100 Amazing Futuristic Design Concepts We Wish Were Real

ScreenshotConcept designers are also referred to as “visual futurists”.

These concept designs may not be on the market yet, but they can still inspire you to create something just as futuristic and exciting online.

The designs may be impractical in some cases, but the idea is to put the concept out to the world to see how it evolves and grows.

Remember that these are all just conceptual, you can’t buy them yet! Some may be closer to being produced than others, particularly when they come from a large company like Braun or Samsung. Otherwise, who knows if or when they will be available.

With that said, here you have 100 amazing futuristic design concepts that will make you crave more.


1. Cloud Sofa

This is an elegant concept created by designer D.K. Wei. The Cloud sofa is supposed to give one the illusion of floating on their own personal cloud. A magnet in the base is supposed to generate enough magnetic force to hold the sofa aloft. The cloud is constructed from a plexiglass mold.



2. The iChat

This concept design was inspired by the curves and tapering of the Macbook Air coupled with the look of an iPod Touch. Rodolphe Desmare is responsible for this iPhone concept, which is more notable for its imagined features than its looks. The front camera would allow video conferencing on the iPhone, something that the blogosphere is already very excited about as a potential feature for the new release of the iPhone.



3. iPhone 4G Concept

This fantasy iPhone mimics both the look of Mac OS/X and the aluminum case of a MacBook Pro. We couldn’t suss out the real name of the designer but you can see more pictures from this designer under his handle “youngSpace” at Flickr. The video capability in this design preceded the one in the iChat, above. The removable battery is also tantalizing.


4. Propulsion Powered Flying Cycle

Created by designer Norio Fujikawa. This propulsion powered jetbike is a sci-fi concept that Fujikawa has taken to a whole new level in his design. Be sure to check out the additional pictures here



5. ON AIR Wrist Watch

This watch tells time in an extraordinary way. Turkish designer Iskender Asanaliev created a design where the LED hour hand doubles as the digital minute display.



6. Underwater Jet Ski

Nereus is a conceptual design by Mathias Koehler for a watercraft that would allow you to travel on water and dive or submerge for short periods. Wind energy would be used to propel the vehicle which could take the user from a swimming to a diving position through the use of intuitive controls and movements of the upper body. Steering would be through the footrests which are connected to the back rudder.



7. Watch Displaying Time in Sand

Designer Balykin Pavel tells the time with digital sand in this Reddot Design Award winner for 2006.



8. Dream Sneaker

French Industrial Designer Lysandre Follet gives us a pair of dream sneakers: a Nike slip-on that looks as light as air. Additional sneaker designs from the artist can be found here.



9. Innovative Mouse Design

The Alien Mouse from designer Mizanur Rahman sports an exciting construction composed of eight soft gel and cellulose pieces which are meant to not only support the hand and wrist, but the arm as well. The multi-piece design was envisioned to help combat repetitive strain injury (RSI) with a vibrator underneath the mouse for extra comfort.



10. Incredible LED Watch

This watch was created by Hironao Tsuboi and developed by the studio found here. The watch looks like it’s all wristband until the digital display lights up.



11. The iRing

This design created by Victor Soto is meant to control the Playback functionality of your iPod/iPhone device wirelessly through the use of a ring that you wear on your finger. The touch-sensitive function strip and the battery life of 12 hours make the iRing an object of intense desire.



12. Digital Mp3 Concept

The designer Nuno Teixeira has created a wireless Mp3 player with soft surfaces and no wires to get in your way.


13. Modern Rocking Wheel Chair

The Rocking Wheel Chair is a modern interpretation of a traditional rocking chair by Mathias Koehler. The near circular form seen from the side is what makes the design so unique. The upper portion features a reading light.



14. Creative Cigarette Case

This packaging concept for Kent was created and developed by Balykin Pavel. The new triangle shape with round corners looks very unique and can fit more easily into a pocket.



15. 4D Watch

This sleek 4D Watch was created by Balykin Pavel. It has 4 square screens to display hours, minutes, seconds and date information. The metallic finish and a strong magnetic grip closure complete the picture.



16. The USBee

The USBee was designed to prevent the damage to USB drives seen so often with conventional USB use. The elastic neck will bend when pushed in any axis. This also means that it can fit into tight spaces where other USB drives dare not go. The lines at the end keep USBee cool and ergonomically pleasing. Designed by Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic.



17. Polygon Concept Bike

The Polygon concept bike was designed by Reindy Allendra. Inspired by the design of human DNA, this bike has controls for your iPod/MP3 Player built in to the steering area.



18. Spokeless Wheels Bike

This bike concept was created by Bradford Waugh. The concept completely replaces the traditional gear system of a mainstream bike with one that allows for spokeless wheels.



19. Home Theatre Chair

Identita is a chair concept designed for a home cinema. Hakan Bogazpinar brings us a home theatre seating solution that foregoes the traditional chair for a seating solution that is completely adjustable and ergonomic.



20. Embrio – Bombardier’s Segway Killer

Embrio was created by Bombardier as their answer to the Segway. They utilize similar gyroscope technology to keep riders aloft, but with a much cooler design that Bombardier hopes will attract a younger demographic. It also uses one less wheel than the Segway and is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. See Martin Aubé’s concept sketch, third from top, on this page.



21. Audi Shark – Flying Sportscar

This impressive concept design by Kazim Doku is a flying sportscar. Meant to combine the raciness of motorcycles with the sleekness of aircraft, the Audi shark is the answer to our collective sci-fi dreams. This award-winning concept design is a two-seater that offers its passengers “strong sensations and high levels of safety”.



22. Flee

Flee is a concept by Hakan Bogazpinar which takes the idea of a tossable camera a few steps further. Bogazpinar has incorporated a tail into the design to keep the camera oriented properly and Bluetooth so that pictures it takes can be sent back to your mobile device in real time. When the “flee” is thrown in the air, it takes photos at customizable time intervals.



23. Eolos Pipe

The Eolos was also designed by Hakan Bogazpinar. This elegant pipe has two major features. When the basket portion of the pipe turns completely black as shown in the picture, the nicotine level is critical and the filter must be changed. The portion of the pipe that holds the tobacco is constructed with heat insulating composite, ensuring that the pipe is always cool to the touch.



24. The Grasshopper Electric Bike

This bike was the winner of the ‘merit prize’ in the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition and it was designed by David Gonçalves. The Grasshopper is a foldable electric bike which can also be easily carried when not in use. The folding bike is easily stored and recharged at home.



25. Strider Super Hero Motorcycle

David Gonçalves created a stunning motorbike in this concept design. It features hubless wheels and an aerodynamic ground-hugging frame.



26. Scarab

Scarab was also designed by David Gonçalves. This concept vehicle features styling straight out of “Tron”. The four wheeled, single passenger vehicle has all of the thrill of a motorcycle with the safety of an enclosed cab. Included in the feature set is the ability to run either on batteries or on a biofuel internal combustion engine.


27. World’s Lightest Cash Register

The EPOS-lite was inspired by the Apple MacBook Air and iPhone. Meant to be installed on a restaurant table, the portable cash register features programmable menu choices, wireless charging, and various payment options. Stephen Allport, the designer, notes on his page that enough interest has been shown in the device that it may be produced.



28. Tuner Time

Tuner Time is a stereo FM radio. The two wheels in the centre control volume and tuning frequency. It also comes with a one-touch operation remote control, pictured beside the Tuner Time. Designed by Mehmet Gozetlik.



29. High End Public Telephone

This design by Nuno Teixeira adopts a minimalist approach to a high end public phone.



30. Universal Charging Dock

The Stream concept by Barton Smith consists of Experience Modules (Media, Memories, Connections, Documents, Creations, Games), a Core Component, Component Modules (processors, memory, graphics, power), a 3.5” Portable Display and Charging Cradle and Universal Charging Base. This product separates computer functions into six categories called ‘experiences’. Currently, if a user wishes to purchase a computer purely for documenting and internet they must accept that it will come with processing power and features well beyond these needs. With the Stream concept users would purchase only the Connections and Documents modules as well as the Core Component to perform only the desired functions. The Connections module also acts as a phone. Visit the product page for more information – there is lots of it.



31. Tima

Tima is a watch concept by Julien Bergignat that allows you to have both a digital display and a classic view of the time. Both displays can be adjusted simultaneously to show the same hour or two different time zones. Thanks to ePaper technology, characters can be displayed on the curved surface of the watch.


32. Amazing Lamp

A simple and and beautiful lamp by Julien Bergignat. The lamp can be lifted out of the stand and used as a portable lighting solution when needed.


33. Suspension Lamp

EQUILIBRIUM – A suspension lamp made of high-density expanded polyurethane with high-gloss paint finish. Balance is created with a solid counterweight in one end that equals the weight of the rest of the lamp. Created by Nuno Teixeira.




The NOCS MP3 docking station from Nuno Teixeira combines top-notch functionality with an integrated amplifier and tall (43.3″) speakers to deliver superb sound quality.



35. Peripheral Vision Eyeglasses

The Nike Hindsight gives bicyclists a pair of bifocals for their peripheral vision. By using Fresnel lenses on the sides, riders can detect motion in a field of vision beyond the normal human limit of 180º. The obvious benefit is in the early warning of approaching vehicles, but a less obvious advantage is reducing the necessary head rotation to check behind. By Billy May.



36. Time Tuner

Time Tuner is a table clock which plays music that you can upload via a USB cable. It it also a programmable alarm clock that will work with your uploaded music. Designed by Mehmet Gozetlik. The Time Tuner is based on the linear flow of time and is using one single indicator for both minutes and hours. The light of the numbers turns on when this indicator starts to move along and the lines between the lightened numbers of the clock and the indicator shows the minute. The minutes are shown in double lines group; one for quarters and the other for 10 minutes for a convenient time reading. The gray line indicates the time of the alarm and it is shorter than the red line, which shows the time.



37. Futuristic Bike Rack

Bike rack designed for New York City Racks Design Competition. Designed by Nikita Gutsalenko.



38. Equinox Watch Concept Design

Another fantastic concept design by Nuno Teixeira. This watch is purpose-built to line up all of its dials like a sundial when the sun is directly above the equator at both the autumn and spring equinoxes.



39. Portable PC with Projector

The Portable PC is an amazing concept by Jinwoo Han. If you are a little sick of having to arrange in advance for a digital projector at a meeting or tradeshow, you’ll love the Portable PC concept. Computer, keyboard, and projector all in one device. Use the back of the airline seat in front of you as your digital display. The laptop without the lap.



40. Credit Card Piggy Bank

Created by Denis Bostandzic. The Credit Card Piggy Bank could be used privately to transfer money to your credit card, or publicly as a means of donation collection.



41. Suspension Lamp

The PALA suspension lamp is made of high-density expanded polyurethane. Provides a pleasant, indirect light.



42. Steampunk My GPS

The GPS Pathquest was designed to eliminate the need to ask for directions. A double-screen display unit which is constructed to look like a compass with E-Ink for conserving battery power is tricked out with brass accents that satisfy our inner Steampunks. Pocket-sized and discreet, the PathQuest relies on Google Maps for navigation. Designed by Kyle Fleischhacker.


43. Sleek EGG Phone

The Egg Phone by Roman Tubl offers incredible features like the screen which turns opaque once the phone is inactive or turned off. There is also a USB connector at the bottom of the phone which makes it easy to connect this phone to any device for data storage.



44. Sled Vehicle Concept

This Sled Vehicle Concept was created by Norio Fujikawa. We’re not sure what is propelling this sled design, but it certainly looks cool.



45. Marguerite Bicycle Stand Design

This is a creative idea by Yoann Henry Yvon. The design is meant to emulate the petals of a daisy and its centre.



46. Futuristic Bridge

This project was the winning entry in an international open design competition for a new bridge across the river Dodder in central Dublin. The concept of the bridge is to create a hybrid of infrastructure and public amenity by providing generous seating and deck width across the span for pedestrians to pause and enjoy the views of the river. Designed by NEX architecture.



47. MIESROLO, The First Dynamic Cantilever Chair

This design took 1st place in the Wood Agency Design Contest Belgrade 2008, the University of Belgrade’s Award for Best Scientific-Professional Work in 2006/07, and a Golden Key Awards (sitting furniture and innovative concept) at Belgrade Int. Furniture Fair 2006 / 2007, ULUPUDS diploma 2007. Folds in on itself for easy storage. By Uros Vitas.



48. Audi O

The 2008 Audi O concept was designed by Ondrej Jirec, a design student from the Czech Republic who is beginning studies at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California in 2008. The car design was inspired by the iPod. This bad boy features the mother of all audio systems with internet connectivity for downloading music onto the built-in 650 GB hard drive, a Bluetooth system for connecting two or more Audi O cars together, making for the largest rolling club ever. Best yet, it comes completely decked out with a couple of DJ decks and mixer.



49. Aerodynamic Concept Car

This is an airflow concept design by Pierre Sabas. It features smooth and contoured lines that run throughout the entire car. The artist writes: “I believe that space sensation doesn’t depend on the size of the volume we are in but on the perception we have of the environment. Therefore, based on my structural solution, we can imagine new solutions in terms of design and driving experience.”



50. BRB Evolution Concept Car

The BRB Evolution concept car is not only capable of fitting into tight spots with it’s Dyson vacuum-like design, but it’s also intended to be “green.” BRB would be powered by electricity or hydrogen. Designer David Bailey drew inspiration from the Lamborghini Murcielago and the Peugeot 908.



51. BMW 2015 Concept Car

The final thesis of the Transportation Design students at Turin-based IED (Instituto Europeo di Design), developed in partnership with BMW towards the goal of creating a car for 2015 within the BMW brand philosophy.


52. Swatch “Infinity” Concept Watch

This watch is like no other that you have seen before. It is a concept watch design presented by Swatch under the name “Infinity” and features video, mp3 music and photo sharing. It not only plays back video, it records it as well.



53. Nokia Aeon Concept

The Nokia Aeon Concept Design features a touchscreen that stretches over the full surface area of the phone.


54. Ricavision Fridge Magnet

The Ricavision Fridge Magnet will allow you to watch movies, listen to music, and keep notes right on your fridge. Ricavision envisages a 16 hour battery life from the internal LiIon cell. The diminutive 3.5-inch QVGA screen connects wirelessly to your Vista PC for schedule updates, media and email. Using the included stylus to write on the screen turns it into a virtual Post-It note.



55. Nokia 888 Phone

The Nokia 888 phone allows you to change its form according to your needs during the day. The bracelet-like design uses a liquid battery, speech recognition, flexible touch screen, and a touch-sensitive body cover which lets it understand and adjust to the environment.



56. Vaio Zoom

The Vaio Zoom notebook computer uses holographic technology to create a PC that may be more minimalist than a MacBook Air. When off, the screen is completely transparent and the keyboard goes opaque. Turn it on and the touchscreen holographic festivities begin. Even the mouse buttons are holographic.



57. P-Per Mobile Phone

The P-Per Mobile’s design consists of just 4 layers, a printed circuit board, extruded polycarbonate, recycled titanium, and a wraparound LED touchscreen. By minimizing materials, the design is highly sustainable. The P-Per, designed by the Chocolate Agency, has support for Wi-Fi and live video feeds.



58. Sonic Chair

The Sonic Chair riffs off the design of chairs in 2001: A Space Odyssey and adds a killer sound system. The Sonic Chair comes in 35 different colors and allows users to connect an iPod or a notebook computer to enjoy their favorite music in a self-contained setting.



59. First-Grass Relaxation

Phillip Grass, a Danish designer, created the Accelerator Sofa with an aerodynamic design that any starship captain would be proud of.



60. Jetson Family Dining

Turkish designer Fatih Can Sariöz created the Kure six-person dining set as an expression of his philosophy that family dinner times are special. It’s not much of a space-saver but it DOES glow with white light above and blue below. The whole thing folds up into a ball when not in use, making for a great conversation piece.



61. Canova Dual Screen Laptop

Canova Dual Screen Laptop possesses two sensitive touchscreens. Not only can it be used to handle your daily computing tasks but it also lets you read articles as if you were reading a newspaper.



62. DesCom

DesCom, designed by Sung-kyu Nam, is a desk that is meant as a container for a laptop computer. Looks cool but depends entirely on the continued existence of the laptop that it contains, which may make the entire arrangement subject to a fail when the warranty period is up.



63. Futuristic Glass

This concept by Mac Funamizu of Japan would act as a scanner, a digital camera, and an internet-connected wireless device all in one package.



64. Motorola Sparrow

The Motorola Sparrow provides retail stores with a mobile point of sale device to make it easier for customers to pay for a product. It combines a scanner, point of sale (POS) system, RFID, communication and credit card reading capabilities into one mobile device.



65. Soft Phone

The Soft Phone mobile device uses your grip and hand movements to make or end a call. The designer, Jian Qian, says “The Bluetooth earphone buckled to the string can charge the phone by electromagnetic induction. The material of the interface is fabric while the one of clip and circle is silica gel, which makes the phone very soft and portable.”



66. Nokia Eco Sensor Phone

Nokia’s Eco Sensor cell phone has a range of built-in sensors to help you monitor your health, environment, and local weather. You can also share the environmental data your Eco Sensor collects and view other users shared data.



67. MacTab

MacTab sports an incredibly thin wireless keyboard which can be used as a protection cover for transportation. The keyboard stays in place with a combination of magnets and notches. On the back of the computer, a hinge allows it to be put in a vertical position so you can use Mactab comfortably on your desk. Designed by Yann Le Coroller.



68. LG Ecological Laptop

The LG Ecological Laptop concept uses fuel cell batteries and features organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology. It received a Red Dot Award nomination for Best Concept Design in 2006.



69. Compenion Laptop Concept

The Compenion laptop by Felix Schmidberger features a slide-up touchscreen panel which reveals an OLED touchscreen keyboard which can change layout depending on preference or language. The multi-touch screens are responsive to both finger-presses and its own dedicated pen called a “senstylus”.



70. Canvas Laptop Concept

Canvas is a futuristic concept laptop by Kyle Cherry that features a very thin touchscreen.



71. Nokia Morph

Nokia Morph is a Tablet PC, a wristband and a smart phone. The device was concept designed by Nokia Research Center (NRC) in collaboration with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre (United Kingdom) and aims to incorporate nanoscale technologies that will potentially create a world of radically different devices that open up an entirely new spectrum of possibilities.


72. BYB Balance Cell Phone

The BYB Balance Cell, designed by Bence Bogar, features a 2.8″ Crystal Display Screen, 5.0-MP Digital camera, 512 MB of RAM, a Micro SD (T-flash) expansion slot, Wi-Fi support, built-in Bluetooth technology, and built-in GPS features.



73. Asus Aura Concept Phone

The Asus Aura Concept Phone was designed by a Hungarian design company, Egy Studio, for a Taiwanese vendor. The Aura Concept cellphone has a movable navigation module with navigational buttons and a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Additional features include a 3.9″ touchscreen covering the whole surface of the phone, a 2.0 megapixel camera, a microSD memory card slot, GSM, UMTS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.



74. Computer Table Lamp Concept

Prisma has created a table lamp that doubles as a portable computer. It features a top-loading disc drive, touchscreen display and seamlessly integrated ports.



75. Samsung AMOLED Concept

AMOLED concept notebook by Samsung features a thin, sleek design and a touch-sensitive keyboard. AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, a technology which has been used in various handheld devices such as cellphones and cameras.



76. Mobile Office of the Future

Designed by James Mower, this futuristic mobile office on wheels includes an eco-friendly toilet, electricity, wireless internet, built-in GPS and glass panels. Park it and meet.



77. EyeMove PC

The EyeMove PC combines the functionality of a digital projector and computer into one circular-shaped device. Simply hang it on your wall or place it flat on a desk and project games, movies, or applications. Designed by Ricardo Baiao.



78. Transparent Toaster

This innovative “Transparent Toaster” concept uses special heating glass to warm a single slice of bread. Unfortunately, the glass does not reach a high enough temperature — at this time — to actually toast the bread.



79. U.S.S. Enterprise Inspired Nissan Terranaut

Designed for “scientists, geologists, archaeologists or adventurers”, Nissan’s 4×4 Terranaut features a “spherical laboratory” that is accessed from a 360 degree swiveling seat. Unfortunately, all these workstations leave room for only one passenger side door.



80. Segway Robot RMP

This Segway Robot RMP design looks like its been taken from a futuristic Science Fiction movie. Its tough wheels and base could probably carry more than just one person and could be used to haul things around.



81. Noah High Performance Personal Vehicle

The Noah, designed by Andrei França, is a Segway influenced design. Without a pedal, buttons, or levers, the Noah will react to the driver’s movements. Although it looks like a unicycle, it actually has two wheels that are installed side-by-side.



82. iPhone Slider Qwerty Concept

The Apple iPhone Slider incorporates a Qwerty keyboard into the iPhone design. Concept designed by Aaron Besson.



83. iPhone ELITE

The iPhone ELITE concept, designed by Mat Brady, comes with optional slide out keyboard and a front-facing camera that enables video conferencing.



84. Futuristic iPhone Concept

See-through Apple iPhone concept designed by Robert Davis. While there are a lot of iPhone concepts out there, this one is probably one of the coolest.



85. E-Rope Modular Power Strip

Designed by Chul Min Kang and Sung Hun Lim, the “E-Rope Modular Power Strip” is a 2006 Idea Award winning concept. Blue lights on the device glow to indicate power is flowing, and if you rotate the socket section 90 degrees, it turns off the current.



86. Dell XCS

Designed by Matthew Ritter, the Dell XCS is a modular desktop concept that encapsulates its hardware components and conceals the circuit boards for a sleek futuristic look.



87. RITI Printer: Eco-Friendly Printer

This cool printer idea was a finalist in the Greener Gadgets design competition. The printer would use your old coffee or tea grinds as ink. The user simply puts their scraps into the case, and voila – an ink source. The only issue is that the user needs to move the ink case back and forth in order to print…not something people are likely to want to do. Designed by Jeon Hwan Ju.



88. Elegant Water Purifier

This water purification device idea combines two things we love – simple design and reuseable water bottles. A user simply fills the BPA-free bottle with tap water, and, like a french press, pushes down on the water filter. Purified water can then be sipped from the container. Simple, elegant, and easy to use – three qualities we love in design – and it’s great for people who want to quench their thirst on the go, even if all that is available is a questionable water source. Designed by Gretha Oost, Paul Charlwood & Andrew Howley.



89. The Power Hog

Power-Hog is a power consumption metering piggy bank designed to sensitize kids to the energy cost associated with running electronic devices. Plug the tail into the outlet and the device into the snout; feed a coin to meter 30 minutes of use. Designed by Designed by Mathieu Zastawny, Mansour Ourasanah, Tom Dooley, Peter Byar, Elysa Soffer, and Mathieu Turpault.



90. Indoor Drying Rack

Constructed of bamboo laminate and recycled aluminum, it can be recycled easily, and is constructed from sustainable materials. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and resists mold and mildew. Predrilled holes allow the user to tweak the mounting location side to side while still hitting studs. This indoor drying rack gives millions of people the choice to conserve energy while drying their clothes naturally and privately in their home. When not in use it folds out of the way and adds a modern touch to any interior. Designed by Rob Podell.



91. Laundry POD: Portable Hand-Operated Laundry Machine

The Laundry POD is perfect for the times you need to do a small load quickly but don’t want to waste the energy or a trip to the Laundromat. It’s terrific for delicates and hand-washables. The spinning action washes gently, rinses and then extracts water to improve drying times. Designed by the RKS Design Team.



92. I’m Not With the Band… I AM the Band.

The Vivace combines multiple instruments, track recording, equalizer, sound editing, internet connectivity and a touchscreen interface all into one compact package. Designed by Young-Shin Lee & Hae-Jin Jung.



93. Aperture: Volume-Aware Shower Head

A volume-aware shower head might just be the thing to put a cap on unecessarily long showers. The Aperture displays the volume of water consumed while showering and allows the user to mitigate water consumption with a built-in flow regulator.



94. EcoTap: Twist-Off Power Socket

The EcoTap physically cuts power to devices by separating the electrical contacts at a wall socket. This method of turning off electronics ensures that even devices that draw power whilst idle/off are completely disconnected. Design by Osamu Kadono of Japan.



95. Digital Pet Plant

The digital pet plant is designed to measure your plants health and provide feedback on a variety of factors which determine how well your plants are doing. Your plants show their digital emotions through smiley or frowning faces on the LED monitor. Designed by Junyi Heo.



96. iCoffee

Designer Alisson Wilson Ströher created the Nilko “IMO” coffee maker to fold up, look cool and brew three average sized packets of coffee. Now if we could only plug it in to a USB port.


97. Eco & Ego Car

The idea behind this “EE” car is pets, yes pets. Not a dog or cat, but a plant. The plant sits above the engine bay in clear sight of the driver. It’s hooked up to some futuristic electronics and can tell you how “polluted” you were that day. There’s also an extension to the idea in that you take your plant out every time you drive, sorta like walking your dog. Designed by Slava Saakyan.



98. Have A Different Car Everyday

The MOY Concept car was made for a generation used to using media to express themselves. The idea is everyone can design their own car on their own computer and then apply the design to their vehicle wirelessly or share it with others thru a website or even email. For those lacking creative skill, there’s a slew of templates to choose from. The car is always connected so imagine dynamically changing your vehicle’s skin in motion. Designed by Elvis Tomljenovic.



99. Escape Into Your Cave

There are times that we wish we could have a little more privacy, retreating into our own space of quietness. Adults crave this just as much as children. With Cave, we are given the opportunity to embrace our escape. Created as a bookshelf with its own Cave inside, allowing the user to retreat with a good book, or just sit and relax in their space. The Cave bookshelf is large enough to be used as a divider between rooms creating a wall of separation of my space and yours. Available in two sizes: Children and Adult. Books may be stored on both sides of the bookcase with a cave crawlspace in between. Designed by Sakura Adachi.



100. Braun Clever Care Medical Coach

Designers Marc Salagnac, Ludovic Diallo and Cédric Dervillier bring you an electronic valet for your medications with the Braun Clever Care Medical System. We like the design of the touchscreen display. Apparently it not only stores all your medicines, but also syncs your medical records and prescriptions straight from the doctor’s office. It also provides a database to hold all medical records for the entire family and reminds you of appointments and times that you have to take pills.

Which one of these designs have inspired you to design, develop, and create? Feel free to leave us a comment on your thoughts below…

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    Unless you’ve determined in your sussing that Jim Young isn’t the name of the designer?

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    1 3 4 6 12 11 12 13 14 15 17 21 23 25 26 30 32 33 34 37 38 40 42 43 44 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 58 60 62 63 64 65 66 69 70 71 74 75 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 87 88 89 90 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 100 will fail.

    2 5 7 8 9 18 19 20 22 24 28 31 36 41 45 56 57 61 68 72 73 76 77 78 86 91 will probably work.

    16 27 29 35 39 46 47 59 67 99 are really cool.

    So the most cases are just experiments which will never be sold as a mass product. Causes for fails:

    – The user will be forced to use the product in a special way, because things, which don’t fit together will be combined. For example the plant on a car – what??
    – Some products look overdesigned. For example the foldable bike is a good idea, but it looks really ugly.
    – The problem with some keyboards is that they are static but have no keys any more – instead the are touch screens. Mobile devices like the iPhone should have a keyboard on atouch screen and not a separate one. But I want my laptop to have a keyboard with real keys which give a feedback I can feel.
    – Why don’t they design mobile devices consequently and still separate the keys from the screen. In the end all mobile phones will look like the iPhone.
    – Oh no, the Nokia studies are all failing.

    So in the end the question is, whether a product has a real use and the right degree of modularity. Neither too much functionality in one product nor too much products for just a few functions will succeed.

    What I like: The MacTab is what I need at home!

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    I want these now!
    56. Vaio Zoom
    63. Futuristic Glass

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  • tahrey

    Wow, rare to see a collection like this where almost all of them are winners. For the first time I’m actually looking at some apple products and going “awwww, YEAH” too. The Mac Tab? With the unclippable keyboard (and it’s holster frame that holds the screen up or, I assume, clips flush to the back of the screen / mac-air-light system unit so you can carry it)? GENIUS. The transparent iPhone, presumably using a mix of OLED and a regular monochrome LCD in order to give any shade from black, to white, all colours, AND transparency? Brilliant. (But where will they fit the electronics to drive it?)

    The only loser? The “power tap”. It’s hard to describe just HOW outright DANGEROUS that looks! Come to the UK, our outlets have – shock, horror – SWITCHES on them. As do some of our powerstrips. Without needing a trick device sitting between the outlet and the cord plug to cut the power in a really unsafe fashion. (If it ever landed on these shores it would be outlawed in a couple of days, like our older type of splitter plug that had no integrated fuse or earth-pin-mediated lockout shutters over the live and neutral sockets)

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    Instead of the friction of one hub, you get the friction of x amount of ball bearing balls, running with the same speed as the vehicle itself.
    The only excuse for a hubless wheel, is the designs where you actually sit inside the wheel.

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    9. I bought two wrist rests — one for my wrist while using the mouse, and the other for my wrists while typing — at Staples. They have ErgoBeads in them and are so comfortable! I feel like a lot of my chronic pain has dissipated because of these little guys.

    12. Those digital mp3 players would be so cool, especially since I like to fall asleep listening to music!

    16. Please, oh, please, let that USBee be produced!

    39. I wouldn’t want a portable projector PC; when I am working on the go, I don’t want passersby able to see my clients’ pre-designs as it is!

    48. I thought the Audi O was cool until I read that it also had DJ decks and a mixer. As if there aren’t enough accidents! The car itself is cool looking, though.

    56. Now THAT is a cool holographic laptop! Please, oh, please, Sony, get that thing on the market!

    82. It’s interesting that Apple hasn’t already made an iPhone Slider!

    84. I’m really not into the transparent design of some of the things in this article, and this iPhone is one of them. It’s just odd to me.

    91. Hahaha, I thought we had moved away from manual laundry!

    99. I would LOVE one of those cave bookcases!

    Some of these are really cool, and some are just so weird that I hope I never see them in my lifetime!

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