Win 10 Amazing WordPress Themes from Obox Design

Today, the cool guys over at Obox Design introduced their new line of professional WordPress themes called “The Obox Signature Series”.

Thanks to David and Marc, we will be giving away a total of 10 copies of the “Arcade” and “Left Handed” themes (single user license).

All themes are packaged with OCMX-Live, a powerful add-on to the WordPress backend which allows you to control and customize many of the elements of your theme.

To participate in this great competition, simply follow @oboxthemes and leave a comment below with your Twitter username and anything else you’d like to say about these awesome themes.

[UPDATE] – Congratulations, the winners are: #61, #129, #123, #43, #134, #120, #3, #110, #104, #62. You will be contacted by email to receive your prizes. Thanks to all of you who participated in this giveaway.

The 10 winners will be chosen at random on Tuesday, July 14th and they will be notified via email as well as announced here on WDD. See the previews below…



“Arcade” is a great WordPress theme inspired by Martijn van Dam who creates some incredible designs. The theme is perfectly suited for gamers or sci-fi subjects with a touch of retro design.

Click for Live Demo


Left Handed

Left Handed is perfect for those who have an art orientated blog and don’t want to be left in the field with just another blog template. This theme will impress your readers with its attention to detail in the custom hand drawn fonts and comment sections.

Click for Live Demo

All winners will receive a full year of support for their new theme for free. For more info you can visit the Obox Design website where you can view their full theme collection and more details on support and pricing.

Once again, in order to participate in this great competition, simply follow @oboxthemes and leave a comment below with your Twitter username and anything else you’d like to say about the themes.

Thanks to the Obox Design Team for bringing this great giveaway to the WDD audience!

  • Enrique Garcia-Salgado

    oboxthemes ftw! I love the left-handed theme, very original!

  • Christopher Magruder | uneekGrafix

    you guys have some really good looking themes!! Love to wins some.

  • ziRta

    I’m not sure if I like these themes but I’m following anyway :) @oseano

  • Jaime Capelo

    Hey great themes Oboxthemes. That left handed, pretty nice design, love the color scheme. @jcapelo

    Keep em coming.

  • angemy

    Wow these themes are great! New and interesting. Arcade is nice and slick – love it

  • nirvank

    Themes look great…


  • Anthony Woods


    Just want to say, those two themes are really amazing. I’m a big fan of Obox Themes and it’s cracking to see them releasing even more themes with such class and uniqueness. I am loving the look of left handed theme, would fit nicely with a project im developing.

    Good luck everyone and thanks designer depot for another amazing competition.

  • Kevin

    appreciate your awesome works!!!

  • Steve Grever

    Great website and giveaway! Would love to upgrade my current site to one of these themes. Keep up the great work! @sgrever

  • James Woodrow Lane III

    Looks real nice, If I don’t win I may have to buy it.

  • Tamasys

    Wow, they are amazing themes. I really like Left Handed.

  • Lucas T.

    I really love these themes, wish I could win any of these (:

  • rudy

    real nice themes would like to get my hands on them!!


  • Andrew S


    The detail really is incredible…David and Marc really outdid themselves. I really hope I get a chance to take advantage of one of these themes. Being a lefty myself, “Left Handed” you be a fun theme to have for a personal blog/portfolio.

  • Alexia

    Sweet! I really like the Left Handed theme – the handmade/sketchy look is fantastic. and I’m @wpchick

  • Chris

    @chris_tobias – sweet themes!

  • mr28

    Nice themes, would like to try them on my blog….

  • crewzta

    Sick designs!

  • Mich De Lorme

    I love em :) @MichDe on twitter, nice contest folks thanks.

  • Nick Yeoman

    It is hard to pull off light on dark themes, I think they where close here.

  • illegal3alien


    Very nice themes

  • James Bull


    2 great new themes guys! Congrats on the hard work, they look amazing!

  • Julian

    nice themes, they look amazing :)

  • carl edmondson

    I write songs and blogs. one of my themes is dare to be different. Id love to use your themes to help promote the importance of web design. if it works for me youll see your results right away

  • Darío Martínez Batlle

    I like Left Hand much more than any other of your themes, as it is quite trendy nowadays. I’m glad to follow. @dariomartinezb

  • Abu Farhan

    I like Arcade theme

  • vincent

    left handed is cool,dream for it


  • http://scrapcracklepop Demitra

    Always like to learn about new wp theme sites! Thanks!

  • Bage


    Nice themes.

  • Bogdan Parcalab

    A little bit to dark, both of theme. I like better Left Hand. @bogdanparcalab

  • Mars


    i love to have these themes i dont know much about them for now, but i assure you that once i got them on my hand, i will use them and savor the good theme

  • andrew

    @parysnet cool for a charity site

  • Fil

    I’m new to wordpress so these would be a good kick start!! @flippedprojects

  • Guga


    Uauuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! At last…a good reason to be Left Handed!

  • webbografico

    I really like obox themes. I like LEFT HANDED and my twitter is

  • Mate Toth

    Arcade is a mind blowing one.

  • Asmodiel

    @asmodiel is now following as well :)

    In my opinion these themes are simply awesome, especially the “hand”drawn left handed. I’d maybe not use them on my blog but use them in another contest on my blog ;)

  • Chris

    These themes look great!

  • Chris

    These themes look great!

  • Scott Blackburn


    Would be great to get hold of these themes, look great!

  • andrew peters

    hey – i am a social media consultant and lookin for a professional looking for a template that is social media lookin and fun yet positions me and my company as lookin solid…

    … any themes you would suggest

    a search on APLINK would bring up alot of my content on line


  • insic


    Left Handed is nice. mySQL query must SELECT “insic” else I dont win this theme. :)

  • Ben

    would be nice to have one

  • LastWebdesigner

    Obos I love your themes!


  • Ervin Ter

    Hope to win it.


  • Panix

    WordPress themes have been a saviour for clients with small budgets over the past few years. So it’s great to see some new stuff.


  • 073

    Very nice designs, indeed!

  • Kikee

    Wow, nice themes ;) @kiwani_dolean

  • matt

    the second theme is great, specially if you can edit more inside WP like the colours!!


    scweeeht GL everyone!

  • David Perel

    Hey everyone, good luck with the competition. We are humbled that you like the themes that we have created.

    We look forward to providing you with awesome themes and service ;)

    A big thank you must go to Walter (the owner of this blog) for helping us out with feedback for Arcade. He made some awesome suggestions which really pushed the theme forward.

  • saurabh shah

    Twitter : @saurabhshah
    These themes are awesome .. like both the themes …
    Keep these kindda themes coming in … :)

  • ChrisQuabit


    I love Left Handed, it looks really good.

  • David Knezic

    I’d love to have the Left Handed Theme, but the other one is also good.. :D

  • Lane

    Very nice dark alternatives to the light stuff I usually use. Maybe if I went dark, I would no longer be: @imwannabee

  • Nazly


    Great themes you have, specially the “Left Handed” theme.. Nice work.. Would like win some..

  • Ed Baxter


    Really nice set of themes. Would be nice to win :D

  • Jônatan Fróes

    great theme!

  • Allison

    Loving these themes! I’m following.


  • Juggling Mike

    Arcade looks pretty good, but Left Handed looks awesome!

  • Kajoplin


    Nice work! LH is very cute.

  • @SE7ENize

    I like left handed :)

  • Richard Cloutier


    Left Handed is the one I prefer for sure !
    If I don’t win it, I’ll buy it ! :)

  • Kaiserlino


    Liked both, but prefer the most for the 1st one

  • Deluxe Interactive

    nice work i heart the arcade theme

  • Sonny Gill

    Awesome – thanks for the chance to win a kickass design! @sonnygill

  • Russell

    Want them! :)

  • DRLaferriere

    Watched the video on hand-drawing elements. A good basic how-to. Enough information to get viewers thinking about what they might do.

  • Joelweb


    nice themes!

  • Superhero Industries


    …I run all three

    These guys produce some great stuff and are not shy about sharing knowledge.

  • DRLaferriere

    Oops, forgot to leave my Twitter info.
    Obox Design is a good site to check out for themes and inspiration.

  • Joey Sichol

    Would love to use left-hand for my blog redesign! Very cool…

  • Luis Eduardo

    I love the left handed theme is excellent!! but arcade is not far either

  • Justin

    Very nice themes, and amazing that they managed to pull this off in such a short time.

  • Myke Bates

    Would love to get a hold of one of these!

  • Reactive

    while I’m not really impressed by the Arcade theme (it’s nice, but that’s all), the Left Handed theme is just awesome, very original


  • Shizuka

    wov! can i have one of these? =) @ShizukaYamamura

  • Dan Raftis


    Would love a chance to use the Left-Handed Theme! Thanks :)

  • Paul Woodhouse

  • http:/ Chris Bishop


    I absolutely love the left handed theme. I am a lefty and an artist / designer so this would be the perfect theme for one of my blog. Please let me win…

  • Mark T


    Very impressed with the Obox crew, their themes, and genuine interest in the community.

  • Barry

    Is that Mount Fuji on the footer of Left Handed?


  • Sandy

    Nice themes, I use WordPress.

  • Craig Farrall

    Marc and David have done a great job on these themes, who would have thought they would have built 3 themes, a whole checkout and the rest all in one month, its quite amazing.

    I would love to win left handed.

  • Neil


    Left Handed looks great…!

  • Matthew

    @matthewglen These are sweet. One Left handed please.

  • cheth

    Love it! I’m following them already @cheth here :)

  • Oleg Zharsky


  • adrianaahner

    @oboxthemes have such an amazing collection of WordPress Themes. great job. you deserve a lot of praise for your hard work and brilliant designs.

  • Dante Cavero

    Nice designs!! really !

  • Adam

    That Arcade theme is superb – puts my blog’s design to shame. I like to use my own designs though – makes it more personal I guess.

  • Tim Knapton

    Beautiful themes. Absolutely beautiful. The fact that they include jQuery effects makes them all the better =)

    @timknapton — I hope I win!

  • Kristen

    Wow! The Left Hand theme is AWESOME!


  • RoaldA

    Awsome! Love those two designs!

  • Doug Vanisky

    Aw man…I wish I had seen these a couple of months ago. Really liking the slick Arcade design.

  • Yötua

    awesome themes… @kneza

  • Arthur Raupp

    Great Themes, i want them all O.o

  • christian

    Cool themes. Just check them out on the website. I am actually currently searching for a new theme to update my site

    Best of Luck with sales!


  • http://www.animhut.xom sriganesh

    i want the left hand theme. plz this i may win. let me wait and see


  • Brian

    This is an awesome article! Thanks so much for the templates! Excellent resource!

  • error411

    Left hand theme – nice


  • deskofken

    Nice work. Left handed is cool.

  • Kay Gonzalez

    I’ve always wondered about wordpress, i wanna play with them!

  • Wiljan Slofstra

    Wow nice themes, i like them both!

  • Dominique

    Uber cool themes @dominiquegoh

  • Shagnasty

    @eshagnasty is now following you. This contest is a good idea, and these themes are beautiful.

  • Nicholas Z. Cardot

    Awesome! I’m in.

  • Adeline

    Hey these themes are looking pretty slick, love it! @AdelineYaw (you’ve just been followed)

  • heckuvajo


    Great idea to build your Twitter community

  • Liz Hover

    @lizhover is now following you.

    I’ve spent so many hours on the internet searching for unique WordPress themes that don’t resemble others.

    Those presented above are just the type of theme I mean. Particularly the ‘Left Handed’ theme.

    I have an unconventional blog theme myself (papertrails). My dog @sadieshihtzu uses Woo Theme’s Irresistible but I’m still looking for something more unique for her. Heck, she has almost 1,000 followers on Twitter. What gives!?

  • Garcya

    I’m in for the lefthanded theme :D

  • Min Thu

    @minthu is following you now. ;) Wish to see more themes.

  • Aman


    hopefully i win ;)

  • Mahesh

    I’m in.. My twitter url:

    Good Luck to all participants!

  • Oscar Martell

    I love Left Handed, it looks really good. @haveanicedesign

  • codemy

    Love the Left Handed, it look awesome

  • gautam hans

    great themes i followed @virtuosoblogger

  • laberso

    Good themes. @laberso

  • Jamey

    Could definitely use your help on a corporate blog and a personal one! Look forward to reviewing your designs.


  • Ali Kamran

    nice themes would like to have them!!

  • Pradal

    Long life to webdesigner depot & obox design ! :

  • Hugo

    Left handed is a very very nice theme! I like that!

  • Ryan

    Great looking designs. Their both awesome and have completely different feels!

  • Markus

    Those themes are really cool. And of course, as a left handed person, the left handed theme is nice to see (:


  • wiehanne

    Love the themes!

  • Original P

    Would love to win one of those! Thnx.

  • Seraph

    Great themes!

  • Olà!Marion

    Left Handed and Arcade are very beautiful themes.

    Original. Thanks.


  • Beta

    Left Handed is really impressive, i like it, very much! So… i’m in ;)


  • David

    Amazing themes and I’m very familiar with their themes. Following Obox @Schlossy

  • Empire Elements

    These themes are awesome and truly inspiring.


  • Steven

    great, especially i like the left-handed theme! following now!


  • Snow


    Ohh, i need to win!!!

  • Caitlin

    Left handed is a really cool theme! @evohosting

  • Celebridiot

    Very clean looking designs – they really pop. I have been few a lot of premium themes and this one stands out.
    Nice work.


  • Monit


    I loved the Left Handed Theme.

  • e-Muš

    This is awsome!

  • Steve Sims

    This is a cool blog – I have added you to our favourites and will visit again soon!

  • Adrienne Fritze

    LOVE the left-handed theme! My twitter name is @adrienneann…


  • Alexander Bickov

    I realy like “Left handed” design. That was drawn with left hand? Thats is absolutely moinid (most interesting idea) of the my day.

  • nara

    Wow! The Left Hand theme is AWESOME

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    wow..all themes are so great! i love left hand’s really cute.

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    All themes are good… who said that??? huh… THESE THEMES ARE MIND BLOWING… and i will use Left Handed for my personal blog.

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  • Craig McPheat

    Interesting ideas, good to get you thinking. Keep it up!

  • Elaine

    Great themes and ideas