50 Eye-Popping Examples of Concept Art

One of the most unique and common forms of art on the Internet these days is called concept art.

Concept art is a form of illustration where the main goal is to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, and/or mood for use in movies, video games, animation, or comic books before it is put into the final product.

The concept artist generates a visual design for something that doesn’t yet exist.

Most of these pieces are created with Photoshop as well as using more traditional means such as oil paints, pencils and others. The two most common themes are science fiction and fantasy.

In this post, we take a look at 50 great  examples of concept art that are sure to inspire you and let your imagination run wild.


What do you think of concept art? Please share other examples with us in the comments section.



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    Whaa, so amazing. Thanks for your post :x

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    Woh!!!! Its Amazing Art…
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    Great works !
    Totally amazing paintings…Very talentuous artists !
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    Talent comes in many forms. These are just a few fantastic examples. Magnificent, mystical and some of them even magical.

    Fantastic post. Each one tells a story. Would love to know what they represent.

    Thank you for sharing! :D

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    these are great for sure..!

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    Oh my god. Amazing Pictures oO

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    Really cool!
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    Thank you for the post, some people really are amazing artists, I’m somewhat envious that they’re so talented.

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    Great drawings.

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    Wow, some of them are spectacular! O_O

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    Love this paintings. Is there any information about what these paintings were made for?

  • http://www.metatalk.be Simon Timmermans

    Amazing! How are these images produced? Combination of 3D, drawing and illustrator?

  • http://zero2illo.com/ Jonathan Woodward

    Great collection of awesome, inspiring work.

    Thanks for putting this together, I know how long these posts can take to construct – so it’s greatly appreciated

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    Awesome composition, man. I love art coz i am an artist myself. and this form of art is just thundering. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work of collection.

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    Amazing..thi illustration are really fantastic! Great works… I don’t have words for explicate what I feel when I see that!!! ;)

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    I don’t know what to say..
    but it’s really cool concept art collections..
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    Wouuu , very good Arts!

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    These are fantastic! I was on the edge of my seat all the way down! Well done!

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    thank you very much..

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    Very nice collection, perhaps adding a title and description to each one could have helped?

  • http://www.raptitude.com David Cain

    These are incredible! Such imagination.

  • http://pebkac-comic.com Grend

    Wow, very beautiful stuff.
    One of my favorite sources of great concept art is the Guild Wars series.
    For example: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=74118

  • http://www.craftyarrow.com/blog Tatiana

    Simply fantastic. They’ve already inspired me to write some great stories! Thanks for sharing… and a special thank you to the artists!

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    wow ! kickass illustrations, awesome. Any link to a comic book made by an artist of them ?

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    Holy Crap! These are absolutely stunning!

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    Totally stunning! I love it! Gave me a lot of inspiration for my blog-redesign (which hopefully won’t take too long). Keep on posting such amazing things, thank you ;)

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    Some awesome artwork there – I wish I could paint like that. Thanks a lot!

  • danny_garcia

    AWESOME!!! 10+

  • Brantley

    Wow!! This is some amazing work. My imagination was going crazy trying to think of the stories behind these. Thanks for the find.

  • Randall Gautreaux

    awesome artwork! out of the ballpark…….it just goes without saying very talented people do out standing work…….10+4

  • Vivian H.

    These are truly fantastic works of art. I was very moved by them…. brilliant!

  • Scott


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    I love the New York city picture – these are great!

  • Gustavs

    Concept art is always so brilliant!

  • http://eveltdesign.com joel k.

    the isolated waterfall castle is really good
    it gave me the chills. I think I’ll buy it
    just picture your self looking down that edge :()

  • http://www.blog.exxcorpio.com Luis Lopez

    Really Eye popping i can believed all this concepts, matte painting is an art and the concepts are going better every time.

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    Great collection there! For more you should see the awesome books Ballistic Publishing put together… http://www.ballisticpublishing.com



  • Greg

    “The most unique and common forms of art”

    Something is either unique, or it isn’t. Something can’t be the “most” unique. Also, how can something be unique and common?

  • http://robinferianto.com robb

    the pirate ship is totally awesome.
    and the rest, too.
    nice work of art.

  • http://www.pandawill.com Ronnie

    they’re so talented….

  • HTH

    Riveting! Each picture produces a mood, perhaps even fear. The general impression is gloom and in some cases decay, and if that is what the artist(s?) had in mind, then “Mission Accomplished”.
    The artists are to be congratulated.

  • Wolverine

    I seriously doubt these were created with Photoshop. Maybe CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator was used, but it’s more likely to be Corel Painter?

    Thanks for sharing the photos, though; they are excellent. :)

  • http://zachkrasner.com/ Zach Krasner

    Amazing! Incredible the amount of detail they’ve used…

  • RoaldA

    Wow, cool! Especialy like nr 12!

  • nu am

    Wow, you have discovered cgsociety! What does these have to do with webdesign anyway? Concept Art is not only for video games you should know, product design, architecture design, and quite a few others are using conceptual design… Others that i don’t see here

  • http://themoonchild.free.fr/ moonchild
  • http://www.ravi.uxdsign.com Ravikumar V.


  • http://www.bickov.com Alexander Bickov

    Great artists works. But I think the positive is missing

  • http://www.gotmedia.org/ Steph

    Wow, could you imagine living in the Waterfall Castle one? You’d go out to drink your morning coffee and… stare at the bottom of the ocean lol. Eek. Scary and awesome at the same time :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Asherd

    Some of the pieces reminds me of scenes from World of Warcraft :D

    I need to keep reminding myself that it does not take a couple of hours to create amazing intricate work of art – its amazing how people dream up these sort of landscapes.

  • Nic Stage

    awesome works. you should have provided credits for the artists and links to their websites. oh well; guess we’ll never know…

    • Nic Stage

      nevermind my last comment. i see the credits are on the images themselves. can anyone help me get my foot out of my mouth?

  • http://www.tobbis-blog.de Tobbi

    Really amazing collection. My favorite ist the “Waterfall Castle”

  • Simon

    Well, i dont know most of these, but to give some credit, the rooftops are
    taken from guild wars factions, copyright arenanet and ncsoft. guild wars also ahs other cool concept art, may be worth googling if you liked this :)

  • Pam

    Spectacularly done but why is almost all of it so grim? Does it have to reflect a dismal world to be considered art? It’s like theatre..it’s a lot easier to bring people to tears than to laughter, to despair than joy. Not discounting the talent here, just find it sad that everyone’s view of the world of the future seems to be so ..well, grim.

  • http://fusedthought.com Gerald

    Quite a collection here. I do agree that some looks like concept art from games but nevertheless they are very impressive.

  • http://www.nburmandesign.com Multimedia Design

    Stunning. Ok, that’s enough – everybody, back to work! These designs dont draw themselves you know!

  • Paul

    The composition on every piece is well thought out and executed extremely well. And, I agree with some of the other comments about the pieces being a bit dark or grim. I’m however, very impressed with the work and have forwarded the link to my daughter who attends a highly ranked art school for her thoughts.

  • james

    great post! these are some seriously talented artists, great imagination

  • http://www.letmekissyouonelasttime.blogspot.com Louiza

    omg. totally blown away. breathless. it’s like being transported to another world.

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    wow these are amazing :) thanks for taking the time to show these on your blog.

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    Amazing art. Thanks for sharing these. It’s another world.

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    Increíble!! Realmente me encantaron muchas de los diseños. :D

  • Some Guy

    I dunno if I would really consider those ‘concept’ art, but I guess the word concept is pretty open. I usually think of things like ‘concept vehicles’ or ideas of something that could be built. These are definitely cool looking, but I think they could be categorized differently.

  • parisindy

    great stuff thank you! but you are missing my favourite artists Chris McGrath and Debi Hammack




  • dave

    Now these are awesome.. too many good ones to (easily) choose a favorite from the list. Good compilation.

  • noah

    alot of these are scenes from Halo 3

  • Serissa

    beautiful artwork! I am amazed by the talent expressed in these beautiful concept pieces! keep up the beautiful work!

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    Truly amazing examples.

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    Impressive stuff … possibly all from the same artist?

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    Awesome examples!
    I love the artwork of Prasa, check him out :) http://prasa.deviantart.com/art/Forsaken-Fortress-Bridge-68982113

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    Great concept art

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    wowawiwa! ISA VAAARY NAAAAAAAICE! id love to be that good :(

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    Great stuff, what a great mind to visualise something like this.

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    Amazing work!!

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    i really liked the 2nd last pic.

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    impressive collection here. I am going to show this to my niece who goes to art school, and I believe she is studying concept art.

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    It is so cool.
    Thank you very much,
    tham tu

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    I bet all illustrations above are done by the hunky designers out there. Mostly shown were chaos and violence, but they’re all great work!

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    This is the best type of art i have ever seen.

  • http://www.eago.co.uk eago

    Is any of this art from guild wars because that’s what it reminds me of.

  • http://www.designzillas.com Florida web design

    I can’t help but place a few images from this site here – they are wonderful. This one looks like something out of the Myst series. Last one

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  • nemo

    i dropped drawing because I thought there was no future in it. People said I was talented. I would like to know…

    Can you make good living with this type of drawings? To whom can they be sold ?

    I would appreciate a reply.

    Thanks in advance.

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    amazing.it’s really arts.