25 Awesome Facebook Apps for Designers

Facebook might not have all the glittery text and obnoxious backgrounds that MySpace has, but it still has its fair share of useless apps.

This is especially true if you have ever tried to search for creative Facebook apps or those that may be of interest to creative people.

If you have ever searched for such a thing, you have no doubt realized that there is an abundance of useless apps. This is the reason that I went through just about every app on Facebook to find the very few that were best suited for creative individuals, or had some sort of visual flair about them.

So here are 25 awesome Facebook applications that most designers will enjoy in their Facebook pages.


1. Addicted to Photoshop

This is a neat app brought to you by the master minds behind the “Sheezy” sites (Brusheezy, Flasheezy, etc).

“Photoshop Brush Junkies Rejoice! Get your daily fix of new Photoshop brushes and patterns from Brusheezy.com!”


2. Design Directory

Get the latest news on just about everything in the design industry right on your Facebook page.

“Add the Dexigner app to your Facebook, get latest updates, news, events, and competitions.”


3. My Merch Store

If you have a Zazzle store and a Facebook page, it only makes sense to have this app to help you sell more.

“Zazzle lets you create and post products for sale to your profile, share products that you like, discover great artists and buy truly unique products.”


4. Photography

Just a simple app that lets you show off professional photography that you find creative or inspiring.

“Choose from thousands of great photographs, landscapes, portraits, historical moments, they’re all there for you to show on your profile! You can show multiple images, random photos, or a slideshow!”


5. Group Photo Album

With this app you and your friends can create group albums with all of your own photos.

“Group Photo Album works with multiple Facebook albums so all your friends can easily post their pics, reconfigure albums on the fly, provide witty commentary and create together. You can share it publicly for viewing and commenting, but only the friends you invite can post and move images.”


6. Art Yourself

Ever wanted to be an Art collector? Well, now you can with the Art Yourself app.

“Start collecting living masterpieces now and share them with your friends. Art Yourself by displaying your collection on your profile. Finding excellent art and meeting artists has never been easier! Share with others by posting collected pieces on a friends wall or adding them to your messages! Art Yourself is not just a Facebook app, it’s a society withing Facebook.”


7. The Ultimate Vision Board

Everyone needs some inspiration from time to time to remind them of what they are after in life.

“Vision boards takes writing down your goals to the next level by using pictures, making your goals visually appealing and specific. This will inspire and energize you and accelerate your progress! Tony Robbins also promotes the concept calling it a “Treasure Map.”


8. JPG Themes

If you are a regular reader and participant of the JPG magazine, you might be interested in this app that lets you vote and show off your choices.

“JPG Magazine is the photography magazine created by YOU. It is your submissions and your votes that determine what goes into each issue. Now, you can add the JPG Theme application to your Facebook profile and encourage your friends to vote for your photos submitted to each JPG theme. If you are published, you will win $100, a subscription to JPG Magazine, and your photos will be printed on our next issue!”


9. Picnik

This is a smaller, Facebook friendly version of the popular online photo editor.

“All our Edit tools are free, including auto- fix, rotate, crop, resize, exposure, color adjustments, basic sharpening, and red eye fixing.”


10. PhotoPop

Use this app to give your photos a comic book like feel with speech bubbles.

“Animate your photos or your friends’ photos. Send your creations to friends using the built-in messaging feature. It’s never been easier to add stuff to your pictures! For starters, add speech and thought bubbles.”


11. TouchGraph Photos

See a visual connection between you and all of your friends and your friends friends.

“TouchGraph lets you see how your friends are connected, and who has the most photos together. ”



12. Art

A small app to help you release your creative stress. Kill time with this spin art like app.

“Create pieces of art.”


13. My Favorite Color

What’s the first question you usually ask someone you want to get to know? What’s your favorite color? Now you can show instead of tell.

“This application will allow you to show the world, on your profile, what your favorite color is.”



14. My Label

Feel like playing dress up? Use this app to create your own clothes and t-shirt designs.

“Send the latest, hottest, sexiest clothing to your friends! If that’s not enough for you, then create your own fashion and upload it, then either wear it, add it to your wardrobe, or send it as a gift. With many different styles to choose from, let the world know how stylish (or anti-stylish) you are!”


15. LunaPic Photo Editor

Another online photo editor specially made for Facebook that allows you to edit and spice up your photos.

“Edit Your photos with the click of a button. Save back to your Facebook account. Cool effects and features including: Cut, crop, rotate, sharpen, blend and cool animation effects. (New) Browse and Edit your friend’s pictures as well!”


16. Six Degrees

Another app that gives you a visual representation of you, your friends, and the people they know.

“This application is intended to test the 6 degrees of separation idea through the connections of Facebook users. What does it do? You can use the application to search for other users on Facebook and show how you’re connected to them through friends.”


17. Graffiti

A fun little app that lets you create “graffiti” that you can send to your friends or post on your profile page.

“Draw graffiti for your friends.”


18. Flickr Photosets

A powerful app that lets you show off some of your Flicker photos and sets on your profile page.

“With Flickr Photosets you’ll also be able to display a small selection of your photos or sets right on your profile! You can select from either your most recent photos, fairly recent photos, or even random photos. You can also choose to filter the photos by specific tags.”


19. My Flickr

You can use this app to search for photos on Flickr that you want to show off on your profile page.

“Find exactly the photos you want to show using simple search criteria such as: Recent Photos, Tags, Photosets, Favorites, Groups, Interestingness, Date Range, Flickr Privacy, and all “sorts” of other sorting and features. Easily showcase your Photo Search results on your Profile/Page or My Flickr profile Tab.”


20. zuPort: Flickr

Another Flickr app, but this one is probably the most powerful out of the three on this list.

“You can customize zuPort: Flickr in the settings window, located on your zuPort: Flickr Library page. Customization allows you to pick how many photos to show in your profile, how your photos are displayed, which photos are shown and much more.”


21. Threadless Plus

Do you have shirt designs on Threadless or have an account for street team points? This app can help you on all counts.

“Share your Threadless collection and promote your submissions! Features: Opt to get notifications of new Threadless releases in your News Feed, Easily earn Street Team points from other app users with “Share the Love”, Keep a nice list of the Threadless shirts you own, List your submissions and critiques too!”



22. Slideshows and Photos

The photo page not quite doing it for you? This app can give you a little bit of spice for showing off photos.

“Bring your Facebook photos to life with an animated Slideshow or show them off directly on your profile with a Photo Strip. Tons of customization options are available, and setup is super easy. Even cooler, our photo browsing experience let’s you quickly flip through all your friends’ Facebook albums – no more clicking through endless photo pages!”



23. Sketch Me

Just a simple app that gives your photo that computer animated sketched look.

“Bored with your profile picture? This app creates an artistic pencil sketch based on your profile photo! You don’t have to do anything … this app will automatically create your sketch for you.”


24. Famous Art

Another simple app that lets you show off classic works of art on your profile page.

“Do you like classic art? Then use this app to show all your Facebook friends and family!”



25. Phixr Photo Editor

A pretty powerful online photo editor for “photoshopping” your image when you’re on the road and Photoshop isn’t an option.

“Phixr can e-mail photos directly to your friends, and it can upload photos to your accounts at Facebook, flickr, Picasa Web Albums, SmugMug and many, many more. More than ANY of our competitors! Phixr even fully supports Facebook’s photo tags!”


Compiled exclusively for WDD by Daved Brosche.

Which ones do you use? Please suggest others that we may have missed in the comments’ area below…

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    Okay, some of these are cool and all. But, come on, these “X amount of awesome {insert social media} apps” articles are getting to be overkill. Based off my first impression: I like this website… obviously you guys know something about design. Your site looks great and, oh snap! – you have a post about the 960 grid system! (I myself wasn’t hip to the 960 grid til a couple months ago when my boss smacked me upside the head with it)

    But let’s get real, this “list” of apps for “designers” is almost offensive. Your right when you say there are a lot useless Facebook apps out there, and this is a perfect list! The Brusheezy thing is kinda-cool, JPG themes, and the links to apps where designers can monetize their design via merchandise: these make perfect sense.

    However, if you subtract the aforementioned the rest of these are just ridiculous. I appreciate all types of art, having a deep affinity for Graffiti especially, therefore I truly cringe everytime I see “The Graffiti App” (to be unbiased, I won’t hold this against you). Even if this list is meant to be “fun” most of these apps seem wholly out of place. What designer doesn’t know how to configure flickr? What designer doesn’t know how to edit/manipulate their photos?

    I personally don’t think I’m that great of a designer nor do I think I’m an authority on “what Facebook apps designers like” but looking at all of these apps I think this list would be more aptly titled “Facebook Apps that will make any self-respecting designer cringe.”

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