50 Excellent Corporate Website Designs

Web design is all about conveying information to the users in the most direct, clean and usable manner.

A corporate website also needs to capture the feel of the company and its purpose, while remaining professional in order to attain a solid and lasting impression to its customers.

Graphics, layouts and color palettes are all essential in how the customers perceive a company when visiting their website. Dark color designs, for example, can be interpreted as serious, while blue hues give a feeling of trust.

Here are 50 corporate website designs that you can use for inspiration in your own corporate designs. 

Which are your favorites? Please share with us other corporate designs that we may have missed…

  • http://zunostudios.com Jon Lackey @zuno

    These are great, but I’m not sure I would consider any other them “corporate”

    • http://zunostudios.com Jon Lackey @zuno

      I mean “any of them”. Sorry ;)

      • http://www.shrikrishnatechnologies.com Corporate Websites

        I quite don’t agree with comments made by zuon and others about start up companies and these designs not being considered Corporate.
        Actual definition of corporate is one which represents a company. If the company is small or large no matter what it is a corporate (not corporation which one may misunderstand) and hence these corporates’ websites are to be considered. I think i like the list with them being clear.
        The primary motive of any website is to be clear, clean and precise and this is what we too believe in when we design or develop websites (aka corporate ones specifically) for our clients.

      • http://www.freshmango.com Bob

        Actually the definition of corporate is not ‘a company’ it is something that is of a corporation (ie a group of companies or entities), in other words bigger than just a small company.

        In reality however this doesn’t matter – the term ‘corporate’ as far as design is concerned has a style associated with it and I agree that these don’t fit with my idea of that style.

        Just my two cents though, everyone is entitled to their own interpretation!

      • Andrew

        Actually Bob, a corporation is simply a company that is incorporated and thus has distinct rights and privileges. It has nothing to do with being a group of entities.

        There’s more than one way to skin a cat and I would classify all the above sites as corporate with a web 2.0 style.

    • James Scott

      I do agree with you @zuno!! None of these are considered corporate.

    • [mike]

      My first thought as well. This all seem to be small retailers/service companies, not large corporations. And they all seem to have the same format – large hero space with pretty graphics and simple content. Where’s the variety and complexity?

    • http://adamkillam.com/blog/ Adam

      I agree about the sites not really being “corporate”.
      I’m also wondering how many of those companies paid a fee to be included in this post? It reads like a lengthy advertising billboard. If these are in fact paid ads it would be interesting to know.

      Good post. I like this type of post as you can scan it and pick up ideas for a new look quickly.

    • Santosh

      I agree with Jon and others who are not agreed for the above sites are corporate. Most of these are all start-up companies. I guess and doubt whether they have a physical presence in this materialistic world. Having a chic website is not a big deal and can not be considered a corporate. It would be great if WDD change this title, as I was looking for some good looking corporate websites and landed here. Of course I am not new to WDD. Ever since Smashing Magazine ruined their website in the name of new look WDD become my one stop Designer.

    • http://www.weblabs.ro WebLabs

      Not all of them, but there are several corporate sites. But is hard to clear define what “corporate website” is..

  • http://smilingdesigner.com Bjorn

    Really beautiful sites. The Clear Spring page stands out as a favorite the second look through. Thank you.

  • http://www.zenelements.co.uk/blog/ Zen Elements

    I’d have to nitpick a little about the accessibility of some of these but I can’t deny they are a collection of some nice looking sites. Nice and clean, simplistic even and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    Alex | @ZenElements

  • http://inelastica.com rob

    thank you, very useful list!

  • http://www.bioinfiz.com bs kishore

    Quite a nice collection,with some inspiring designs.

  • http://www.balkhis.com Syed Balkhi

    This is one of a kind collection. I will have to say that mint.com design is one of the better ones.

  • http://www.izit.com David Coakley

    Some excellent designs that seem to be effective at delivering a message in a few seconds, which is about what’s needed these days.

    Seems simple, colorful, and large font with main messages are common traits.

  • http://chapolito.com chapolito

    I’ll have to agree with Jon that these don’t necessarily constitute what I envision as corporate. If by corporate you mean anything, yeah this works.

  • David

    Hmm…Yea most of these aren’t corporate. Most are designed by kids with strong Web 2.0 styles. Bubbly design is not corporate.

    Take a break from web 2.0 styles to find corporate looking web sites.

  • http://www.qianduan.net vocal

    waoooo, very excellent collection. thanks for your great work.

  • http://twitter.com/matthunter matt
  • http://box.mepholio.com MephoBox

    These are awesome choices, out of all these I think iceberg does a great job (logo and design thought). Another great site is one we always forget about http://www.apple.com.

  • MacJay

    Some of these orgs are more “corporate” than they appear. I’d say hiding this fact might have been one of the goals here. Still, I would like to see if there are some good department or line sites for big corporations that could come close to these.

  • http://www.melbedggood.com Mel

    These are definitely not corporate websites! But they are still nice clean looks. Corporate would be large organisation websites, these are more small businesses etc.

  • http://www.webia.info Bogdan Pop

    I have to disagree with Jon and Chapolito.

    A corporate design should emphasize the brand with its products, using the same thing people are familliar with (usually a logo and color scheme). Most of the above sites do just that.

    Corporate design isn’t s site with solid colors and pictures with people in suits. Those are last century’s free templates that were given away with hosting packages.

  • http://www.2ks.co.uk 2ks – Web Design Cornwall

    Like others here, I’m not sure that I would call this a collection of ‘corporate’ web sites, but a great collection of web 2.0 visual styles none the less.

    Thanks for putting it together.

  • http://www.thecogworks.co.uk Adam Shallcross

    A great iist. Again not sure about the ‘corporate’ ness of some of them, but I like the Mint website.

    Thanks for putting it together though…

  • http://www.moraywebsolutions.com MorayWeb

    Not quite sure how some comments classify mint, mt etc as small businesses???

    Whether the designs are ‘corporate’ or not for me doesn’t really come in to it. This post was (as far as I can tell) to provide inspiration, which for me it definately does!

    In my opinion you can’t classify Web 2.0 as a design style, it is a design concept based on interactivity – therefore there is no reason why a corporate site could not also be Web 2.0 in concept.

    Why are people so quick to pick faults in such a useful post?????


  • http://logopond.com/members/profile/showcase/5359 Fabian

    Great inspiring collection!

  • http://www.photovaco.com SawHtoo

    Cool Collection but i don’t think they all are corporate sites. Anyway, I like them.

  • http://www.businessvaluematters.com Gee Ranasinha

    Is it just me, or do most of them look like they’ve been put together by the same designer?

    • http://www.scriptyweb.com Scripty

      I can definitely see a trend here :)

  • http://www.doublejdesign.co.uk/ Jack

    Very nice! Very useful resources!
    Thanks a lot.

  • http://www.illuminz.com ILLUMINZ

    Most of the designs are very nice. Some not good for the purpose though.

  • Eddy Thor

    These are not corporate sites! Most of them are product sites! Sure: corporate site can show products and comapny’s brands, but focusing on brands and products is not the goal of that kind of site. It is like saying that google.com is a corporate site because google search engine is the main product of google. Apple.com is also not a corporate site!

    Great designs though!

  • http://blogsessive.com Alex Cristache

    Definitely a good collection, but certainly not corporate websites. Presentation websites, OK. But almost none of them has what people call the “corporate feeling”.

    This is more like the casual-friday of business websites. Corporate still needs the perfect suit and a matching tie.

  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com insic

    yay! really inspiring sites.

  • Ande

    way to go digg, you chose 50 sites that are all done in the same format with slight differences in content and colors. they’re nice, but they’re all the same

  • http://creamycss.com Creamy CSS

    Wowww! Great inspirational list! Thanks a lot for wonderful post!

    Some of the designs are amazing! ;)

  • vigo

    i call this “apple-ish / macosx-esh designs” and i like a lot…

  • http://www.steelfrog.com steelfrog

    Solid list. Most of these don’t really fit in my definition of “corporate”, though. Rather, most of these are sales/product presentation pages.

  • http://www.pjtr.be Pjtr

    These are not corporate websites. They’re product websites. And almost all of them for web based products. Oh, and portfolio’s too.
    It’s a nice selection indeed, but the subject doesn’t match the title of your post.

  • http://chrispierre.com Chris Pierre

    This was a very nice broad collection of sites. Most of them were simple , clean and got the main point across . Great Post!

  • http://www.patternhead.com Patternhead

    Nice set of visually appealing designs. I guess the internet is changing the way that corporate organizations present themselves. Branding seems much more warm and friendly these days.

  • http://www.anonymousemployee.com chris

    I agree. These are a mid-ground where you are ‘new’ and need to get out a quick “Who Are We” right away. Corporate shouldnt need to do that much. They are very professional, and look great, but not corporate.

  • http://mistore.co.uk Jim Cunliffe

    Nice collection of visually pleasing home pages…

    Not sure how SEO friendly they are gonna be.

    Nice to see the ‘shiney table top’ look hasn’t taken over on these badboys.

    Jim (http://twitter.com/flyerboy_uk)

  • gah

    Gah… these aren’t corporate, they are just bubbly and use a bunch of gradients. A list of well designed corporate sites that doesn’t mention GE.com? Puh-lease.

  • D

    anyway to find out who made these sites??

    looking for web designer to help with making a site like the ones listed here.

    pls get in touch at – darius(dot)cheung(at)gmail


  • http://www.twitter.com/timothymarshall Timothy

    Great list! I love mailchimp

  • http://www.sleepyhero.com Eli Penner

    The tone of all of these sites is very similar. The list felt kind of repetitive near the end.

  • Chris

    Most of these are selling software or web services and probably don’t even have much of a real-world brick-and-mortar presence. Show me websites for a banking or financial services, a civil engineering firm, brick-and-mortar retail, jet engine manufacturers, a multinational agricultural conglomerate, a worldwide disaster-relief organization…whatever. These are very niche examples given here and I would argue the web 2.0 look prevalent in this article’s examples would not work well with the random examples I just listed.

    We web developers and designers can be a self-centered lot. Not everything is software or web services.

  • James Breaux

    I agree. Good looking sites, but these are small-medium business consumer sites. The term ‘corporate’ means something different to those of us in the corporate world.

  • Bob Ricca

    I feel like 80% of these sites are the exact same design but different colors and some small theme tweaks.

  • helbnt

    I’d second the notion that most of these aren’t typically what one thinks of when thinking corporate. It seems that with the exception of the Trailer Aerodynamics and the Physical Therapy sites, these are all web based. Any chance of getting a collection together of businesses that have a web presence, whose bread & butter is not made on the web?

    But thanks for taking the time to put this together. There are some great looking sites in here, and even if not what I, personally, would consider corporate, they are certainly inspiring.

  • http://www.jonathanagardner.com Jonathan Gardner

    Thanks for the list. I have added it to my bookmarks for design inspiration.

  • http://derekbender.com derekbender

    very nice list but I agree that most of these are not “corporate sites.” It is however a really great list of app and service sites.

  • Jared H.

    Corporate? I don’t think so.

  • http://www.hamroawaaz.com Rahul

    Very nice collection.

    Note: Please correct the url of Quaffs labs to http://www.quaffslabs.com/ and not otherwise.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Updated, thanks.

  • http://www.bookd.com Jamie Stephens

    Nice list of sites. Thanks!

    Is it just me, or does Traffik have a very close resemblance to GoodBarry?

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Adam – Creare Engine

    It’s amazing how difficult it can be to establish a balance between a creative design and maintaining the company’s corporate identity. These websites will be a great resource to me so thanks!

  • http://www.seansteezy.com Sean Steezy

    Thanks for the great collection and inspiration! Awesome sites, I think I know some of the designers from some other places on the web… hence the similarities

  • http://www.stevensmedia.com/blog Sam Stevens

    Very nice designs, but what strikes me is how similar they all are to each other. Major trending at work.

  • http://www.RedesignYourBiz.com WebDesigner

    very neat designs. highlighting the main points. very nice.

  • http://www.sitegoals.com Simon Erich

    Overall they’re very nice designs but I have to agree with them not being “corporate” websites. They all share a very similar structure, which has become common with “2.0” style web design. Generally this includes very graphically heavy web designs, with an over abundance of gradients and reversed type. I really enjoy this style, but it’s definitely not the best choice for every customer.

    Thanks for putting this list together! I’m with Chris, put together a list of well designed “corporate” sites, especially brick and mortar and international businesses.

  • http://www.stoysolutions.com/blog/ Nadia Rusenova

    Inspiring collection! Great designs and what is even more important, most of them are facilitating the user experience by clearly communicating the site’s purpose and providing key topics easy to scan.

  • Federico Benencio

    Although many of them are not “corporate” sites, i have to agree with many of you that are nice thoughtful sites.
    My favorite is Krop because it goes straight to the point, reflects exactly its mission statement and the account creation process is simple and straightforward. Cool organization of its Taxonomy View.

  • http://www.twitter.com/tanya_peasgood Tanya

    Have to agree with a lot of these comments so far. I wouldn’t really describe these as “corporate” sites as my perception of corporate would lean towards, well, corporations, rather than companies who for the most part are in the business of providing software solutions for other companies.

    What is interesting though is how many of these sites feel so similar. A common theme of a full-width panel containing a large image, tagline and maybe a brief paragraph with beneath that 3 or 4 panels offering specific information and links to subsections.

    It’s a good style for presenting a substantial amount of information without seeming cramped and one that I think a lot of genuine corporates need to learn from

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    some corporate are really nice…and so interesting..Some examples use the color and the graphics in good way and is important for my next inspirations! I like this post!

  • Lee

    Oh please, can we all just agree that we don’t think this meets the official definition of corporate and move on already?
    Good looking sites – inviting, clean, feels accessible. Thanks for the list.

  • http://www.creydesign.com chris reynolds

    Great selection of examples. I’ve looked at many of these sites, and I’m glad that someone bunched a lot of these sites into one gallery.


  • http://www.joyoge.com/ joyoge designers’ bookmark

    very nice web designs thanks for collection..

  • Shamone

    The ‘Headscape’ site is a COMPLETE ripoff of Boagworld!!


    Flick between them and see for yourself – shocking display of plagiarism…

    Nevertheless, some really nice work on here. Thanks.

    • http://zunostudios.com Jon Lackey @zuno

      Hey Shamone,

      You do know that Headscape is Paul Boag’s (boagworld) company right :)

      • Shamone


        My bad.

        Still, has Paul cut a few corners here? Is it necessary for two separate sites to be 95% similar?

        Ah maybe not – I suppose the theme carries across well…


    • http://www.tintedpixel.com Andrew Stobbe

      They seem to be made by the same people no?

  • http://kadavy.net kadavy

    All VERY attractive, and interesting businesses, too; but they all look like they were designed by the same person.

  • http://golchitech.blogspot.com Golchi

    Cool list of “simple and neat” templates. I have to admit with Kadavy that many are having the same ‘layout’ maybe because it’s becoming harder to design a new one :).
    Thanks for your post.

  • http://www.cahcepu.com om ipit


  • cdb

    here is good example of a corporate site that is more in depth than it initially appears: http://www.minnkotamotors.com/

  • http://www.omniti.be Ksual

    high quality and beautiful sites, they have alot in common, give me alot of inspiration, thanks

  • http://www.przyroda.org.pl Sklep Zoologiczny

    Corporate, Not corporate… Drop it and learn – very inventive designs. Viewzi #1 for me.

  • http://www.super-coffee-makerz.com mwnookz

    A great selection of attractive sites. Just looking for ideas.

  • http://www.archetype-media.com johnnyz525

    I love the Web 2.0 look. This list is of what pleasing to the eye means. True, corporate sites are usually more strict and unappealing to the eye, but as an end user I would much rather navigate around these sites than say the Bank of America or Oracle websites.

    Thanks for the Inspiration!

  • http://www.elevatainc.com Rachel

    The thing is… wouldn’t you *want* these to be corporate sites, even if they are not? Granted some corporate sites will really need a more ‘buttoned-down’ look and feel… but why not push the envelope where we can? Corporate need not mean boring or ugly. And God knows there are too many corporate sites that could use a hearty infusion of what we see here. Nice post, thanks!

  • http://zunostudios.com Jon Lackey @zuno

    Of course it would be great if corporate sites looked like this. When I started with my comment of “none of these are corporate” I wasn’t inferring that they weren’t corporate because of their design style, but the fact that most of the companies in this list are probably smaller than 10 people in size. This would make them small businesses not the typical “corporate” which usually infers a large number of employees.

  • http://www.webcoursesbangkok.com Carl

    Great designs, and its funny to see how designers working on Macs have a sort of similar feel… its slight but can be seen. Funny how a tool can influence the worker ;)

  • hoppster

    Amazing collection! I for one dig this style, whatever you call it. Modern? And I think the “corporate” tag works, but small-mid biz is probably more appropriate. I think the author is just saying that they’re NOT blogs, NOT portfolios (strictly), NOT news destinations, NOT eCommerce (strictly), etc. So it works for me.

    @Shamone and the plagarism accusation… headscape RUNS boagworld. I think they call that good “brand consistency.” :-)

  • Sebas

    HUH! They look almost identical, all of them. Good thing you dont visit 50 sites at once, then i’d have a problem.

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  • http://www.webtwist-design.com Web Design

    These are really nice websites but most of them do not suffice the “CORPORATE” criteria. Still a nice collection and thanks for sharing…Some of them are really worth appreciating and learning.

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  • jeremy

    define “Corporate”

    • http://zunostudios.com Jon Lackey @zuno

      From Wikipedia…
      “Corporations exist as a product of corporate law, and their rules balance the interests of the shareholders that invest their capital and the employees who contribute their labor.”

      Typically when someone says or speaks of “corporate” it’s implied that it’s a larger company with shareholders, investors etc…. There are usually departments (Marketing, Sales, HR) and not just one person doing each.

      I can’t speak for any of the companies on this list, but I’d be willing to guess none of them fit the traditional “corporate” definition. Which is perfectly fine. I’d be happy if the world was run by small business opposed to large corporations.

  • http://activeboxsite.com ActiveBox

    Very clean, web 2ish, and definitely would be my inspiration

  • http://iwish Moz

    ” The ‘Headscape’ site is a COMPLETE ripoff of Boagworld!! ”

    I think you’ll find Paul who runs Boagworld is something like head strategist for Headscape. Not really surprising that the sites are the ‘same’. Seen it done many times before – some people call it saving time, others call it being lazy. :)

  • Anthony

    Kinda sad they all look the same really… 2-3 horizontal bands. Don’t get me wrong, I love simple over crazy crappy vector art… but things are lacking these days…

  • http://www.simplifiedgeek.com David Reid

    Welcome to the new corporate look, these are obviously showcasing the new style for small to medium business and web-based products.

    If you guys like the Host Riser site, you should check Riser Media website http://www.risermedia.com (Host Riser main company site). Similar with a different color palette.

  • http://www.mindxstudio.com/ mindxstudio

    Great list of good website design, happy to read.

  • http://pelfusion.com PelFusion

    i really liked the dooxcms….clean and sharp

  • Turkey


  • http://brisbane.at9t.com/ 布里斯班

    These designs are just amazing.

  • http://twitter.com/warmarc Warmarc

    Another nice & beautiful company website with handwritten annotations:

  • http://www.iztoksmolic.com/ Iztok

    Must agree, not corporate at all. Maybe some of you guys should look beyond web 2.0 products and blogs… there is a word with sites that are usable and elements are designed for purpose.

  • http://www.marocplus.net Directory marocplus

    it’s very nice
    thank you

  • John

    the similarity is so strong that it is often difficult to distinguish where one design ends and another begins.

  • Stretch

    A good list indeed, but if the title of the post says “corporate websites”, I expect to find corporate websites. Corporate may mean different things to different people, but these, in my humble opinion, and as many others have commented, are not what I call corporate.

    Here are some examples of what I think are. Many of the designs are terrible, but they are websites of large corporations. That is, corporate.


    These are all G500 companies. Yep, there’s plenty of work to be done out there on the websites of the corporate world. If anyone can find a list of beautifully designed websites by companies of this caliber, I would be very grateful.

    • http://www.lookupandy.com Andy

      The problem with large corporations is that all design work ends up going through a committee, which quickly waters-down any originality. The combination of lots of input and many design reviews means that your design succumbs to “death by a thousand cuts”…

      Sadly, I’m sure many of the websites in your list would have looked MUCH better when first presented to their client. A difficult beast to master.

  • http://www.lucidlive.com Andrew

    I actually disagree with the above comment(s) that these sites are “not” corporate.

    The examples that Stretch gave are simply examples of classic BIG corporations. But there’s nothing to forward-thinking there and I would find it difficult to be inspired by such examples.

    So, as far as this post goes, I find there is a limited range of examples, which all show a similar web 2.0 style palette, but none-the-less these are corporate websites.

    Thanks for the post.

  • http://www.szamaya.com Szabi


    Some very nice looking websites, although some of them are not corporate category for me. Anyway great collection of nice web design for inspiration. Thanks for collecting them.

    All the best,

  • http://www.avicennaaccounting.com/blog Neefra

    I found it very enlightening! Good work!
    I will be using a couple of them in my upcoming project. Thanks :-)

  • Ben

    Waow. This is such a great list for inspiration! A++!

  • http://djangostars.com Roman Gaponov

    viewzi is the best )
    Nice list. Thanks!

  • http://www.scientificbazaar.com Scientific Bazaar

    Great Help ! Enjoyed every site…keeep posting

  • http://flashconference.de/blog/flashconfblog.html wspresso

    good job – but they are neither “corporate” nor “excellent” …
    they are just an example of how (Americans) do websites… forgetting the rest of the world (in terms of usability, design, culture etc.) … see stretch’s list ;-) who tries to get more into a deep dive worldwide …

  • http://www.blitzvideomail.com John

    Corporate, Schmorporate. As a business OWNER, I would never pretend to tell someone that their business (whether it is web-based or not) is not “corporate”-enough to be considered a corporation. Show me a corporation that doesn’t have a product and that will be the first, even if it isn’t a tangible product. GEEZ, it appears to me that some posters here think they know everything…. fine, go make your own “list”, promote it, and see if anyone criticizes your selections. or better yet, even DISCOVERS your opinions… I applaud this “list” for what it is, creative, eye-catching, web designs that will let me direct my designers to incorporate looks, content and design in a manner in which people (CUSTOMERS) will appreciate. Get over yourself.

  • http://notionage.com/ website design

    Wow very nice list of corporate website collection. However some of them I will not categories as corporate website? Some are consider more to consumers site instead?

  • Paulo

    These most definitely are NOT corporate websites. These are mostly retail sites offering product and services. A corporate website gives information (usually financial, investor relations, historical, strategy etc) about the corporation or group. An example of a good corporate site would be http://www.jsainsbury.com .This site has great and varied content about the group and shows that design isn’t just about making nice gradients and web 2.0 buttons. Now where is that list of great corporate designs I am looking for?!

  • http://www.ccimage.cn ccimage

    really really excellent.
    never want to leave these sites.

  • http://www.psprint.com/postcards Ashley Adams : Postcard Printing

    This is (yet again) a great list. Thanks. Corporate designs always throw up a challenge – how does one achieve a remarkable design without becoming too frivolous or playful. I guess, it’s all about striking the right balance between aesthetics, formality and usability. These examples show you how that is achieved.

  • http://obaids.com Obaid Ashraf

    Thanks for the wonderful collection. But wished that they really were ‘corporate’ sites. They are product-based websites. Do you have any listing of corporate site designs?

  • http://www.whitehouseit.com Abdul

    Great List of collections. Thanks for sharing to us..

  • Scott

    All really nice examples. However, I’ll say this… they all seem to have the same design style. I mean, it’s almost like web interfaces are all so similar these days, sharing so many design style elements. I’m not saying it’s a terrible thing, but yeah.. these all have a similar feel IMHO.


  • http://all-for-design.com All for Design

    Excellent overview !
    Great examples.
    thanks for sharing

  • http://www.manpritkalsi.com manprit

    great resource thanks for sharing….

  • http://www.pixeldope.com optimizedweb

    nice collection…thanks

  • http://gdkey.cn Joey

    Those who said they are not corporate website, please name a site you think it is a corporate site.

    This collection is really nice beautiful subject clear corporate site.

  • http://www.lucidlive.com Andrew

    Joey – I think people get confused when they here the word “Corporate”. They think that corporate must be have a stiff suit-and-tie appeal loaded with generic stock photos of people hand-shaking.

    These are definitely corporate websites. However, there is simply a limited range here as they all show this trendy web 2.0 feel.

  • http://elkova.net Adewale George

    Great collections..

  • http://www.itbuzz.co.cc Latest Tech News

    Thanks for sharing good creative work.

  • http://www.seismologyonline.com/ SEO Dubai

    Good examples and nicely done overview. These resources are very handy.

  • http://filmizlex.org film izle

    You have a really good example I think is extremely excellent.

  • http://gsswebolutions.com Alric

    These websites we’re really great, I like to adapt the designs on my next projects. I

  • http://www.flashreseller.com/ Linda

    Haha, chimp is funny)) And also I liked idea with lines around track at Slipstreem. Interesting :)

  • http://www.sonesu.com Sonesu

    Thank you for those resources… they’re all great examples!

    Not only for the webdesign, but also because how they focus on the target of the business or product.

    Gorgeus ;)

  • http://www.rightclick-ng.com degunle

    is this the new trend for corporate websites?

  • http://www.filmportali.com film izle

    Thanks for putting it together though…

  • http://www.dinono.com Dino

    Awesome designs, i am really impressed.

    Dino | Dinono.com

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  • Erica

    I’ve got a good suggestion – 5pm project management website (http://www.5pmweb.com). I like the humor they bring into the PM subject, while keeping it professional. And the references to the Office Space movie!

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    Nice collection. Though defining what “corporate” means would clear a lot of doubts…

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    Some great designs there, I love clean and crisp sites that are well laid out. Its good news that more and more businesses are dropping the sombre plain and boring sites in favour of something more visually appealing and pleasing to the eye.

  • Web Marketing Guy

    Agree these are not corporate sites. Corporations follow their own peer groups for design considerations. Their target audience is typically the Investment community as the first & largest target audience, then their products as the next target audience layer.

    Also agree most of these designs are not very SEO friendly. In a competitive peer group situation most of these designs would force the owners to pay Google for anyone to find them unless they have an established brand name that can stand on it’s own or have other more expensive advertising going to draw people to these sites.

    There are several layers of website design required to make sure the site is a success and monetize the effort as cost effectively as possible.

    1. The advertising method – how you are going to get qualified sales traffic to the site?
    What is the clients advertising budget to sustain advertising?
    A design must consider this if there is a limited budget to pay SEM fees to show up.

    2. Establish the target audience communication wants & needs.
    Make sure the design is what the target audience wants and needs to quickly do business with you. Consider that many visitors will come from an Ad, Organic search listing or directory to land on a website.

    3. Understand conversion mechanisms that cause customers to instantly relate to the product categoory and want to click deeper into the site.
    Make sure there are direct marketing attributes for all main product categories & “Call to Actions” in visual sweet spots that ask for the order.

    After all – shouldn’t the goal of every website be to make money and not just look pretty?

    Web Marketing Guy.

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  • Santosh

    There is one more collection in WDD under the title “Pass or Fail: The Top 30 Technology Company Homepages” are corporate websites and not this collection at all.

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    I usually don’t reply to these posts, but I’m so annoyed by the comments and so pleased with these sites, I had to! Does a website need to be ugly or 1.0 (as it were) to be classified as corporate?

    I agree with johnnyz525, Rachel John and others “Corporate Schmorporate”. I too love this “look” and wish that more websites were as appealing to the eye as these.

    I am getting ready to have my website designed and was looking for site samples with this design and so happy I stumbled upon this post.

    There are many product sites that may not constitute as corporate, but go on to be way more successful than many corporate companies. Let’s take Mozy (online backup) as an example – They are a PRODUCT website designed with a clean and appealing look and they got bought by EMC in 2007 for $76 million.

    Who cares if it’s corporate, product, online, brick and mortar…etc. Any company can choose to design their site as they like – just so happens that this is the way new companies are designing their sites and many of the corporate companies were built in the internet’s infancy.

    It’s a design style – some like it, some don’t. I, personally, wish many more websites would not be so stuck in their ways and resistant to change their existing sites.

    Kudos to you for this post – I love the sites you’ve compiled and found exactly what I was looking for….so thanks!

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    Well I agree with one comment I read on here – I am not sure you can class them as all corporate sites. I class a corporate site as normally content rich such as the Fortinet.com website. Most corporate sites take on a body colour of grey as well, with the minority thinking out of box – using different colour styles.

    The Backbord website is a great example of a modern corporate theme site – Which designers should look at for inspiration on there next corporate style site.

    Thanks for the post, some great inspiration here for everyone.

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    Thanks and regards to all

  • Investigator Bob

    Call me suspicious but there are umpteen comments saying, “These are not corporate websites”. The only thing this does is increase the ranking of this page when looking for corporate websites.

    Fill in the blanks.

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  • Craig

    I realize that this list is a bit old but I think if you were to make another list for 2010 I’d add EarthFare.com. This site is amazing, super engaging, and down to earth! I’ve been to this store a handful of times and I have to say their philosophy is pretty amazing and their website is a true extension of this.

    Another site I might add is CharityWater.org. Pretty slick. Really clean. Good cause too.

    I love the mint website so I’m glad to see it’s on this list.

    Great post all in all. Although I do agree with someone else’s comment that I expected more corporate sites on the list. These are a bit obscure.

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    Joey – I think people get confused when they here the word “Corporate”. They think that corporate must be have a stiff suit-and-tie appeal loaded with generic stock photos of people hand-shaking.

  • Aman Anderson

    Exactly. . .what is corporate? Old IE6 looking, solid color websites? This is the new corporate. Even Bank of America is pulling some ideas from us freelancers and designers https://www.bankofamerica.com/

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