50 Beautiful Websites with Illustrated Landscapes

The use of illustration in web design is an excellent way to add a theme and take a website to a whole new level.

Some websites go even further by basing and designing the entire layout and background on illustrations, usually vector based illustrations.

Many websites today feature complex and visually stunning landscape illustrations, which is what we’ve decided to focus on in this article.

Here are 50 beautiful websites with landscape illustrations in a variety of styles.


Green Globe Ideas









ten24 Media






Visit Cascadia



DrupalCon DC






Adit Shukla









Go Glamping






Sensi Soft






Tomas Pojeta



Jiri Tvrdek









10 Volt Media



Web Design Beach









Stylized Web



Project Vino



Arbutus Photography



Penang Bloggers



Moshi Monsters






Meomi Cloud House



Global Zoo






Colchester School



Cloudred Multimedia



John Cow



Dean Oakely



Brad Colbow



Nine Lion



RedBrick Health












The Octonauts



Yes Insurance



Viget Inspire









Happy in Greenville



Miki Mottes





Which ones are your favorites? Please share with us other similar websites that you may have visited.

  • http://gabediaz.com Gabe Diaz

    Wow, some of these are really nicely done. Great list.

    I’d give http://goglamping.net more credit but they lifted their background wood swatch from http://carsonified.com not cool :(

    • http://jessiematanky.com Jessie

      i think both those wood textures are taken from http://cgtextures.com under the wood/planks area. .. which kinda makes them fair game.

    • http://goglamping.net Garri

      I wish people would do their homework before posting comments implying that we sneakily ‘lifted’ artwork from other websites.

      We personally approached Ryan Carson and asked for his permission to re-use the wooden background, AND publicly acknowledged the fact: http://goglamping.net/about/

      Anyway, thank you Web Designer Depot for including Go Glamping in your list, much appreciated ;-)

  • http://lucasaroundtheworld.blogspot.com Sarah

    I love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://paularmstrongdesigns.com Paul Armstrong

    This seems to be a growing trend and I’m definitely all for it. There are some beautiful sites using landscapes in their design. In fact, my company made a site that would fit here for St. Patrick’s Day: http://www.verde7.com/

  • http://www.pearlofafrika.com Kyo

    Great collection. I love it!

  • http://www.athomesalesmarketteam.moogo.com Cassandra

    Love all of these! My website feels very inferior now! lol

  • http://www.kavoir.com Yang Yang

    Really really gorgeous designs of them!

    The colors are just beyond sexy!

  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com insic

    awesome sites… very inspiring.

  • http://www.cahcepu.com om ipit

    that background make me feel good…
    nice, nice, and nice…

  • http://www.fubiz.net Fubiz

    Amazing list. Thanks.

  • http://stephanerouille.fr Stf

    There is http://ligne13.com , a french webAgency which create a landscape theme(with a crazy nice footer ! )

  • http://creamycss.com Creamy CSS

    Wooowww! Thanks for great inspiration list! Good work! ;)

  • http://www.pedrooliveira.net Pedro

    Well, what I want to say is not only about this post but about this blog. I am a starter web designer and I found this site some days ago and fall in love with in the first place.
    I hope you continue to update it because it’s a fountain of inspiration.

    • gypsycats

      I totally agree! I’m just starting off part time studying graphic design and this post just makes me see in another dimension. It is absolutely fantastic!

  • http://misterfaster.com misterfaster

    nice roundup! a friend of mine did a landscape design as well at http://www.eyelogic.de :D

  • http://www.internetlife.co.il Adam

    Another one – http://GottaGetToFOWA.com

  • http://www.internetlife.co.il Adam

    @Gabe Diaz – They actually gave Carsonified Credit for it in the ‘About’ page.

    And Carsonified also give credit to the original photographer on their about page.

  • http://www.webair.it/webdesign.html Realizzazione Siti Web Bologna

    …very interesting! Vector remains one of the most important webdesign’s trend

  • http://www.graphicrating.com Andy Gongea

    You could’ve wait a couple of weeks with this post. Graphic Rating’s new design will be based on something similar :D


  • http://www.pixelle.org Anas Benayad

    Very beautifull, love it !

  • http://www.createatwill.com/ Will McClellan

    Here’s my recent attempt at a website featuring a vector landscape… It’s for a Driving School


  • http://www.ivanbogar.com Ivan Bogar

    Great post! Amazing!

  • http://www.merlinvicki.in merlinvicki

    very beautiful collection..and inspiring!

  • http://www.interhostsolutions.be Webhosting

    Normally i don’t like this sort of design, but the Sensi Soft websites just looks awesome

  • http://www.yimgo.com antonio

    I love these illustrations

  • http://www.podcamplondon.com John Leschinski

    Serriosly? No PodCamp London?

  • Spence

    Those are nicely done, although I tend to like art that’s not so vector-based (or at least not blatantly so). There’s a few of those in there too.

  • http://www.twitter.com/timothymarshall Timothy

    Great list. I LOVE the Studio7Designs page.

  • Pedro

    Hi there,
    this is a very good post. there’s so much variety.
    Check on more over here… it’s great too,


    Bye there, and keep up :)

  • http://www.bioinfiz.com bs kishore

    Great collection with lot of inspiring ideas.

  • http://joaoramos.org joão

    omg this is delicious!

  • http://www.treavioli.com Reflector

    Wow. These are magnificent. And inspiring too.

  • http://webitect.net Kayla

    All of these are great…long post too! This is a very good source of inspiration, thanks!

  • http://www.thecogworks.co.uk Adam Shallcross

    A great list…our website has been using this style for a year or so now :)…glad the trend is starting to grow stronger.

    Keep up the good work

  • http://www.cahcepu.com om ipit

    very cool…
    i like Rawkes site…
    thats simple but very nice…

  • http://www.sametomorrow.com Adam

    Nice, some good stuff

  • http://www.photoshopwork.com Jerod Kitch

    Love this stuff!!
    Check Out: Illustrator Basics

  • http://www.agent-seo.com Agent SEO

    Great post! This provided me with some really great inspiration! Thank you.

  • http://www.megalongcat.com/ Fred McCoy

    Great stuff here. It’s nice to see web designers breaking out of the box to create these detailed and illustrated environments that provide users with a different means to navigate the web. It’s great that someone’s keeping the interwebs a fun place to be on.

  • http://elecuadordehoy.org/ Guillermo

    Hey! Take a look at http://bloghelpr.us/

  • http://thedesignsuperhero.com aravind

    ah! another great round up! :)

  • http://dancameron.org Dan Cameron

    Hey how did mine miss the list? :)


  • http://www.bluedotsdesign.com/blog Alberto Villalobos

    Good list, illustration is a really pretty trend in web design, check out my site it has one landscape illustration too.


    Anyway, i have seen almost everyone in that list, so we need to make more!!

  • http://www.nineliondesign.com Chikezie Ejiasi

    Thanks for featuring my portfolio! :)

  • http://www.al-kanz.org Al-Kanz
  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    I love this style..especially way : Sensi Soft, eAnka and Carbonica… Good post! ;)

  • Faris Ali

    Thank you Jamal

  • http://www.savemm.webs.com Gail Cavanaugh

    All of these designs are absolutely beautiful and so inspiring! Thanks.

  • Flak

    hahaha where is iGoogle :)

    nice BTW

  • http://www.tobbis-blog.de Tobbi

    Great list. Tomas Pojeta, polargold and volll are the best in my opinion.

  • http://3d-today.blogspot.com/ xea

    Nice collection ;) Thanks

  • http://wpcult.com The Frosty @WPCult

    Very good collection!

  • http://www.multidesign.com.mk Multidesign

    Great post. My site has illustrated landscape too :) Multidesign

  • http://www.rzmota.com rzmota

    One more web adres, please check it out and maybe post at the bottom:



  • http://pixelextent.com raghav

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    And Also this one : http://www.fou-de-voyage.com

  • ARHK05

    This is the coolest collection I have ever seen. LOVE IT!!!

  • http://quotefl.com denny

    Yes insurance was amazing. I love the functionality as well. Yoast just revamped his site as well http://yoast.com/ using illustrations. It’s pretty nice too.

  • http://www.samacreation.com sama creation

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  • http://www.psdvault.com James Qu

    Absolutely fantastic list! I love the Studio7Designs and Sensi Soft design, great technique and very creative!

  • http://creativeacclaim.com AlfredN

    DivVoted has a very nice thing going with their design, I like the others as well; nice post.

  • http://ruakbar.deviantart.com Abdul Akbar

    Excellent Post, I have never seen
    such an amazing use of illustrations.
    Believe Me!!!!!

    From now i m a great fan of Illustrations.

  • http://www.grc-eka.ru/ AntonMur

    Wonderful! Incredible, fantastic collection!
    Big Thanx!

  • Marty
  • Arthur

    oh yeah… don’t forget about http://www.islayer.com/

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  • http://logopond.com/members/profile/showcase/5359 Fabian

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    Nice collection of well designed websites, good artwork.

  • http://www.bjarniwark.com Bjarni

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    Gorgeous selection :) really inspirational since it’s what i work the most with :D :D :D :D will definitely bookmark it!

  • http://www.freevectordownload.com Free Vector Download

    very nice wonderfull ,
    thank you

  • http://golchitech.blogspot.com golchi

    Many are cool but my best are:
    Icebreg and Sensi soft

  • Guto

    Hey. There´s a awesome landscape site from Brazil, made in 3d.
    check it out, it´s very beautiful.

    • http://3d-today.blogspot.com/ xea

      Yes!!!!!! very nice! too bad we cannot open the door;)

  • http://iamtotti.com tot2ivn

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  • http://www.riseofaryan.com Aryan

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  • http://nwds-ak.com Alaska Web Design

    Not at all what I expected! Superb eye-candy. Arbutus Photography is very pretty header. Didn’t think too much of the content, but the landscape was very cool.

  • http://tr.im/mewC Rahul – Web Guru

    Nice list. I’ve been a fan of Volll.

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  • http://www.brushthis.com Liora

    Very inspirational and a good reason to get hooked on Illustrator – it looks like that’s where most of these image originated.

  • http://www.youniquesoftlab.pl Projektowanie Stron Internetowych

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  • mariadelsol

    excelente lista para inspirarse

  • http://www.chotrul.com/design/design-showcase.html Chotrul Web Design

    Really like the DrupalCon website design – I love the washed out colours ….

    thanks for sharing these …

  • http://web4half.com/ shawnna

    Great collection of sites. thanks for sharing

    And honestly, you have a great list. I just can’t stop drooling. They Really Opened by eyes to the new Era of web designs..
    i go to try these for my works.

    W/ lots of love and Kiss.


  • http://dougshults.com doug

    Glad to see Meomi Cloud House and Dean Oakley’s site on this list. Those have been two of my favorites for a while. Nice list, great illustrations!

  • http://www.apple-ipad.de iPad

    Great list!! thx

  • http://www.tdpworkspace.org Alina

    Nice design!!! Hey, you missed one.


    is very excentric :P

  • http://www.alejtech.eu Arien

    There’s a vector landcape on our company website as well:
    A windy tree-line at the top, and hills at the bottom.;]

  • http://www.iamafreelancer.net Egyptian web designer

    this is the best illustrated websites collection I have ever seen !

  • http://webdesignfm.com webdesignfm

    like the way and creativity used in Tomas Pojeta. thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.kaplang.com Kaplang

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  • http://www.ishantechnologies.com Jack

    Nice list…

    Good to see landscape designs for corporate websites

  • Dave

    Good list, but how could you forget http://www.floridaflourish.com/ ?

  • http://dietonautopilot.com Claudia

    Nice collection! I like the Carbonica one.

  • nuhgz

    love’em! :)

  • Thomas

    This one also fits into this list perfectly

  • http://www.onfx.com Rudy Espinosa

    This is a nice collection but I have to say that a few of these are not that great and seemed to be select simply because of their success in marketing their website and not the beauty of their design. So, these seem to have been unfairly selected due to popularity in my opinion.

  • http://www.benstokesmarketing.co.uk Web design Shrewsbury

    I love the DivVoted web design :) Great round up of brilliant designs for our inspiration . . Thanks guys :)

  • http://masenchipz.com masenchipz

    i’m agree with Web design Shrewsbury… DivVoted web design its cool design.. clean.. and its neat design, such as telling… great web.. :D

  • http://www.cre8ivecommando.com Cre8ive Commando

    Some great designs. Don’t forget http://www.cre8ivecommando.com (it also has an illustrated landscape image)

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    Awesome templates! I know wich one to use for my next website

  • http://kevincease.com Kevin Cease

    Holy cow those are great! I got another one here: http://www.carlymcmenoman.com check it out! Illustrated landscapes on another planet (or something) all made in Photoshop.