30 Funny Twitter Comics

Comics, Social Media | Mar 31, 2009

As you probably already know, Twitter is hotter than ever. Everyone seems to be tweeting these days about anything and everything that’s on their mind.

If you’re still not into Twitter, check out our popular Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter that we recently posted here.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 30 Twitter comic strips that reflect on how the world is using and reacting to Twitter, the latest social media trend. I’ve also added a funny video at the end of this post.

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Twouble with Twitters

This fun and entertaining short video pretty much sums up the Twitter experience. I’m sure that many of you can relate to this.

Which ones were your favorites? Share your links to more Twitter comic strips in the comments’ section.

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  • Zach Dunn

    I can’t tell you how much I laughed when I first saw the a couple weeks. THIS was a good roundup, which as of late in the web niche seems a rarity.

  • Angela

    Great list!

  • Romi

    my fav one is twitter short video its awesome and that video shows some reality of twitter

  • Pavel

    So fun! LOL.

    Just retweeted.

    • Walter

      Thanks Pavel!

  • insic

    this refresh my day. its so funny.

  • Josekont

    Jjajaja All are very funny!!

  • Gaurav M

    Really lot of fun … :D

  • nightscooter

    hahah love the video

  • Jonas

    Wooohoo, great stuff..

    i’ve twittered this =:D

    • Walter

      Thanks Jonas…

  • Creamy CSS

    Thanks! Some of them are really funny ;)

  • Morten

    Brilliant! And I don’t even use Twitter… What does that make me?

    • Walter

      I guess, we’ll just have to find a name for this :)

    • twe4ked


    • Geoff


    • Listoric


    • graham


  • Rahul

    cool ones !

  • Sebastiano

    :-D. Really fun!

  • daniel

    This is fantastic and brilliant! It will be horrible when twitter becomes mainstream, no one will be able to make fun of it any more.

  • Lucky Balaraman

    Thank you for this brilliant collection… tribe humor has special appeal!

  • Crowd

    I urgently need to digg this… :p


    when the turkisch airplane crashed in the Netherlands, twitter just lighted up.
    one of my twittertoons
    another twittertoon
    and another one

  • Jack

    So funny, great!!! BTW, why video is not available in UK?

    • Walter

      May be a restriction of YouTube in your country. Just go to YouTube and search for the title ‘Twouble with Twitter’ and you should find the local version of this clip for the UK.

  • Melissa

    Loved these and look forward to more!

  • Sjoerd

    Just too funny! ;)

  • issa

    sooo funny!! love the @wife & @husband comic, LOL =)

  • Terri

    Great collection! I liked them all and related to most!!

  • David Hopkins

    These are all so very true. Good collection!!

  • Rob

    BRB – Tweeting @wife to make sure it’s OK to like “tweet relationship”. If you don’t hear back from me, refer to “Best Friends” and send help!

  • Kumail

    Great post! Made my day :)

  • Dileep K Sharma

    I wish I could include smileys within this reply. Brilliant comics. LOL :D

  • AJ

    lol, thanks for the great start to the day! Just RT’d…

  • Danh ba web 2.0

    Thanks for great comic strips. Goo luck to you !

  • Bari Hossain

    Great list! I really laughed reading them. I like the husband wife stuff :)

  • lawrence77

    Hey man, i find these video and gonna publish!
    Before that u put it in your site!
    anyway i too try to publish that in my blog! ;)

  • lawrence77

    The Address in Addressbar says 50-twitter-comic-strips…
    But you had only 30 comics ;)

    Anyway nice to see! :) Funny :D

    • Walter

      Yep, I messed up and cannot fix it now :(

  • tattooed_mummy

    Retweeted – too funny – too true!

  • Penguin Pete

    I guess this Twitter reference wasn’t prominent enough for yah, huh? :(

  • Walt Ribeiro

    I love this! I’ve seen a lot of great Twitter comics – but there are a few here I obviously haven’t seen that made me laugh pretty good :)


  • Ron Callari

    You forgot to include the cartoon of the Dalai Lama being exiled from Twitter:

  • Phil

    Here’s another Twitter comic that I made the other day…

  • Barry Dahl

    Cool page. I see that one page of my Toonbook made the list. The link takes you to that single page. It would be much better to view the whole 6-page flipbook-style Toonbook at

    BTW, the graphics don’t change (just the dialog) since there was a group of us trying to write this over a web conference just as a groupwork exercise. It was fun, but I should have taken more time to move the characters around.

  • Vincent
  • twit
  • Walter

    Thanks for the kind comments, the links posted and all the RTs! These comments are truly a valuable resource on their own.

  • Dan

    Check out for another comic on Twitter. It’s called Twitter Jesus.

  • John

    Thanks for adding a George comic to the list :D I really appreciate it! And I’m in good company, too…there are some super funny comics up there! Thanks for rounding them all up!

  • Kayla

    Ha, great collection. All very funny

  • Glaucia Carvalho


    I loved your post. Was totally funny. I translated some of these to brazilian portuguese for my blog. I hope you don’t mind.

  • radith prawira

    Lol.. rt and stumbled this page already :D

  • Jutta

    Hilarious! Very funny. Here is another one that I just got in my daily comic mail:

  • Andy Gongea

    She follows me …
    She follows me not …
    She follows me …
    She follows me not …

    Hahaha – hilarious.

  • Jahangir

    Thanks for the giggle :)

    I like the Obama and “She follows me, she follows me not” and the “homework” one very much lol.

  • Evangelia_T

    Very very nice!

  • @LiveCrunch

    Awesome collection.


  • Tasneem Rangoonwala

    liked @wife@husband and she loves me she loves me not.

  • Calvin Cheng

    ABSOLUTELY made my day!

    Awesome and Funny.

  • _Ehecatl

    this is great!! I laughed a lot… Damn, I need to tweet that.. BRB =P

  • Technologix

    Great comics thank you !

  • @yacht_charters

    Hysterical comics…and video! It’s amazing how new twitter-related words come into everyday vocabulary all the time! I can just see the next update of the Dictionary.

  • Lucy George

    I really don’t like twitter, but I laughed a lot on these comics! Beautiful list, thank you!

  • Carlos MV

    Great post man, very funny.

  • That Guy

    The comics were great! I am sick to death of “the twouble with twitters” though. Seems every one I know has tweeted it or posted it somewhere.

  • Diogok

    All funny! great collection.

  • Rene

    I love the video! Some of the comics were great, too! Some- not so great!

  • Daniel Giovanni

    Great and funny collection! :)
    Thank you! :D

  • Khaja Minhajuddin

    Absolutely humorous :D

  • Tim

    Why do we do it? We twitter onto websites that tell us we are wasting out lives. OMG!

  • Niki

    Absolutely loved it! :) Great cartoons. Those who do not Tweet will not get this. Haha!

  • Lne Hagemeyer

    Tweet on! — Twitter Tweet Comics R Tenably Tops — The Power of Tweetdom Travels

  • Sunkist

    Some of them are funny… unfortunately, Twitter to me is useless. I signed up, because I wanted to know what It was about… i made 3 posts in a week… got bored, and deleted my account.

    Sorry, but the whole phenomenon is lame.

  • Nagi

    I know it can be insane….. but it’s the truth :D

  • ejly

    My favorite twitter cartoon is the recent Foxtrot. Thank goodness my kids aren’t on twitter.

  • fabio couto

    I love you blog. You guys rule!

  • Meera

    Hi there,

    Thanks for including my twitter comic in this collection.

    Author of ‘A tweet relationship’

  • BelieveJay

    Great!!! had to retweet! Thanks!!

  • EnigmaNetxx

    APRIL 1, 2009

    Take a look at: “What Can We Do”?
    A Twitterized episode

    LapTop EPIGRAMS c 2001-2009

  • Frank
  • Addicott Web

    Ahh, these are great – what a good laugh! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa Cox

    TOOOOO FUNNIE!!! Thanks for the LAUGHS!

  • Phani Raj Kuchibhotla
  • Gina

    Hahaha, very cute comics and funny too! My favorite would be the tweet of husband & wife.

  • Cristhian Bedon

    Wow, this was a great collection of comics.

  • bbogues26

    LOL it´s so funny

  • Siby

    anybody who tweets this should be shot! :)

  • Sanchit

    & I did tweet it :D

  • @billywanzi

    ROFL 8-} OMG This is hilarious! Keep ‘em coming :-D

  • Alexandre

    Great list lol…

  • rampantheart

    HIlarious! LOL Loved them!

  • Buster

    Wow Wow !

  • Katie cat

    Aww, what a cute one with the cat and the neighbor twittering!

  • Irenarco

    Very funny!
    I adapt one on twetpic:
    and laugh!

  • emil cohen

    There is no better way to tell the story about twitter then comics, comics picture worth A millions words or billions tweets.

  • Aysha

    LOL :)
    awesom collection and so funny :)

  • scc
  • srikanth ad

    Awesome list, so funny

  • LopesCa

    Hehehe very funny :)

  • Gabriella

    My favorite which is not on your list is “RT @badbanana I think my neighbor just put a body in the back of his truck. I have reported it to Twitter. There’s nothing more I can do.” lol very funny some of them I have not seen. Thanks for taking the time to gather them all on one page!

  • Nila

    Looool, very funny!!! Great collection :o)

  • justbloglah

    All these comics are funny. RT.

  • Rafid

    rotfl!!! just can’t stop laughing xP

  • Ambien

    Original post! Thank you. It’s a very interesting.

  • ender

    there’s always this one … never let a geekmom bring a laptop to bed:

  • Blog Design

    Very good collection. I didn’t know that there are so many twitters icon available over internet. Thanx for sharing it over here.

  • Lam Nguyen

    Hahaha. It’s really funny :))
    I love it all.

  • moumita bose

    itsssssss so tweeeeeetyyyy!!!!

  • TheFamousMillionare

    Lool very great vid :)

  • Andre

    This twitter thing… i don’t know… isn’t it a bit stupid this twitter thing… this crazynes? There are so much cool stuff out there. twitter, twitter…

  • teK

    really nice :-D

  • Frisco divorce attorney/lawyer

    Twouble with Twitter! I laughed so hard at this. Glad other people find it funny as well.

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  • hanum

    so ridiculous… :D

  • Super Koroshi

    hahah these comics are awesome….good job!

  • iPad Discussion

    I would sooo come in to work with a twitter bird suit!

  • Club Penguin

    Lol some great comics! They are made better by everyones knowledge of how twitter works.

  • Betty Rudas

    I love the comics, They are great. Twitter is like a contagious disease. ja, ja, ja


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    way to go..
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  • Shu-aib Benjamin

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