100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art

Paper art can be traced back to Japan, where it originated over a thousand years ago.

From complex paper cutting to book carving, this is an ever expanding area of design that is hardly talked about.

These intricate paper designs grace museums and exauhibitions throughout the world and is becoming yet another exciting medium of expression for many designers.

Some of the artists featured here use simple materials, such as A4 printing papeel, while others resort to unexpected materials, such as actual books, as their prime materials.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 13 remarkable artists and showcase their truly amazing pieces of paper art.


Peter Callesen

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Jen Stark

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Simon Schubert

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Brian Dettmer: Book Sculptures

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Sher Christopher

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Elsa Mora

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Yulia Brodskaya

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Su Blackwell

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Richard Sweeney

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Jolis Paons

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Bovey Lee

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Bert Simons

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Ingrid Siliakus

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What do you think of these designs and which ones are your favorites? Please leave your comments below…

  • http://http//incluite.blogspot.com Antonio


    • C

      Yulia Brodskaya. For the one that has a forest with a well with a light coming out of it. And Su Blackwell’s flower arrangement.

    • Darlene

      Totally speechless!

  • Marcy

    These are all wonderful! My favorites are Simon Schubert’s curved staircase and Peter Callesen’s tree.
    The books are all very cool too. Thanks!

  • http://mustardhamsters.com Dean

    These are great, but please consider adding a “more” link to long posts like this.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Point taken :)

    • lolo

      dean is covering his face because he is ashamed at how stupid and insignificant his comment is. I LOVED the long post. Thank you. It was fiercely original.

    • Meg

      I loved it too. Some people just love to kill a party.

      • Janette

        Thank you Meg, you saved me the time.

        Dean, you might benefit from what my parents told me: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If something more pressing awaits you, feel free, no really, bye bye.

        Walter, you make your posts as long as you can for me. Thank you for this one, incredible pieces. Thanks again.

    • Carol

      Dean has a point. Because this post is so long the art toward the end is probably seen less often than the art toward the beginning. Many art gallery websites have a home page with a thumbnail photo link to each artist’s work. That way every artist’s work is visible at a glance and no one is first or last.

  • http://www.orphicpixel.com orphicpixel

    Jeez! those artwork are so amazing, how do they do that? incredibly great!

  • http://kopfbunt.de kopfbunt

    Great Artworks! Really like the Work of Yulia Brodskaya.

  • G. Od

    WOOOW. This was very amazing. How can peoples can do it?

  • Khalid

    Great … I like paper craft to but this more awesome …. cool

  • http://kimberscott.blogspot.com/ KImber Scott

    I’m speechless! What incredible talent these artists have. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Bovey Lee’s work is very provocative and well as technically astute. Richard Sweeney forms look impossible and the colors in Jen Stark’s pieces are – for lack of a better word – brilliant!

  • http://www.blueblots.com Blue Blots

    wow the paper people looks so realy.cool list.

  • http://josesinclair.blogspot.com Jose Sinclair

    What, are you kidding me?? and I wasted my time learning how to paint and draw! I don’t think they had a class in paper cutting!!

    unreal.. check out all these sites!

    my art: http://josesinclair.blogspot.com
    Jose Sinclair

  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com insic

    This is indeed extraordinary. You amazed my day WDD.

  • jenn
  • http://www.katiero.com.br KATIERO

    This is what I call of hard art. Amazing, awesome!

  • http://simple-blog.eu Simple

    Truly amazing works. You made my day, that’s for sure :)

  • http://ewebbuddy.com Piyush

    Though have seen quite a few of these….the whole collection is unbelievable…
    specially the book art..


  • http://blog.callumchapman.com/ Callum Chapman

    Wow, amazing work!

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    Amazing… very nice…

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    Awesome list, love Jen Stark’s work :D

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  • Morten

    Mad skills! and mad patience… Whats up with the “ghost” – stairs? Is it some how punched in the paper? speechless…

  • montacer


  • http://www.aboutmichaeldavis.com Michael Davis

    Good to see non-digital art getting some love. In the past, I’ve hired a paper artist named Robin Olimb to do some custom stuff for corporate clients. It always wows people to see paper sculpture.


    • http://creativemelancholic.wordpress.com Amy

      Oh wow, these are great too!

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  • http://www.psaxtiria.com fenomeno69

    I love it….

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    It’s amazing..some examples are really fantastic…I remember the years of school.. when I work with the paper for create a little objects… ;)

  • http://twitter.com/_enzo enzo

    great collection, serious eye-candy. had seen some but not all of these. +bookmark


  • http://kittenbella.deviantart.com Christie Bella

    absoutely incredible- unbelievable- yes, i agree- this is what you call “hard art” haha- the patience it must take- hell i thought i was patient when i but days into a design using photoshop or painting but this- im not sure i could deal with this- at least with photoshop you can CTRL + Z, painting you can paint over- drawing- erase- but this- one of those intricate little cuts goes a bit too far & rips- you have to start all over again? ef that!

    I could look at these all day- my favorites are Julie Stark- the colors are candy to look at at; same with Julia Brodskaya- aesthetically lovely to look at; Brian Detmers books are unbelieveably breathtaking- i love the works using dictionarys – he takes such care even precisely picking which words to allow showing. Also enjoyed Peter Callesens skeletons & the boat and really loved the puppet & the one towards the end with the guy falling- even the shadows play an important role in his work- they look menacing sometimes against the stark paper. Lastly. Bovey Lees intricate designs cut from paper are beautiful- i know how much time it takes to do that.

  • http://www.5dpi.com Brian

    This work is so beautiful…

  • Aaron

    Breath taking stuff, million thanks for sharing!

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    Interesting topic

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Adam

    Some of those are just exraordinary, I love that skeleton coming out of the paper. Some of the detail in those pieces are magnificent.

    Well done on yet another great blog post.

  • http://eveltdesign.com joel k.

    Amazing! all of them.

    Bert Simons is like a paper god…….wow

  • http://www.adiulici.com/ Adi Ulici

    Ok, I have just one word: UNBELIEVABLE!

  • http://lucasaroundtheworld.blospot.com Sarah

    That dress is phenomenal!!

    Peter Calleson has an apple and core piece that I love!

  • http://wpcult.com The Frosty @WPCult

    That’s nuts!

  • http://novatvmedia.com Anthony Alexander

    Wow, I was just bitching somewhere about contrived google-esque visualizations and digital media. This is really fresh, the first set were the best. They look like WIP renders.

  • http://briancray.com Brian Cray

    OMG what a roundup. Un-freaking-believable

  • http://twitter.com/JustinReid Justin

    absolutely amazing!

  • http://bern-z.blogspot.com/ Bernardo Ruiz

    I can’t believe all the wonderful pieces of art that the man could create with paper… and I’m still shocked. This is bigger than the word “beautiful”. There’s some feeling I can’t explain yet for all this incredible works. Everyone’s art are amazing.
    Thanks for writing this article!

  • http://www.firecreative-uk.com Debbie E

    Wow – pretty amazing stuff – loving Yulia and Bovey work! Great article.

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    Wow, great compilation.

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    wow! amazing

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    Totaly Amazing!

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    Awesome! Really great, small wonders!

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    Dayem … so amazing

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    Wow,such patience for such extraordinary art,i thought they are all wonderful.

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    That is absolutely amazing.

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    Wow! Who knew you could do so much with paper. This is an incredible entry. Kudos.

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    Wow realy amzing

  • caity

    abso incredible

    breathtakingly stunning

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    Wow, this is very creative. Really amazing piece of art. I wanna buy some of this. This is a first for me. Very nice.

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    Absolutely amazing….such gifted people…and such patient people…thanks for sharing

  • CZardo

    Great post. Great Art.

  • Kris

    Truly Amazing!!

    i just loved Yulia Brodskaya designs

    with all that colour and energy

    the other are cool too

    thanks for this beautiful collection of real masterpieces

  • Lise

    What can u say when presented with such brilliance? Blows my mind at the patience & creativity of all these artists. I am so in love with being exposed to it, I feel a better person knowing there are such people out there, wow! Still awe inspired…

  • http://www.driveningulgence.com.au Sandy

    Wow amazing, I have seen the odd paper art from time to time, but to see so many inspiring pieces blows me away, don’t you just love the web, it is a privilege to be able to view so many inspiring things without leaving your home! Thank you.

  • Julio

    Es increiblemente majestuoso, mis más grandes respetos, me han inspirado jeje xD

  • http://www.jarlstroem-klip.dk Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen

    Wery nice…
    Best regards from a papercutter
    Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen

  • Saber

    indeed truely amazing.

    A post of how some of these works are made would be very nice too:)

  • http://findsomethingnewtoday.wordpress.com/ Ekta Grover

    Awesome substantiates it all !

    Cheers to your creativity !


  • http://www.brushthis.com Liora

    Where did you find such a varied range of examples? I have always made my own paper art, feel most free with a scalpel on paper – but nothing to compare with the incredible patience and talent that has gone into these.

    My favorite artist here, though, is the one whose work is the least complex and flattest: Yulia Brodskaya. The colors and shapes are breathtaking!

  • http://works.rjene.com rjene

    wow…these are really amazing!!! thank you for sharing!

  • http://www.dollslikeus.com dollslikeus

    I love everything I saw every last little bit of it it excites me like nothing else . It is even better then the quilts from south america that have small people made to go on them they are wall hangs I got them in a book from the libary I spent hours and hours looking at it .

  • http://exilor.blogspot.com exil0r

    Very interesting and need a hard work to done it. You are amazing to do such thing

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    Great works… each of them is a masterpiece!

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    soooo nice :)
    in my blog i told some months ago about Spark.

  • Áira

    it´s perfect!!!very,very beaultiful!!!

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    this is insane. i would never be able to do this b/c my patience is crap. this stuff is amazing tho. props.

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    So beautiful!

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  • Cody

    Check out Noriko Ambe’s work. http://www.norikoambe.com/works/index.html

  • Pia

    Absolutetly Amazing!!! Such a pleasure to see such creative and talented people!! :)

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    Very very nice. I’m impressed. And its just paper…

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    Wow wow wow! Excellent selection!

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    one word: WOW!

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    Incrível… simplesmente inacreditável!!!
    parabéns… nossa.

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    É incr’vel como a criatividade do ser humano não tem limites.
    Show de bola!

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    these are really amazing! Just tweeted the article… :)

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    Beautiful!! Thanks for posting!

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    The cowboy is my favorite – they all were amazing!

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    So so amazing. I love the books! Such great work.

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    Really amazing and wonderful work done!!!

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    Its really beyond the imagination…. awesome.. Keen to learn this…

    thanks depot….

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    Beautiful work! Very inspiring, thank you for sharing.

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    Amazing !!!!!

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    wonderful work

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    this works are amazing, wish i could see the exhibition in my country.
    i cant say anaything else, just that i’ll show this to all my friends!

  • Ebie

    OMG… very Nice paper work

  • http://www.myspace.com/IrisaCustomJewelry Iris Shpak

    Jen Stark’s and Yulia Brodskaya’s pieces would make great pendants on jewelry in glass or resin. I would love to work with them.

  • http://www.amenidadesdodesign.com.br Carol Hoffmann

    More beautiful works on paper on http://bit.ly/JDkRq

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  • Pankaj

    No words for such high level of imagination and creativity.

  • pye r squire

    ww more pls.

  • n-LO

    which one? pff..hard choice…
    all of them :X:X

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    It`s amazing!!!

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    No Hay Palabras…Solo Una:


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    You should add Facebook to your Share options – I’d love to post this on my FB page, with a picture.

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    Thank you soo uch for posting. And to the artists: a deep thank you in gratityde and amazement for your talent, patience, imagination and creativity!

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    M : A : G : N : I : F : I : C : I : ! : ! : !

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    this is fantastic i never saw somthing like that before :)

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    very nice.i like.

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    Marvellous…. I really liked it …

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  • http://liveonpurpose.info/blog Jessica

    I recognized Jen Stark because she was mentioned during my featured member at Gaia Communities week. This collection of a variety of paper artists goes way beyond traditional schnerinshnit or however you spell it. I smiled all the way down to the bottom of the page. Thanks for taking the time to collect these images. Jessica.

  • subinita

    amazing paper craft ! i myself do this kind of stuff . i thought i was good but not any more . i am really inspired . thanks for sending them .

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    This is so amazing done…

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    This work is so beautiful…

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    All i can say is. Breathtaking!

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    Wow!!Skilled hands and Minds!!

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    these are so great!!
    how much time you need to made this??

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    beautifull…something of new in a world of antiquities

  • Pete

    i found this, it fit’s the topic: http://daniel.graphicid.de/misc/icosahedron/

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    Crazy. Some people have way too much patience….!

  • Sherine Abdel Rassoul

    i just can’t BELIEVE what i’m seeing!
    this is incredible!!! does anybody know if any of these are exhibited in a museum somewhere i can go and see?

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    Fantastic gallery and fantasitc works!

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    Wow these are soo incredible. I love the book pieces .

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    What an incredible collection of beautiful art meets superior craft!
    Thanks for sharing :-)

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    WOW! amazing, where i can find tutorial for this artworks. once again, VERY VERY AWESOME!!

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    GENIAL..!!!! XVR lo mejor que puedo ver en origami y recortables :P

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    ngilngiga!!!are all of these cut by hand? it’s amazingly done. great work…..

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    Who likes pizza????………I DO!!

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    Actually paper art originated in China, then went to Japan, but whatevers.


    awesome works of art!!!!!!!

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    Oh my God!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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    Extraordinario trabaj, m respeto


    Mind blowing! WoW!

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    Have a look at my blog. I am a paper artist also


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    This is without doubt, the craziest and most impressive art I’ve probably ever seen. The skeletons in the first set blew my mind, then I saw the rest…

  • http://www.raycreationsindia.com/premium-wordpress-templates.aspx Aparna

    Awesome art work. Yulia Brodskaya and Bovey Lee’s artwork is my favorite.

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    Yes, all them are great!

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    which one? pff..hard choice…

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    Here’s a video i made – paper cutting fast forward:

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    really Marvelous works :)

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    It’s really really awesome. Especially from Peter Callesen. Love it very much

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    Wow, are we still on planet Earth? :)

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    wow, this is just amazing, thanks for sharing with us.

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    This art is amazing. Look up Calvin Nicholls (www.calvinnicholls.com), another incredible paper artist I know of.

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    Really EXCELLENT WORKS all of them…!! I admire their creative hands and brian-waves !!
    i should like to be in contact with you.

  • http://www.tdavenport.com sonicbiology

    The book autopsies are a brilliant concept: exposing the secret, inner harmonies of books. It puts me in mind of human anatomy. There was a time when the inner harmonies and profundity of the human form used to be hidden. Where would we be, if we still didn’t know what happened inside us?

  • mask of maddness

    whoa. fkin insane !!!!!!!!!!!!! .crazy stuff

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    yeah really amazing and another way for wasting naturel resources:D

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    Simon Schubert has talent plus! My favourite!

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    I can not find the words to say You’re the perfect art is also a language that describes everything so beautiful I was in astonishment when they see that.

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    Bert Simons paper portraits are stunning.. can’t believe it.. amazing!

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    woww amzingg! my favourite are; jen stork and sher christopher. they r good dexigner

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    owoww! that’s a wonderful job! awesome ….

  • http://www.janiceschoultzmudd.com Janice

    These paper artists are amazing- all of them. I agree with Kimber Scott; it’s hard to pick a favorite but the ones that intrigued me most were the pieces by Elisa Mora, Su Balckwell, and Brian Dettmer.
    I am so glad i found this article – thanks for posting it.

  • http://ginormousduck.blogspot.com/ GinormousDuck

    Absolutely incredible! I especially like Simon Schubert’s work. Amazing! And Brian Dettmer’s Book Autopsies are incredible. I’ve made some very simple book cuttings, but nothing, and I mean nothing like that. I’ve managed to cut out a roughly square chunk from the center of a book. And Yulia Brodskaya’s quilling is awesome! I feel an urge to pull out my quilling supplies again. And Wow! Jolis Paons dress leaves me speechless.

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    wonderful … i’ve seen it for the first time … amazing !!!

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    Absolutely Awed! And I can only hope, wish & pray for such patience. This is some ‘real hard art’ for all the intricacies & complications that might emerge in the process of making such wonderful art!
    Kudos to all the great artists for showing us the way for such possibilities!

  • http://www.psprint.com/ Ashely Adams : Online Printing

    OMG! This is so absolutely mind-blowing, heart-stopping, pulse-racing, awe-inspiring stuff!

    Incredibly beautiful! Hats off to the brilliant creativity and exemplary patience of the artists.

    I’m speechless!

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    So impressive.

  • http://www.cherylsorg.com Cheryl Sorg

    WOW! I mean, really, wow…… This is gorgeous work. I especially love the Jen Stark and Brian Dettmer pieces. Incredible.

    I, too, do crazy obsessive, extremely time- and labor-intensive artwork made from paper (books, that is, cut apart line by line, word by word and assembled into a variety of configurations with tape). Please do check out mine as well, if you are so inclined!


  • http://www.thisismyhappiness.blogspot.com regina george

    Peter Callesen’s are definitely my favourite :)

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    that stuff is F***king cool wow what u can do with paper in your spare time

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    Wow! Simply amazing!

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    They are god gifted.
    Whole heartedly thanks for their patience.
    And special thanks for accumulating all in a single place.

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    It certainly is amazing the talent God gave some of us.

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    Inspirational. I love so many pieces in this collection. Thanks for sharing!

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    …TIME is ART,,,
    the best paper work i see ,,

    thanks creators..

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    muy bueno todo, increible!

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    I have a FULL set of leather bound Encyclopedis Britanica, c.1993, that would be gladly sacrificed to the the art gods, just for the asking…!!!!

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Anna Green

    WOW, these are all amazing! the time and skill some of these must have taken to create, i can only imagine… I’m really inspired by this collection, all you need to have a go yourself is a scalpel and some paper so there no excuses! I’m going to have a go.

  • Tina

    I think I may have just fallen in love with Yulia Brodskaya. Her work is just phenomenal. That is not to say that all the work on here isn’t just incredible, but her work has just touched my soul. It makes me feel all creative, even knowing I can not in any way accomplish what Yulia has.

  • pakaworld

    These are awesome!! These people are great because how can you use just paper to do search a wonderful work. I just don’t know which word to use for it. Thank you very mush for this post.

  • http://einabems.com lao dan

    Paper cutting finds its origin in CHINA sometime after the invention of paper around the years 100 BC. Paper cutting came as a natural extension of leather sheet cutting and silver or copper foil cutting that were already practiced during the 5th century BC.

    Chinese philosophy and culture expanded East to Japan in waves starting around the 2nd century AD.

    For more on the traditional papercut technique, its history, and links to contemporary paper artists, please visit my papercuts page at http://einabems.com/Papercuts.htm

  • Geoferr

    It is hard to pick a favorite; all are incredible, but for the macabre and whimsey of his concepts coupled with skillful execution, I would have to say Peter Callesen stands out. Since I sew, I loves Jolis Paons’ dress; it would be fantastic in any medium. But if I could have one in my house, I would take Elisa Mora’s bee because of the simplicity of the subject and complexity of workmanship. I loved seeing them all. Thanks for the posting.

  • http://www.okaykate.com Kate G.

    You have curated a great virtual gallery with lots to aspire to. This is a nice way to kickstart the decade.

  • http://www.formation-siteweb.com Olivier

    Incredibly beautiful! Hats off to the brilliant creativity and exemplary patience of the artists.
    My favourite are simon schubert and jen stark, but it is a great compilation.

  • http://www.freshfluo.blogspot.com Vincent Hadi Wijaya

    Incredible! Can’t imagine all of them are made of paper.
    Really inspiring artwork..

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    Super inspiring. Thanks SO much.

  • http://AlienEyesArts.com alieneyes

    Gorgeous and inspiring! I adore Jen Stark’s pieces for their color and true scuptural form.
    Sincere thanks for curating and posting this amazing collection!

  • http://www.wyldewoodpapers.com Jan

    As a paper artist I have always said you can do anything with paper. These wonderful artists elevate paper to the status it deserves. I honor and thank you all!

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    Carlos Meira: http://www.behance.net/CarlosMeira
    Alexander K Robinson: http://www.livingdesign.info/2010/04/09/alexander-korzer-robinson-and-the-notion-of-inner-landscape/
    Wataru Ito: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturepicturegalleries/5795356/Origami-city-model-crafted-entirely-from-paper.html?image=3

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    I’ve done searches on many of the art displayed on this page and all I can say is that it will take a lot of hard work to learn how to do many of these techniques. I’m not sure that learning the techniques will help me achieve the work these artists create. One must have lots of talent!!!

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