50 Monochromatic Website Designs

Color choice is a key element to the success of any design. It invokes an atmosphere and sets the mood. One method for using color is to use only shades of a color, which is known as a monochromatic color scheme.

Of all the color schemes, the monochromatic is one of the easiest to pull off successfully. This reason for such ease is that one shade of a color will naturally almost always work with another shade of the same color.

One of the most popular monochromatic color schemes is Blue. This is likely because blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed. Blue, however, is not the only successful color scheme. Greens, Purples, Browns, Reds can also appropriately set a mood.

In this article, we feature 50 monochromatic website designs, categorized based on the predominant color that they use.



Polar Gold
Francesco Mugnai
Loewy Design
Mezzo Blue
Ice Age
Sell My Mobile
David Salvatori
One More Pixel
Aware Spot
Bica Absolute
Home Design Field
Brandon Hale
Design Junction
Ivor Design
Stlye Division
Tennessee Winter
Six Central



Wilson Miner
Design SVN
Henry Hoffman



Finer Home
Aaron J. Shapiro



James Lai
Matt Dempsey



We Love WordPress
Fly Guy Designs
Sofa Surfer
Bird of Malaysia



Art of Dying


Blacks, Whites and Grayscale

Media Temple
The Invoice Machine
Mike Precious

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Michael Shelton. Michael is a web designer and graphic design student who has worked in both web and print for over 4 years.

Which color scheme is your favorite to use and why? Do you know of any other examples besides the ones listed here? Please post them in the comments section of this post.

  • http://www.obox-design.com David Perel

    This is a really cool selection. I am surprised there are so many ‘hot’ monochrome sites out there. I have always tried to avoid monochrome (although, Obox Design gets close) because I was worried about the supposed lack of impact.

    These sites have proved me wrong, very nice stuff here.

  • http://www.aaronshapiro.de Aaron J. Shapiro

    Thanks for the plug. Seriously appreciated.

  • http://colinr.com Colin Rotherham

    Thanks for featuring Cell Zone! Good timing, we’ve just added an AJAX mobile phone suggestor too.

  • Abulafio

    Reallynice and inspirating collection! thanks

  • http://www.dv-software.com MODx Design

    Some lovely design. especially like the full width web 2.0 look with large images, it contradicts all the things we learned about “use real estate wisely” in the beginning of Web Design, but still works! Cica is my fav of the above.

  • ace_dman

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    nice stuff..thanks for this

  • http://www.tapelifters.com Mark

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  • http://www.cellphonebestbuy.com Anna

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  • http://clickoptimize.com Andy

    Great resource article! Nice collection of monochromatic designs.

  • http://myspace.com/sorbekk Lars

    Thanx for good ideas and inspiration.
    I´m starting school in a few months aiming to become a web-candidate, and then go on to design :-)

  • Diogo Duarte

    Nice article !

  • http://www.pushingbuttons.net Timothy

    Great list! I tend to really like monochromatic sites.

  • http://www.chris-wallace.com Chris Wallace

    Very nice selection, not all from CSSRemix. I think my site falls under monochromatic as well:


    • http://www.michaeladesigns.com Michael

      Yes your site is a wonderful example of a monochromatic design. I’m sorry I missed it, can’t get them all!

  • http://elitenick.com Nick

    Awesome sites!

    I think color is one of my biggest problems when designing a new website…it’s hard to decide on themes and combinations for me.

  • http://www.nicoleandgreg.net Greg Givan

    I’m currently finding myself a fan of the greyscales… i find that the design tends to bring the content forward while not overwhelming the eye.

    or, i could just be drunk. hard to tell.

  • http://www.afkarweb.com Bernard

    Hello, thanks for this wonderfull gallery. I really like this kind of design and I just tried it on one of customer’s web site : bounty-tours.com. But it’s difficult for me to mix technical constraints and design fashion !!!

  • http://g1media.co.uk Steven Grant

    I like this post, very effective use of monochromatic schemes here. Some work I was already familiar with, others I wasn’t so thanks.

  • http://www.borgetsolutions.com Web Designing

    Nice collection …

    Gives a good prespective.

  • http://www.bioinfiz.com bs kishore

    I’m new to this web service,quite happy to be the first commenter,and the
    content is nice,could have added more examples.

  • http://www.davidhellmann.com David Hellmann

    Nice Pages, thanks for the article!

  • http://www.designjunction.in Nitin Garg

    hi there, many thanks for including my portfolio site.

    By the way, i really like the short and straight write-up for the article.

  • http://pw-software.com NetOperator Wibby

    This is a nice list, I also found some nice sites that seem pretty interesting.

  • http://www.naldzgraphics.net Naldz Graphics

    Huge and inspiring list.thanks:)

  • http://iconzplanet.com Mike

    I’ve always been a big fan of welovewp! Even had a couple sites featured on there! ACtually have one on their front page right now!

  • http://www.RedesignYourBiz.com WebDesigner

    woooooooooooooow……… beautiful designs… very nice

  • http://www.donhajicek.com Don

    Great work! Thanks for gathering these sites together in one place. Very inspirational…

  • http://www.fusionstudioz.com Thomas

    Very Nice Article! I love the designs!

  • http://canvasgrafix.com Personalized Kids Wall Art

    These are some nice resources not to mention tastefully designed sites. I think the sites with the blue palettes are a little bland, but the oranges and greens look very nice.

  • http://www.davingreenwell.com Davin Greenwell

    Lots of eye-candy, but so few of these designs are actually practical with living content. Some of them are, and are very appealing to the eye – those are winners.

  • http://www.armeda.com dre

    Great list with awesome examples of how powerful color can be if properly used!



  • http://www.dotworks.pl macias

    immpressive ….very impressive

  • http://112mirabela.wordpress.com/ maja

    Another good post. Though some of your examples are somehow bad at color composition.
    Color in RGB space is flimsy category… the harmony never shows quite exactly as you first intended. And RGB space with digital media and technology of screen is still very very … unsatisfying. It is still much shallower than print. That is a tragedy.
    Anyway… :) Thank you for sharing this.

  • http://www.michaeladesigns.com Michael

    Thanks guys! I’m glad you liked the collection.

    When compiling this list, it was interesting to see impact a well designed monochromatic site can have. A single color usage is typically avoided because some believe it is boring, however, what people do not realize is that color is not everything, it is one element (an important one mind you) among many.

    If contrasted with the right visual elements, a monochromatic color scheme, sets an immediate mood, but allows elements such as space, text and images to come forward in the visual hierarchy. This combination of elements is what makes a color scheme work or not.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • http://www.insotec.com.pe Rafael

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  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com insic

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  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Victoria Blount

    Really nice selection of monochromatic color website designs, I was concerned that just using a single color could not be impacting enough and maybe a tad boring, but these examples above have changed that. Used in the right way, one color website designs look unified, calming, some with subtle delicacy to them.

  • http://www.aldis.site40.net Aldis

    Beautiful list of monochromatic websites, saw some interesting works. Impressive!

  • http://www.devolved.co.uk devolved

    Nice post but http://www.blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/ really should have been included in the browns as it’s been through a few incarnations with it.

    • http://www.michaeladesigns.com Michael

      Yes I agree, a very nice example. Sorry just can’t find them all!

  • http://www.inspiks.com loswl

    Don’t think all of these are true Monochromatic Websites but they are all pretty cool :o)..nice source of inspiration!

  • http://www.zoicer.com.ar tuma

    great list thanks

  • Thomas

    Great List, I guess this one http://www.ifj96.de falls under Monochromatic too. Talking about blue ;-)

  • http://www.logodesignguru.com/case_studies/Logo-design-Case-Studies1.asp Logo Design guru

    Some of these work with the one tone, but others look too plain and need a little spice. Monochromatic is tough to work with but can look great if done right.

  • http://markoprljic.iz.hr/ Marko

    Great designs! Thanks for choosing mine too.

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  • http://fearlessflyer.com michael soriano

    very good collection. very inspiring.

  • http://www.sandersdesign.com martin

    Nice and inspiring list of sites. I often use a monochromatic colour effect as it gives photo a zing due to the contract, specially with dark colours such as black and blue.

  • http://www.rjvisuals.com Ritesh Jain

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    Here should be this also


  • Yassna

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  • http://www.bickov.com Alexander Bickov

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  • http://www.bimaltailor.co.uk/blog/ Bim

    Superb collection! Thanks. What about black, white, greyscale and one other colour? Mine maybe. Anyway, keep up the great posts.

  • http://www.erkasoft.com ertan (erkasoft web tasarım)

    nice collection. I love it! :)

  • http://www.softbilogix.com Softbilogix

    Very true, but U think having black and yellow shade also give a classical look in the website. We can use this combination where we have to display the content in more prominent way!

    Otherwise, using which background is always Great

    Project Manager

  • http://www.fuse8.com Cara Dixon

    Love the ‘Kobe’ website – it’s really inspirational! Loads of creativity exhibited here! Thanks for posting!

  • http://artkivi.ru/ shaMan

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  • http://www.pixelzdesign.com pixelzdesign

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