you look at the ‘a’ in National Car hire, and some of the others – Kawasaki for instance, you notice the “tail” is different.

    Keep up the great work though :D

  • http://www.yimgo.com antonio

    Me parece fantastico, a mi personalmente me encanta la Helvetica.

  • Phild

    When I think of the font Helvetica,
    I think of Lufthanser, American Airlines
    & The north face type of application.
    I did not realize that
    Skype used it also.

  • http://www.apfelkuh.de/blog/ Manuel Graf

    Helvetica is a soft block-font. simply awesome :D I never thought evian was a Helvetica though ;)

  • http://www.patternhead.com Patternhead

    Nice post. Gotta luv Helvetica

  • http://taenzer.me Sebastian

    My own logo is Helvetica 85 – just love what you can do with that font combined with an good icon.

  • http://www.jonswerens.com Jon Swerens

    Is the Evian logo really Helvetica? I mean, look at that “e.”

    But a great post nonetheless.

  • http://www.logocritiques.com Erik

    Thanks for the nice post! I’ve always been a fan of the Crate&Barrel logo, I like the simplicity.

  • http://www.ihearttoptens.com Steve Reynolds

    Love this – Stuck it on IHeartTopTens.com : http://www.ihearttoptens.com/view.php?uid=29

  • http://pongsocket.com/ Andy

    Great collection, but the Evian and Dole logos are not Helvetica.

  • http://www.modestmessages.com Michael

    Nice selection. Who says Helvetica isn’t useful?

  • http://twitter.com/reachstudents Luke

    Good to see them all – thanks.

    Nestle is a logo, but its it an excellent one?

    For me, it’s one the most high profile logos that really needs sprucing up.

    That birds nest needs some renovation work.

  • affe

    are you sure the evian-logo is using helvetica?

  • t

    Evian – No.
    digital – No.
    Skype – No.
    Harley Davidson – No.

  • http://stopa.la taborda

    Nice post.
    But EVIAN is not helvetica.. just look at that “e”.


  • Zach

    WOW! Great post! Really inspiring! More like this please! :)

  • http://n/a mbh

    You know hate it or love it … Helvetica just has this certain presence about it that just “works”.

    If any of you are interested and/or haven’t seen it… this
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKKIXDypxk is a really good video showing the many faces of Helvetica.

    You almost get this feeling that if Helvetica was a building material you could build any house you wanted out of it!

  • Spence

    There’s still a lot that aren’t helvetica in this list. Look at the tails on the lower case ‘a’. There are some that go straight down and some that curl back (like Helvetica). Maybe call this article “40 excellent logos created with sans serif fonts”?

    Here’s what Helvetica looks like:

    • DJH

      Lite a’s have a tail bolded ones do not – This is a Helvetica standard.

  • http://applejuicechronicles.com simon

    i wouldn´t say that evian, skype and dole use helvetica in their logo. maybe they took it as base, but those aren´t helvetica any more. :)

  • Andreagam

    “evian” is definitely not helvetica. “skype” and “Nestlé” are helvetica-derived, but not helvetica.

  • Billy

    I don’t think evian’s logo is Helvetica based on the shape of the lowercase E. Not to mention the shape of the lowercase A is different.

    Pretty good list overall.

  • http://www.multiadaptor.com Chris

    Evian isn’t Helv either. Don’t think Jeep is, or if it is it’s been edited a fair bit.

    There’s a couple of others like Dole that I’m not sure on either, guess it depends on how how far you can edit a character before it’s no longer Helvetica.

  • http://grapefeed.org/ Fredo

    The Evian logo pictured above is NOT in Helvetica, though Evian was once set in it.


    And I seem to recall Microsoft’s logo being set in Franklin Gothic; most of their products from Windows 95 through Office 2003 (I think) had text typeset in FG or some variant thereof.

  • http://torley.com Torley

    Eclectic compilation! Which Helvetica was the Skype logo made with, rounded?

  • http://grapefeed.org/ Fredo

    On closer inspection, I take back what I said about MS’s logo, but not the products.

  • http://www.graphicspirit.com Graphic Spirit

    Evian and Harley Davidson are not Helvetica
    But great post for a great font.

  • Justin

    Evian and Skype…surely not Helvetica, right?

  • http://blog.molanphydesign.com D Molanphy

    This is a good group of logos that use Helvetica, however, I would hardly qualify many of these as “excellent logos.” The brands are recognizable, yes – but that’s as far as it goes for me.

  • typ0

    Helvetica has been over played for generations

  • http://www.jaldagar.com/blog jonas

    Great post, i think Helvetica is a better typo, but personally i don’t like use for my jobs. Great!

  • http://dezinerfolio.com Navdeep

    Very nice list. Helvetica rocks!


  • http://coudal.com Bryan

    The “C” in Crate and Barrel is not Helvetica, but the rest is. That always bugged me.

    skype isn’t Helvetica. Nestle’s not straight helvetica, but it appears to be based on it.

    I’m not sure if that BMW is helvetica, but I know they’ve used it.

    A couple of those (GM? Olympus? Motorola others?) might be Univers.

    Microsoft actually appears to be Helvetica (not Arial as someone suggested). I think they’ve been using that logo since before they unleased Arial on an unsuspecting world.

    Evian’s definitely not Helvetica, though I think it used to be. I don’t think the Harley shield is either, though they used it on the AMF-era Harleys (and the AMF logo is Helvetica)

    Dole looks like Futura.

    Sorry to nitpick, it’s a great list anyway, you just can’t do something nice without font nerds coming in and gumming it up, can you?

  • http://coudal.com Bryan

    I take it back, the AMF logo is not Helvetica, but here’s an AMF-era Harley with a Helvetica logo:

  • http://twitter.com/ItsHenrik Henrik

    @Torley, yes I believe it is Helvetica Rounded:


    (Though, Arial Rounded Bold comes very close too, aside from the “y”).

  • http://www.mskempster.com Matthew Kempster

    Lovely post.

  • http://paulmackenzieross.com Paul Mackenzie Ross

    Really inspiring to see these all using Helvetica or custom derivations, thank you. (The lower-case a in National… Hmm, that’s not Helvetica is it?)

    The discussion is just as fascinating too. Going to come back later and see how far this gets :)

  • mentalpotpourri

    I like TELUS. Also using Helvetica. http://www.telusmobility.com/

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    Skype is Helvetica Rounded Bold
    Source: FontFeed

    There are some ‘controversial’ ones depicted in this post, and some may have been modified versions of Helvetica, like the Crate&Barrel logo (thanks Bryan) and some may be just wrong. I took a lot of these from the Helvetica film and posters showing Helvetica in logos shown at the Moma Exhibition – truth is that even these sources may be wrong.

  • http://www.fonts.com FontSmithy

    uh yeah, some of these are not helvetica
    just because a font is sans serif does not make it helvetica
    nice colorful post

  • http://www.chris-wallace.com Chris Wallace

    Motorola? Don’t think so.

  • http://mariuszciesla.com Mariusz

    Some of them aren’t Helvetica (Harley-Davidson, for example was designed from scratch, not using a premade font) , anyway – nice post, thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.taotedesign.com Vincent Le Pes

    I’m gonna have to go ahead and agree here…a lot of those logos aren’t Helvetica. Perhaps try running them through WhatTheFont? http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ Just an idea…you don’t deserve flak over getting some wrong, but you might get it anyway, since this is the Internet and all. Keep up the great work tho!

  • steve

    Energizer logo is not Helvetica

  • http://www.sametomorrow.com Adam

    I knew Helvetica was used a lot but I didn’t think it was used in all these logos.

  • http://www.logodesignguru.com/A/Logo-design-Articles.asp Logo Design guru

    These are such famous logos and they really stand out and look great. I think we all have had some sort of experience with these companies. They look nice. thanks for the post.

  • nameless

    caterpillar is univers

  • http://www.bigsnoot.com ellarose

    maybe it should have said:
    “4o logos using really basic sans serif fonts, with serious branding colors,”
    but that would have been too long.
    Point is, its about identity, and simplicity.

    happy friday!


  • Graham

    Amtrak may be a replacement for some non-Helv ones. Version in background here, not the current one. http://www.stevestenzel.com/photos/amtrak.jpg

  • Forgar

    I also think the Jeep logo is not Helvetica. The “p” is way too off.

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    I’ve been posting on whatthefont.com, to get more confirmation for some of the ‘doubtful’ logos. So far, some of these problematic logos have been identified as Helvetica:

    CATERPILLAR – Helvetica Condensed Black
    NESTLE – Helvetica Bold
    TOYOTA – Helvetica Bold
    JEEP- Helvetica Black

    It’s possible that there’s a lot of misinformation out there about this and it will be difficult to figure out who’s right. I will continue to pursue this and make sure that the selection here is as accurate as possible.

    I’m also making attempts to get more official confirmation. I’ll keep updating the post as needed.


    • http://www.chris-wallace.com Chris Wallace

      In the meantime, you may want to just re-title the post “40 Excellent Logos that May As Well Be Helvetica.” :)

      • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

        lol…. to be honest, i think it’s pretty accurate. Some of these have been tweaked and may not fit exactly the comparison when put face to face with Helvetica…. maybe I’ll just add the word ‘maybe’ at the end of the post :)

  • Forgar

    This is Helvetica Black over the Jeep Logo.


    Anyway, nice collection!

  • http://www.fluxblog.net/franzferdinand_luciddreams.mp3 Scott

    not really breaking ground here, fellas…

  • Conexion

    Sorry to see that a lot of these people are not reading the comments. Great collection here, and excellent collection of logos.

    Some of you people commenting are morons, really. Skype for example is clearly Helvetica. Just because the edges are rounded doesn’t make it not. Likewise for many of the other logos.

  • Conexion

    @Forgar- Adjust the kenning and thickness. I just opened up Photoshop to test the Jeep logo. Helvetica is a perfect fit.

  • Font man

    Um, actually most aren’t Helvetica – Nestle is a mix of Helv and Avent Garde, BMW, Target – Similar but every letter is different, Evian – nothing like Helv, Harley is Transport, Dole is completely different, GM is Trade Gothic.

    Don’t get me wrong Helv is a classic, just many of these are wrong.

  • http://www.kadaffy.com kadaffy

    Thanks very much for this article. I’ve enjoy every word!

  • http://www.samacreation.com sama creation

    Great collection and excellent collection of logos.

  • http://themeforest.net/user/kiziel kiziel

    Skype is not using helvetica :[

  • Steve Wirz

    Some of these are suspect in orgin, however, as a whole an impressive set indeed!

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/mohamedalkafas mohamed

    Design and graphics are the blood in my veins, sites of experienced design attractive to the point that I made to this site and explore its roots. I hope to become one of the best websites designers in major companies

  • http://www.csshunt.com surajnaikin

    Loved the post & observations from all, there are things in Graphic design that you need to give a deep thought over it.

  • Poornima

    This is a wonderful compilation, although I definitely doubt( as a few others) if all of these logos are set in Helvetica. Evian definitely is not. I doubt if Harley Davidson is. I would also add keybank’s latest logo to the list. You must helvetica for rendering such unique indentities to all these brands inspite of being such an overused typeface in the web world! Nice post!

  • http://www.fleurchild.com Julia

    Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Helvetica. How can you label the logos above with using this font? I guess I understand what was meant to be said. Those logos use fonts that are variants of Helvetica. I don’t quite see the “practicability” of the font, other than the fact that it is clean-cut and striking. A font is font. Also, I question the “excellent” title given to some of the logos presented above. Interesting article though, it gets you thinking about concept of design in different fields.

  • http://www.whiteinkblog.com Youssef Sarhan

    as far as I can tell, jeep isn’t Helvetica. Anyone concur?

  • http://www.tonton.ca Nebulonni

    Helvetica forever

  • http://laranzjoe.blogspot.com lawrence77

    I love Microsoft logo!
    simply superb! :)

    • Raphael

      Seriously. Microsoft Logo is one of the worst of the most successful companies in the world. They could spend a little more in creativity and design…

      • http://laranzjoe.blogspot.com lawrence77

        Who said like that!
        See they are OS producers!
        See the OS letters in that LOGO! ;)
        Its also a creativity man!

  • http://photorestorationretouching.com professional photo retouching

    really interesting article, but I doubt if all the logos are exclusively helvetica.

  • William Rice

    I don’t think ‘Jeep’ is Helvetica etiher. I played around in Photoshop for quite a while with that one. The ‘e’s seem quite different. They’re wedge shaped, Helvetica’s ‘e’s are more rounded. Would be interested if anyone else could demonstrate otherwise with a photoshop overlay…

    I did however notice that there are several Jeep variants out on the internet… some looking decidedly more ‘Helvetica’ than others. Perhaps this accounts for the differences in opinion?

  • http://www.gedyrivera.com Gedy

    I don’t think all the logos are Helvetica, but for the most part – IMPRESSIVE.

  • David Riquelme Lagos

    Es una de las tipografías mas usadas, y por las mejores empresas,
    habla bien de ellas :)

  • http://www.mogillmedia.com Mike

    Some of those looked suspect to me, but great compilation none-the-less. Thanks!

  • http://laqodesign.blogspot.com/ LAQO

    good post like it, and is cool to see how u can use one tipography style for so many and diferent companies, it´s great the use, and some of the are based in helvetica onli, but part of the design is that, make something unique:D

  • forrest


    I don’t know about excellent, but definitely Helvetica.


  • http://bluemousedesign.com Nicolaas Van den Broek

    probably mentioned above but skype is VAG rounded – and clearly evian is far from helvetica.

    Nice post though, good on u!

  • http://blog.dsignbeyond.com/ Amit Sharma

    The evian logo isn’t Helvetica.

  • meme

    And here I thought all these logo’s were Unique.
    I bet they’re kicking themselves now for having the same font as so many other companies. I know I would be!

  • sphereboy

    I believe Caterpillar is Univers. Not Helvetica.

  • http://www.visualboxsite.com Isopo

    Is this just for well-known brands? If not, I would have included http://www.visualboxsite.com, don’t you? Good article!

  • http://www.multidesign.com.mk Multidesign

    helvetica rules!

  • http://10steps.sg Johnson Koh

    Excellent collection. I’m a heavy user of Helvetica :D
    But the “digital” seems suspicious to me. The “a” looks different from others.

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    I’ve been double checking the validity of some of the logos that was questioned in the comments. I’ve purchased the book “HOMAGE TO HELVETICA” by Lars Muller and these seem to be confirmed here.


  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Simple and clean..is a perfect solution. Every time i prefer use this way for create a logo…is the best way! You can use everywheare! ;)

  • http://www.helvetika.it Manuel

    my life style!!! :-)

  • http://blog.codesignstudios.com Dennison Uy

    Why Microsoft chose Helvetica over Comic Sans MS is beyond me.

  • http://ivorpadilla.com iPad

    Great list, is amazing what this font can do…

  • todd

    are you kidding me??
    so many logos are definitely NOT set in helvetica. evian?? dole? is this a joke? a blind man could see that.

  • http://deszin.de/ Adrian

    the skype logo isnt helvetica i think

  • http://www.artistagrafico.net Luis Nieves

    helvetica Rounded is a family of helvetica

  • http://www.aporjuegos.com juegos

    I love helvetica! :-)

  • http://www.advise-art.com Advise Art

    great list !!!!!! love it !!!!

  • http://imjustcreative.com Graham Smith

    Regardless of the fact that a number of the examples are not Helvetica or pure bread Helvetica, it is none the less a great post that has sparked a discussion, fact faulting, debate and nit picking thread of comments.

    A interesting post is further backed up by the variation in comments, good or bad. And I love the fact that it has got people so clearly worked up over it.

    I personally love Helvetica and run http://www.lovehelvetica.com so posts like this are always of interest to me, even if not 100% factually correct. And it seems many people have learnt some new things here today, so its a win for me.

    If i needed to pick a fav, then it would be the Tupperware logo. Awesome colour, nice use of a heavier weight and a neat logomark make this use of Helvetica look very very trendy and cool. Not that it needs any help to look cool, Helvetica that it, but it looks more cooler. Bah.

    So whatever, neat list of logos.


  • http://www.pearlcreation.com Vaibhav Gupta

    gr8 list!! good job….

  • fabry

    evian it’s a gill sans!

  • designtwit

    This is a great post. While yes, I love Helvetica, and everyone can pick apart whether it is purely used or not, the great observation of this post is how distinctive a name can be. Letterforms put side-by side are creating positive and negative shape to form a logo. Websters defines a LOGO as graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.

    Fascinating how ready recognition is market by kerning, italic, caps, lowercase, color and the nature of the name itself. Such small shifts in the use of a typeface can produce such notable logos. It is all about the abstraction of those positive and negative shapes that impact style. Sign of a GREAT typeface.

  • http://www.gabrieldimartino.com Gabriel

    Great work!

  • http://www.webrecurso.com cLaK

    wow, great post, i didn’t know that all of those logos was created with helvetica

  • http://www.freela.ppg.br Airton

    Gostei do Post, bem legal!

  • http://www.bleedcreative.com Steve Lee

    I ran CATERPILLAR through ‘whatthefont’ and it came up as Swiss 921.

  • http://rnk.me Charles Alves

    The Mattel logo has web 2.0 style!

  • http://www.zenelements.co.uk/blog/ Zen Elements

    Fantastic article and really love the round up. I am quite a fan of Helvetica and it’s the application in these logos/brands that supports just why!

    I concur that some of these logos are/were not Helvetica but I agree with @Graham Smith too. I think an article with debate and discussion about it is always a win/win.

    Thanks for starting it and keep up the great work!

    Alex | Zen Elements

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    Guys, there are many variants of Helvetica available, and there are many ways of further tweaking the typeface for logo design purposes. So don’t be so sure that some aren’t based on Helvetica or aren’t based on a variant of Helvetica.

  • http://sitefinish.com Drew LeSueur

    Quiktrip, Skittles

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    Wow! How familiar Helvetica is! Some of the logo’s don’t “seem to be” Helvetica but are… very interesting!

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    Everyone should watch the documentry “Helvetica” I watched it the other night and it was fantastic. Gave great usage and the history of Helvetica.

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    The furniture company Knoll is probably my favorite:


  • http://www.twitter/formula623 Michael Laborde

    I do find it pretty funny that Microsoft won’t license Helvetica for their operating system, but would use it for their logo. Shouldn’t they have used Arial to show solidarity… but that’s just me.

  • http://www.jason-reynolds.com/ Jason Reynolds

    Some really good examples here. My personal fave is the North Face logo. Pretty much perfect.

    Will Helvetica ever start to look dated? Probably not or at least not for a loooooong time.

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    I’m pretty sure I see a few Arials in there.

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    Try Akzidenz Grotezk for a change—complicated, simple and full of character—, Helvetica is just an idealized version of this. Helvetica is to predictable and easy to design with.

  • http://corebasis.com Henning von Vogelsang

    Toyota was based on Gill Sans Bold. Evian was a design based on Frutiger, with strong changes to the letter shapes.

  • http://www.sebastianwaters.com Sebastian

    none of these logos are really remarkable or recognizable on its own because of helvetica. the typo makes them only interesting and good-looking because of the clear style the font brings with it.

    if you look closely at those logos you’ll know and remember them because of simple, but very important design edits and adjustments. from adding a design mark to integrating minimal modifications in the font (removing or adding). logos and brands like Jeep, American Apparel or JCPenney aren’t famous and established because of Helvetica.

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    American Apparel uses helvetica, but it uses a slightly modified version of Helvetica Neue. The example on this page isn’t the real logo.

  • http://n/a _existencil_

    if you like helvetica, take a look at Alte Haas Grotesk… i think it is quite inspired by helvetica but can stand alone…


    • http://corebasis.com Henning

      Alte Hass Grotesk was the predecessor of Helvetica. In fact, Helvitca was commissioned by the Haassche Schriftgiesserei (the Haas Type Foundry), because they wanted a more modern approach on a Grotesk font, what is nowadays called a Sans Serif font.

  • http://empiredesign.com Thomas

    Alte Haas Grotesk is just helvetica with blurred edges.

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    I just wrote a post about nearly the same thing! I have no idea how I didn’t come across this one earlier, but I’m glad I did. It has a few I missed, although their credibility seems to be in questions.

    Click on my name to see the Top 50 Helvetica Logos.

    Keep up the great posts guys,


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    I just started taking graphic design, and for one assignment we’re to hand print our title page in Helvetica, so I was trying to figure out how to do this… Glad I stumbled upon this list, now I have a better idea of what the font actually looks like!

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    These logos are NOT in Helvetica by any manner:
    BMW, Evian, Harley-Davidson, Olympus, Dole, GM, Motorola, Digital.
    Please take them off the list quickly, to avoid spreading misinformation.

  • http://www.platinummango.com Jordan Foutz

    Less is more. As soon as companies learn how to execute this simple principle and get off of the papyrus train, they will see a much better result. Simplicity has served the folks on this list quite well I would say.

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    Is the skype logo helvetica? I think it looks a little to rounded… Nice list however… It seems that around these parts (Glasgow, Scotland) that Arial Black is becoming the new helvetica… I’ve had clients ask me to use it by name. Maybe they don’t know of Helvetica because it’s not on Windows machines…

  • Raf

    I think McDonalds is.

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    Evian is definitively not Helvetica.

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    Skype uses HelveticaRounded LT Bold no doubt about it.

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    Hevetica is a great and simple font which can be very well used in logo design. Nice examples!

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    Caterpillar uses Helvetica Compressed yes, but that particular Evian logo it’s not helvetica.

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    Specially the skype logo

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    It’s a shame as you’ve done a good job of this otherwise.

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    Agree, Akzidenz Grotesk instead of Helvetica!
    But I might admit that at small sizes (from 8 to 5pt) Helvetica works better.

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